Friday, August 30, 2013

Vacation 2013...

We spent a week in Orange Beach at our "go-to" condo. With it being on the beach, and with both outside and inside pools and a splash pool for the smaller ones, we love this particular place (Escapes! To the Shores is the name). We had a good time. The first part of the week was just us and then Mamaw, MiMi, and Lee drove down/over for the last few days.

Before I include the pics, here are a few things we learned:
1.  Don't lose your parking ticket when you go to the New Orleans Aquarium which is what happened when we stopped there as we were making our way to the beach. It costs $72 instead of the $15 that it would have. Barf. 
2.  Scotty should only wear cheap sunglasses or maybe just don't wear your good sunglasses in the water. 
3.  Always pack board games for when it rains. You should know by now that there will be at least one rainy day while you're there. 
4.  Don't go to the zoo at the beach after it rains. It's muddy and it smells. Really bad. Also, don't forget the sunscreen or a hat for your baby. Luckily they sold sunscreen at the zoo, but still...
5.  No matter the size of your vehicle, over-packing is apparently a requirement and your vehicle will never be big enough. 

But here are some pics:
Brotherly love...upon arrival...

Loved, loved, loved the beach...

Buried in the sand...

Happy baby...


Daddy and his boys...

Mama and her big boy...

DS got to "jump like Spiderman" at The Hangout...

Feeding the animals at the zoo...

I was so excited to meet up with Alicia and meet her twins!

Mamaw and her favorite great-grandsons (and their mama!)

Mimi loved trying to get Drew to smile

Happy boys!  Love the beach!

Lee, Mimi, Scotty

Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 Months...

It's too bad you weren't born at the end of the month b/c then my posts would be on time since that's when I seem to post these monthly updates for you. This past month, though, we've been pretty busy...chasing after you (and David Scott, of course). On August 9th, you turned 7 months old, my sweet boy. It was that evening, when you did your first "real" crawl in the living room!  We knew it was coming but had just assumed you'd do the army crawl for a couple of months like your big brother did. Nope!  You just went for it and have been going 90 to nothing ever since. You're also starting to pull up on stuff and several times I've had to come "rescue" you when you've gotten up but couldn't get back down. Needless to say, we lowered your crib mattress this month too. 

You are currently:
• 19 1/2 pounds
• 25 inches in length
• wearing 6-9 month and some 12-month outfits too, Chunky Monkey!
• I don't really know what size shoes you're wearing as we rarely put you in shoes. 
• wearing a size 3 diaper
• exclusively on formula and baby food. You seem to like everything we've put in front of you, which makes me think you might be a good eater like DS is. He will eat just about anything!
• sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!  I cannot stress enough how happy this makes me. When everyone in the household gets a full night's sleep, things are much more pleasant. You usually go to sleep around 8 (give or take 20 minutes) each night and will usually wake up about 6:30 the next morning. 
• cutting teeth.  You have two teeth on the bottom and I think you're about to have one or two coming in up top. 
• a generally happy baby...unless you are tired or hungry...or just want Mama, which seems to be happening more and more lately. I'll blame it on the teething for now. :)
• babbling...a lot!  You can say, "Hey," which was the first recognizable word you said and you've said, "Mama" a bunch. We're working on "Daddy/Dada" and poor David Scott desperately wants you to say his name, but I don't know how to tell him that it's probably gonna be a while before you're able to say his mouthful of a name. He prefers that you call him "Big Brother" if "David Scott" is too hard. I keep suggesting "BB" for "Big Brother" which would be much easier for you, but nobody seems to like that suggestion, so we'll keep working on it. 

You are a sweet boy and you love playing with Big Brother. I have to frequently remind him that you're still a baby and he's being too rough, but it's kind of hard to enforce when you're constantly giggling anytime you play together. My sweet boys. So cute and sweet with one another. David Scott is so proud of you and likes to introduce everyone to you and show you off wherever we go...even at daycare. Every day. It makes my heart swell knowing how much he loves you and how much you adore him.  

Love, Mama