Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Little Surprise...

We're having a baby!  I am presently 20 weeks pregnant with a baby...GIRL!  She is expected to make her debut in late January. 

The surprise of getting pregnant and then finding out it's a girl has finally worn off. For the most part. On most days. A girl!  That part is still hard to fathom since it's been rough and tumble, blues and greens, trucks, superheroes, and legos for almost seven years around our house. 

A girl. She already has her daddy and her big brothers totally whipped. And she's not even here yet. Scotty told the boys, "Get used to it guys, this baby is going to get everything she wants." And I'm there saying, "Ummm, no!"  But I know where he's coming from. Because if either of the boys come to me with good manners and kisses and hugs  -- even if all they want is to share my seat -- they will get whatever they want. Most of the time. And I was a Daddy's Girl myself and could pretty much get whatever I wanted from my Dad, so I totally understand that dynamic. 

A girl. Someone to hang out with when the boys are golfing. Getting our nails done, maybe a little mother/daughter shopping when she's older. A friend. Someone to take care of her ailing parents in their golden years. Assuming she lives close by and doesn't move 2 1/2 hours away (sorry, Mama!). 

A girl. Lots of pinks and purples. Bows and dresses. Barbies and baby dolls and and toys with fixable hair. But maybe she'll also like football and sports. And not have to have different accessories for every outfit. 

A girl. Lots of feelings and emotions. And drama. Oh, wait a sec...that won't be new. Drew and David Scott (who are both SO excited to be getting a baby sister) can both be super dramatic when playing games that don't go their way. Or if they have to do something they really don't want to do. Attitude City. 

A girl. A nice change of pace. Helping to even up the massive amount of testosterone in this household. The Caboose. The baby.  The one  I wasn't even expecting...until I was.  

A girl...our daughter...MAGGIE.