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Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Little Surprise...

We're having a baby!  I am presently 20 weeks pregnant with a baby...GIRL!  She is expected to make her debut in late January. 

The surprise of getting pregnant and then finding out it's a girl has finally worn off. For the most part. On most days. A girl!  That part is still hard to fathom since it's been rough and tumble, blues and greens, trucks, superheroes, and legos for almost seven years around our house. 

A girl. She already has her daddy and her big brothers totally whipped. And she's not even here yet. Scotty told the boys, "Get used to it guys, this baby is going to get everything she wants." And I'm there saying, "Ummm, no!"  But I know where he's coming from. Because if either of the boys come to me with good manners and kisses and hugs  -- even if all they want is to share my seat -- they will get whatever they want. Most of the time. And I was a Daddy's Girl myself and could pretty much get whatever I wanted from my Dad, so I totally understand that dynamic. 

A girl. Someone to hang out with when the boys are golfing. Getting our nails done, maybe a little mother/daughter shopping when she's older. A friend. Someone to take care of her ailing parents in their golden years. Assuming she lives close by and doesn't move 2 1/2 hours away (sorry, Mama!). 

A girl. Lots of pinks and purples. Bows and dresses. Barbies and baby dolls and and toys with fixable hair. But maybe she'll also like football and sports. And not have to have different accessories for every outfit. 

A girl. Lots of feelings and emotions. And drama. Oh, wait a sec...that won't be new. Drew and David Scott (who are both SO excited to be getting a baby sister) can both be super dramatic when playing games that don't go their way. Or if they have to do something they really don't want to do. Attitude City. 

A girl. A nice change of pace. Helping to even up the massive amount of testosterone in this household. The Caboose. The baby.  The one  I wasn't even expecting...until I was.  

A girl...our daughter...MAGGIE. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Drew...An Update!

Our little crackerjack, Drew, is presently 3.5 years old. I can't believe my little Butterbean will be 4 in January!  Time seems to be flying by even more quickly the bigger these boys get. Drew is presently 3'4" tall and weighs 36.5 pounds. 

Drew is still attending preschool at daycare but he'll start Pre-K in about a year. He loves playing with his big brother and is happiest snuggled up next to his Mama holding Blue Blanket and Jesus (his stuffed Husky). Drew has been potty-trained since last summer but still has accidents if he doesn't potty before bed. We are usually very good at reminding him but sometimes it gets forgotten. 

This boy can almost count to twenty and is learning his letters. He likes working on puzzles and building things with blocks/Legos. Drew took swimming lessons for the first time in the spring and he took to it like a fish to water...literally. For just three years old, his swimming is really good. He'll even swim to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve diving sticks!  It's really crazy!  He also likes playing golf but isn't using real clubs just yet. 

Drew is rough and tumble. He is all boy but is still obsessed with Mama. I figure I only have a few more years before I'm totally uncool to him so I'll enjoy it while it lasts. He can be so sweet...when he wants to be; but he'll just as soon punch you in the gut to get your attention. He typically does what HE wants to on HIS timeline but is getting more compliant as he gets older. He loves music, specifically Michael Jackson. Drew-Bug still likes to tell us that he loves us "a hundred million and most."  It's so cute. Time needs to slow down just a tad, though. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

David Scott...An Update!

David Scott, our sweet, emotional, firstborn will turn 7 years old in November. So as of today, he's 6 and 3/4, but who's counting?!?).  I have no idea how this child has turned into a big kid overnight, but it has happened so we are rolling with it!  

Last year, this boy was in Kindergarten and he learned so much. He's started to read, can do math problems, loves to problem-solve and play games. But mostly, the kid loves to do art. Drawing, coloring, painting, using crayons, color pencils, markers, or pens, he is happy when he is creating a DS-original masterpiece. And even though he is the firstborn (and typically, we firstborn a aren't that creative), he is the exception to this rule. He is still so polite and kind to everyone and really wants to be helpful which is going to serve him well in life.

DS is athletic and loves playing any sport -- dodgeball, softball/baseball (in the yard), swimming (he is a fish), karate, soccer, loves them all. His most favorite sport to play, though, is golf...specifically, he loves to play golf with Daddy. He made his first legitimate par (and a par 3 at that!) just a few weeks ago. 

David Scott relishes the role of being Drew's big brother and will occasionally take his title a tad too far. I don't know WHERE he gets that from. But this sweetheart still has the kindest heart, still loves to snuggle with us, and is looking forward to seeing what fun First Grade has in store for him. 

Today, David Scott weighs 46.5 pounds and is 3'9" tall. He's lost two teeth on the bottom but has a couple that are a little loose. I am totally not ready for my Lovebug to have big, awkward teeth, but that's just part of it, I guess. He'll still be adorable to us...and to the girls in his class, apparently, as they have always tried to kiss him. :)  When David Scott grows up, he wants to be a paleontologist, live at the beach in college, and live wherever he can ski after that. He fell in love with skiing after we went to Park City, UT earlier in the year.  He was a natural, as he seems to be at so many other things that just seem to be so effortless for him. He rocks and I'm so glad that he is ours!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Surprise!  Back from my hiatus, I am making a return to the blogging world. We've had numerous birthday celebrations, holidays, visits with friends and family, a few vacations, and I will try to go back and document most of that. I love my little blog books that I've made over the various years of blogging and the only way for me to continue to have those is to start blogging again!  So, for now, I'll leave with a more recent pic of my babies...who are no longer babies but are both big boys now...David Scott is 6 1/2 and Drew is 3!

Friday, December 26, 2014


On November 18th, David Scott turned five. FIVE!  How is it that five years has passed since we brought our first little baby home from the hospital. My boy is learning and growing so much right before our very eyes.  I can't believe he'll be in Kindergarten next year. Before we know it, he'll be graduating high school then college and will be too big to crawl up into my lap. Cue the violin music. 

David Scott, 
You have such a big, sweet personality. You are always watching out for your little brother which you will continue to do for the rest of your life...that's just part of the responsibility of being a big brother. And you LOVE being the big brother. You and Drew play pretty well together most of the time. And you're always trying to teach him how to do this or that and what different things are. I love watching the relationship develop with the two of you. 

My curious boy, you question everything. Daddy and I are learning things too, because, "I don't know; that's just how it is," isn't always an acceptable response for one of your questions. You like learning about everything, and your vivid imagination is a great complement to that. You are convinced that you are Batman and have even told me before that God put you here to save the world. That has yet to be proven, but I believe that you believe that. 

For your birthday this year, we had a repeat party theme from last year -- Superheroes!  Your choice. Doing a repeat theme made life easier on Daddy and me for planning your party since everything was basically the same as before. And just like last year, you and your guests had a blast. 

As parents, all we want is for our children to be happy. You are such a glowing light in our lives and in those around you as well. Keep up the good work, sweet boy!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Big School...

It's official, David Scott is in real school as of mid-August. And although it's pre-k due to his November birthday, it still counts. We'd been working him up to meeting new friends, having new teachers, and experiencing new adventures and learning new things. He's spent a little time in his new class with his teacher, so I'd already had a preview of how well things would go.  And the day was successful!  

David Scott was so excited, he was singing...
Even little brother was excited.

He sat right down and started coloring, which made this Mama so happy. There were no tears by anyone...although my eyes welled up a little as I was leaving him at school...the tears never actually escaped my eyes, so that counts!

Since then, I've "volunteered" to be the class room mom and have had a number of interactions with DS and his class. One day, I even got to have lunch with my big boy which his teacher posted a pic of on their class Instagram page:

We had our first parent-teacher conference a few weeks back and it went pretty good. His teacher said he's adjusted well to their class and seems to like all the activities/enrichment classes they have -- Spanish, music, PE, religion, and art. And he's made so many new friends which we hear about all the time. Overall, we could not be happier with the whole experience so far and are so proud of our sweet boy with how well he's doing in Big School. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kitchen Reno

Well. It's finally done. Finally, finally. Kitchen Reno 2014 is in the books. The last of the issues needing to be addressed were taken care of last week. The final check has been cashed and the last box has been unpacked. To say we are happy with the end result is the understatement of the year. Also, any desires I've ever had to renovate a house are officially taken care of with everything we've done with this one. I know I don't want to live through another renovation although I might consider doing another one as long as both the resources and time are unlimited -- ha!  Of course there were a few surprises we encountered -- a leak that had to be addressed, brick tiles that were both way over-budget and on back-order so we had to punt, the wrong countertops getting installed.  We finished pretty much on budget but went a little over the 6-week estimate -- it was more like 8 weeks. And now for the before and after pics: 
Before:  Main kitchen
Before:  Main kitchen and side entry (soon-to-be walk-in pantry)
Before:  Island and Wall of Cabinets
Out with the old
No more wall of cabinets!!!

In progress:  Walk-in pantry (formerly a side entry)
In-progress:  Butler's pantry
After:  Island and cabinets/appliances
After:  New butler's pantry and island
After:  New walk-in pantry

Kitchen Reno 2014...I'm glad we're done with you.