Tuesday, March 22, 2011

16 Months...

David Scott,
You are now 16 months old! It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny blob of baby in our arms. And now you are a walking, talking, jumping, climbing little person. Precious boy, you are currently:

• 31 inches tall
• 25 lbs
• able to dunk a basketball on your mini-goal and more importantly, hit/make contact with a golf ball
• walking or running everywhere
• seeing what you can get away with -- from standing in chairs, to climbing on tables, you are a little monkey
• learning so many new things. Just Friday night, we were at Outback. You were babbling somewhat and the waitress asked if you were singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." OF COURSE you were. How could we not hear that tune in your voice?!? You were even swaying back and forth. When we starting singing it with you, you seemed kind of amazed that we knew that song. I wonder what else you know that we don't know you know???
• still loving Lola, or Wowa as you call her. I also just caught you loving your tiger so I had to insert this pic:

• saying so many words: Mama, Dada, Lola, ball, look, book, hey, bye-bye (with a coordinating wave), milk (mi), more (muh), puffs (pu), bubbles (your favorite!), out (being outside runs a close second to bubbles), yum, woof-woof, dog, duck, Papa, Papaw, Bud Bud.
• identifying many body parts on yourself and us: nose, mouth, eyes, ears, head, belly, foot. You also know that your socks and shoes go on your feet.
• wearing 12-18 and 18-month clothes; size 6 shoes
• wearing a size 4 diaper
• back to sleeping through the night after a few colds/allergies/teething had you out of whack
• one (bottom) tooth shy of having a mouth full of teeth. I'm sure it won't be too long, though b/c the one on the other side just made an appearance a few weeks back.
• eating everything you are given, including the bite of oatmeal cream pie that your daddy let's you have -- yuck, but he's taught you to say, "yum!" as you're eating it, which is cute.
• sporting your first real wound (as of today). You fell at daycare this morning and cut the area above your lip. Fortunately you didn't need stitches but Dr. Kelleher wanted to butterfly it, so of course we let her:

Getting you from daycare and to the doctor today was an adventure. Because Daddy backed into something weekend before last and HAD to put the truck in the shop to be fixed at the beginning of this week rather than the end when he wouldn't need a vehicle, I was left without a vehicle. So when they called me from daycare this morning, I nearly freaked out b/c Daddy was out of town for the day for work. Luckily, I was able to borrow a vehicle from one of my coworkers (who has a car seat in her car for her granddaughter) so I could quickly come assess the damage. We still ended up at the pediatrician's office. And of course, despite our best efforts, you still removed the butterfly from your face at some point during the day. But it looks much better this evening than it did right after. You were such a trooper and didn't even cry.

Those are all of the happenings with you right now. You love being outside even if you're sitting still, which rarely happens. You especially love riding in your wagon outside (thanks Gran and Papa) and have just figured out that you can climb up and slide down the slide all by yourself. Big boy! Makes me sad...and happy...simultaneously...so goes life, I guess.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy, busy...

Well we got to see the house I've been stalking online for months. And...we were underwhelmed. It needed a ton more work than I was expecting. And I'm certain the sellers won't sell it for the bottom line price we'd pay even knowing we'd have to put a bunch of work into it. So, we're still on the hunt for the perfect house. Not that we've even gotten close to getting an offer on our own. There are still a few others we want to look at, and we have time, so we're not getting into any hurry. I almost feel like even looking at houses is the KOD (Kiss of Death) for selling our own home, but I try to convince myself that planning in advance for something as big as selling/buying a house is never a bad idea.  However, I seriously may go buy and subsequently bury a St. Joseph's figurine this week. 
Anyway, even though we only had one house we were looking at this weekend, it was very busy nonetheless. On Saturday, we ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Perkins Rowe. Over-rated. Afterwards, we threw pennies into the fountain and made wishes:

We looked at the house and then decided to go play golf. Well, Scotty played. DS and I were along for the ride, although he did assist on some key holes and had a brief lesson on proper putting techniques:

(Not bragging, but this is a great pic with all the colors and such...)

Following golf, we headed home for more outside time and grilled hamburgers. Yum. Sunday was more of the same. This time, it was Olive Garden for lunch. DS loved the breadsticks and kept saying, "Muh...muh" (more...more). Scotty kept thinking he was asking for milk (mi -- minus the lk), but I assured him that David Scott knew the difference between "more" and "milk" a fact that was proven throughout the weekend.

And yes, that is salad and spaghetti he's eating too.

Afterwards, more golf/practicing for Scotty while sweet baby boy and I rode around to see if any prospective houses were holding open houses for the afternoon. None that we liked were, so back home we came. But not before we did a quick drive-by at another house. Scotty backed into an electrical box or something on our way out the driveway. Glad we have insurance. After the silent ride home, more playing and swinging outside ("Out!" -- as he stands by the door, demanding to go).

David Scott has had no problem adapting to the time change, but it had me so zapped yesterday and today. I guess we'll spend the week getting adjusted to it just in time for another busy weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

David Scott vs. Roseola...

No, this isn't about a schoolyard fight with a playmate from daycare. Poor little David Scott had a semi-eventful weekend in the one just past. Daycare called me mid-afternoon; DS had fever of 102. We stayed in the remainder of the day/evening and all day Saturday as well. Gran and Papa D came to town to see David's son Patrick who was passing through on a school function.

As a result of the fever that wouldn't go away, and the rain which was doing the same, we had a movie marathon and a lunch of sandwiches/chips and dip. DS was eating on a chip -- which he's had many times-- as I got his grilled cheese sandwich ready. All of a sudden, DS starts coughing, and I can visibly see that he's struggling. I jump the three steps we were separated by and Scotty comes from the couch and we're hitting him on the back and doing a semi-heimlich maneuver on him to get the chip (glob) dislodged -- I know it was a chip glob b/c I know how DS eats and the kid shovels food into his mouth. When finally -- what seemed like forever but was maybe 3 seconds later -- the chip glob became dislodged and went down the correct path and DS could breathe. It scared us all, and the baby was crying, and just a very scary experience overall. The rest of the hearty meal was uneventful, fortunately.

Because Patrick's tournament was cancelled due to weather, Gran and Papa came on to Casa Rainwater earlier than anticipated. And although he hadn't had much of a nap and was still running fever, DS was in a decent mood...especially considering the sleep-disturbed nights we'd had both of the two previous nights. He wasn't in good enough spirits, however, to go out to eat; we ordered Outback to-go.

The fever finally broke sometime
Saturday night. Gran and Papa left early Sunday morning, and Scotty went to play golf, so DS and I ate a quick lunch and went on a few errands. Our last stop before heading home was for ice cream in honor of what would've been the 60th birthday of my daddy, DS' Bud Bud. The little munchkin enjoyed his softserve and my chocolate was delish Overall, it was a low-key day.

On Monday, DS went back to daycare, but when we arrived, I noticed he had a number of red spots on his face, neck, and chest that weren't there just an hour before. Now all of these symptoms separately seemed like no big deal. However, on a combined basis, and considering Sunday was another sleepless night, I knew a visit to the ped was in our immediate future.

We saw Dr. K right before lunch and she quickly diagnosed DS as having had the roseola virus for which he was no longer contagious. His screaming out on Sunday night was apparently caused from MORE teeth coming in. So back to daycare he went, spots and all. And although his ped warned us that his spots would probably get worse and then go away after a week, they really didn't, fortunately. And wouldn't you know -- I didn't get any pics of our roseola-spotted son.

Today is Thursday and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. As I type, our realtor (who is doing another open house for us on Sunday), is trying to set up for us to go see a house that I've been watching for several months-- even before we were even in the market for a house in BR. Hopefully we can do that on Saturday and get things moving forward somewhat. I'm so excited about the possibility of a new house; I'm even more excited about the drastically reduced commute time we'd have. I'm about 2 weeks away from buying a St. Joseph's figurine and burying it in our front yard!

One quick story about this morning for my memory book: When we arrived at daycare this morning, one of DS' classmates was in the car next to us. As we parents were getting our sons out of their carseats, the two boys noticed each other. As we were walking in, the boys were waving, smiling, and babbling at each other. They both recognized their friend. It warmed this mama's heart to see David Scott's genuine excitement at seeing his friend. That joy overshadowed my sadness at leaving him in his new classroom, crying, along with his other friends who were already there.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here's a video of DS calling for Lola this past weekend...