Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip to DC...

Scotty and I are in DC for a long weekend; Mimi is keeping David Scott at our house for the weekend.  Since this is kind of a memory book for our family, we decided to keep a log of our trip (thanks for the idea, McLemore clan).  Check back for more updates and pics...

 Thursday April 29, 2010

11:00 a.m. - left my office for airport

11:35 - just before checking in, we helped an old man who'd fallen on the escalator.

11:45 - checked in, returned a dropped credit card to one of the ladies in front of us, went through security, and ordered lunch. Personal pan pizza hut pizzas. Not the best. Doing 2 good deeds already...good karma/mojo headed our way.

12:35 p.m. - board plane

1:26 - been in air for 30 minutes. Wondering what DS is doing. Have already said as much to Scotty ...3 times.
1:40 - Looked through all 200 of my pics on my phone. And have been turned down by Scotty TWICE to make out.  Ha! Should've brought a book or magazine to read.

3:17 (eastern) - just landed in Atlanta. Can't wait to call and check on DS to see how he and Mimi are doing.

3:40 - no electrical outlet in ladies restroom. Panicing that I'll have to wait til we arrive at hotel in dc to relieve myself of the food that nourishes our child.

3:55 - found a family restroom near our gate. Ahhhh...sweet relief. Don't want to diminish my milk supply any earlier than I need to. The lengths we go to for our kids.

4:00 - spoke to Mimi. DS was doing good and they were on their way to our house from daycare.

4:15 - we just boarded the plane and are missing our boy! Scotty is sitting by the window...again.

4:58 - a group of people 3 rows back will not stop talking about work stuff. We were hoping the loudness of the plane's engines would drown out their annoying, Yankee voices. No such luck. Increasingly, I wonder what magazine they apparently work for. Secretly, I hope they start drawing the rest of the plane in on their conversation, decide I have an interesting viewpoint on whatever topic and then make me a regular correspondent. I wonder what pseudonym I could use if I don't use my real name...

5:15 - looked at my roll of 200 DS pictures...again. I wonder what he's doing. My guess is...jumping!

6:05 - landed in DC

6:45 - get on pre-paid shuttle to go to hotel. Note to self: next time, just take a cab. Glad we're not in a rush.

8:30 - walked around for 45 minutes trying to find a place to eat that wasn't near the homeless shelter by our hotel. We finally settled on an Irish pub nearby. Feeling kinda left out...most of the other patrons around us are...wait for it...Irish.

9-ish - Got pic from Mimi. DS appears to be having a good time bathing. Food is pretty good. Glad this place is just around the corner (opposite direction from the homeless shelter).  P.S.  Thanks Orbitz for not mentioning the proximity to the homeless shelter like you did to everything else.

10-ish - got back to hotel to plot our Friday and Saturday excursions and go to bed.

Friday, April 30, 2010
6:50a.m.  - woke up for Scotty to prep for his depo and me to pump. It's killing me to throw this liquid gold down the drain. A full night's sleep was nice, even if the room was a little warmer than we like it at night. Thinking of either going back to sleep or getting ready just in case this spa nearby can squeeze me in for a massage. At this point, I like the idea of sleep!

10:50 - evidently I DID like the idea of sleep-- I just woke up! Called to check on David Scott and Mimi and was glad (but not surprised) to hear that they were doing great and he was pretty much staying on the "DS' Typical Day" schedule I'd left for them to give Mrs. Debbie a better idea of when he typically eats, how long he usually naps for, etc. Looking forward to an afternoon of sightseeing
12:18 p.m.- Scotty returned from depo. Finish getting ready, eat lunch, and off to the Capital.

12:47- stopped at Quiznos around the corner for a quick bite...they put mushrooms on Scotty's sandwich. He realized it after eating half his sandwich...he is green now.

1:30 - visited the Supreme Court and sat through lecture of the history of the court, bldg, etc. Cool architecture throughout.

2:10 - met with Congressman Cassidy's assistant for a tour of the Capitol. Part of the tour was going through the underground tunnels which was pretty cool.  Greco-Roman architecture throughout.  Boo would love DC.

3:50 - just finished up our tour of the Capitol. Got to see where the House of Representatives convenes. We're about to make a stop at the gift shop and then it's on to the Library of Congress. Scotty is ready for a snack and a brief nap. Too bad.

4:25 - finished a quick run through of the Library of Congress. Next stop is a reflecting pool on the other side of the Capitol this is mainly so we can get something to eat and drink. We're both rather parched. DC is quite picturesque as we walk through these areas. We plan on bringing DS and any future Baby Rains back so hopefully they'll appreciate our country's rich history like we have come to.

4:40 - at reflecting pool...reflecting on how blessed we are and loving/missing DS.

5:45 - walked to Union Station where we FINALLY had a snack. Once again, mine was better. Scotty opted for a (soggy) cinnamon pretzel and I chose ice cream. We also stopped and got him a pair of shorts since he didn't bring any. What a maroon.

5:55 - "took" a picture with Barack.
6:12 - Sarah got an awful foot cramp. I thought it was worthy of documenting; she did not.

7:45 - returned to hotel about an hour and a half ago for a brief rest and to get ready for dinner tonight. We're going to eat at Charlie Palmer's, a steakhouse...surprise!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

7:45 a.m.  (Eastern) - Dinner last night was really good.  It was one of those restaurants where I was glad to have my cell phone in my purse.  We needed to look up about 3 or 4 items before ordering.  Are we cultured or what?!?  On our agenda today:  The White House Visitor's Center, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for sure.  Perhaps we'll see more if time permits.  We plan on spending several hours at the Natural History Museum and are pumped about seeing the dinosaurs.  Tonight, I think we're going to do the Monuments by Moonlight tour.

8:18 - on cab ride to White House Visitor's Center. How do cabbies in a tourist town NOT know where to go? "White House Visitor's you know where that is?" he asks us. "Ummm... Near the White House."

9:30 - after we saw the White House, we walked to the WHVC. Kind of disappointing. Don't know what we were expecting, but that wasn't it. After a brief break for breakfast -- cookies for me, a regular pretzel for Scotty, and a coke to share--yes, the healthiest breakfast ever, we're about to go to the Washington Monument.

10:13 - saw Washington Monument. Note to self: although admission is free, request tickets in advance next time. Just walked through the WWII Memorial. It was very awe-inspiring and brought chills to both of us. Papaw, Scotty's grandfather, is a veteran who was in the Air Force and who fought in this war. We believe he was living in NJ at the time, so I took a picture of Scotty beside that state's memorial wreath. We both had chills thinking about the price so many have paid in order for us to have our continued freedoms. Thanks to all our veterans and their families.
This is the WWII Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background.

10:20 - sitting on a bench beside the reflecting pool between the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. The water is gross. I don't think it was this yucky when Forrest Gump ran through it to meet Jenny in the movie. It is quite tranquil despite the multitude of runners and throngs of people. At least the protestors up close to the Memorial have stopped speaking...for now.

10:45 - done with the Lincoln Memorial. Evidently they've repaired it since Marky Mark crashed into it in the Planet of the Apes remake. Thinking we may catch a taxi to go to Arlington Cemetary

11:52 - saw the changing of the guard at Arlington cemetary. It is a very humbling thing to watch. Humbling b/c it saddens us to think of so many who gave their lives for our country , some of whom only God knows the identities of. We are currently trekking through the cemetary. Hungry, thirsty, and tired, but forging ahead...much like those who we are here honoring have done in their previous missions.

12:26 p.m. - in taxi on way to Union Station for some Sbarro pizza followed by a brief return to the hotel for a brief rest. Then, we're going to the Natural History Museum and maybe the American History Museum nearby. I haven't quite figured out why all taxi drivers are anti-air conditioning.

1:42 - returned to room. Sbarro pizza was as good as we remembered. Then we picked up a few souvenirs. We are so tired and our legs feel like they're going to fall off. I will never come to DC in the middle of summer, pregnant, old, or with a child who cannot walk long distances. Have spoken to Mimi earlier today. Except for waking up twice (!) in the middle of the night, they are having a good day. Can't wait to see our boy tomorrow!

2:20 - going to the Smithsonian!

2:32 - standing in line. I guess everyone had the same idea. Note to self: next time, come earlier in the day.

3:48 - on a brief rest in the Natural History Museum. Have seen the dinosaurs, an exhibit on Darwin's theory of evolution, the mammals exhibit (also cool), and now we're sitting for a few minutes. In about an hour, we're going to watch the Imax movie on dinosaurs. Scotty is looking forward to sitting for more than 10 minutes at a time; so am I.

This is some kind of fox.  It reminded us of Lola who is also at home. 

4:45 - this place is massive. We could spend all day in this museum and still not see everything. Going to see Imax movie. Scotty has come to the realization that at 30, he is old. Or at least, he feels old with his knees bothering him as a result of the miles and miles of walking we've done in the last 36 hours or so.

5:36 - cool movie. Begs the questions: 1. How do they create 3-D movies? 2. Why would a sane person bring your small child (who you know will be scared by the images on the screen coming "at" him) to an Imax 3-D movie?

7:05 - left the Smithsonian and made our way over to the Vietnam Memorial. Found the name of a distant relative of mine who'd fought in the war and paid the ultimate price. Both of us have never felt as connected to history as we do today. It is hard to realize just how many people have died for this country until you visit this place. Again, it is quite humbling.

7:40 - took a cab to ESPN Zone only to make a game-time decision to eat at a place across the street called Harry's. Good call. They apparently don't have any air conditioning. Yay! Our waitress just moved us to a more airy table. AND Scotty got carded. Highlight of his trip. :)  BTW, the air conditioner really is not working in the restaurant.

8:55 - returned to hotel. We did not do the monuments by moonlight tour as we are both absolutely, positively exhausted beyond belief. I need a good foot massage and Scotty needs some Tylenol for his aching knees. We have to leave for the airport at 5:30 a.m. which is way too early. But, the good thing is that we're about 15 hours away from loving on David Scott! We are so glad that Mimi could keep him as this trip would have been quite difficult toting a 5-month old everywhere. We definitely know what we do and don't want to do next time as well as some insight as to when to reserve tickets and such for different things. Can't wait to take a hot shower and go to bed early!

Sunday, May 2, 2010
5:30 a.m. (Eastern, I might add) - caught taxi to airport. Shuttle thing wanted to pick us up at 4:30. No thank you. Instead, Old Man Moses -- who was 85 if he was a day -- was our driver and he literally drove 10 mph for the first mile or so. Now, we're going 40 mph, with other vehicles honking at us, down the Interatate. Wonderful. At this rate, we'll get to the airport sometime next week. Yet another good call. This guy shouldn't be driving a wheelchair, much less a dangerous vehicle.

5:53 - made it to airport and through security. Scotty got preterbed b/c the curbside check-in guy asked about a tip. Hilarious! He unwillingly gave the guy $5. Our bag better make it! After we grab something to eat, we'll wait for our plane. Only a few more hours til DS!!

8:53 - plane landed in Atlanta. Uneventful flight for the most part. Just ready to be home now.

9:52 (still eastern) - getting ready to take off for HOME! Once again, it should be no surprise to me by now, but Scotty is by the window. In his defense, he offered me the seat, but being the sweet wife that I am (ha!), I let him have it.

11:21- in mid-air. Got a late start to flight due to weight issues of the baggage area (too little requires the plane to be weighted down a little...interesting). Now listening to a kid up ahead of us make himself sick b/c of non-stop crying. As much as I'm ready to see my baby, I'm glad he's waiting for us patiently at home-- I'd rather not be getting the glares the mother is getting from some of the other passengers around them.

11:25 (central--an hour since last post) - landed in BR and have been waiting for 20 minutes for our luggage to come through. It's almost as if the travel gods are trying to delay us seeing DS' smiling face as long as possible. Ugh!

We arrived home about 12:45 or so.  We were so happy to see our sweet boy!!!  He couldn't care less that we were home -- I think Lola was more happy to see us than he was.  Truth be told, that boy was hungry and was not in any mood to be put off any longer than Mimi had already managed to.  Once he ate, he was in a much better disposition.  :)

BTW, it took the luggage 40 minutes (!!!) to make it through to the conveyor belt.  I have never (EVER) waited that long for my luggage to arrive -- not in Puerto Rico, not even in NYC.  BTR Airport, you suck. 

I'm in the middle of cooking dinner right now.  If I can, I'll do the official recap with more real pictures tonight or after work tomorrow.  We are both so dog-tired right now, that I think it's gonna be an early night in the Rainwater household tonight.  I just hope David Scott agrees with us.

Monday, April 26, 2010

5 Months...

David Scott, you are currently:
  • 15.5 lbs
  • 24.5+ inches in length -- you literally won't sit still long enough for me to measure you.
  • wearing a size 2 diaper
  • a "supported sitter," but you have sat up, unsupported a few times
  • drooling non-stop.  Among our other nicknames for you, we also refer to you as Droolmaster 6000.
  • cutting 2 teeth.  On the bottom, your two front teeth are coming in.  We can definitely feel (and see) the one on your left coming through the gum.
  • mastering all of your musical, noise-making "things."  You've been shaking the rattle, but now, when sitting in your stationary/exersaucer/bouncer thing, you hit the keys to trigger the music.  You also hit the music-maker on your activity mat.  For the longest time, your arms weren't long enough to hit it, but one day we noticed that they were, showed you how to do it, and you've been making music ever since.
  • loving everything -- being inside, being outside, being awake, sleeping, splashing the water in your bath, being "splashed" while you're in your bath.  You are seriously the most content baby I've ever had the pleasure of caring for, or even met for that matter.
  • jumping all the time.  You jump while in our laps, you jump in your exersaucer, you jump in your actual jumper.  Perhaps you'll be a track star jumping the high hurdles like your Bud-Bud was.
  • eating baby food at dinnertime every night.  This last week was carrots, you've had a few nights of sweet potatoes, and you'll get to try out squash mid-week.
  • still waking once in the middle of the night.  
  • blowing raspberries -- you apparently picked this up from one of your friends at daycare.  Some people might stop their kids from spitting all over the place.  Not us!  We blow raspberries right back at you.  
Everything you do makes us either laugh or smile.  You are constantly amazing Daddy and me with your new skills and tricks.  You have the most expressive little face, the biggest, and most beautiful blue eyes, a heart-melting smile, and the most delicious little legs -- fat rolls, really...but oh so cute.  I tell you all the time that I don't know what we did to deserve such an awesome little man.  But I'm not questioning it, that's for sure.  We thank God every day that we have you in our life.  And although I'd like to stop time for just a bit, every day with you has literally been better than the day before.  Our life is infinitely better as a result of having you in it.  We love you! 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Whoa!  Has it really been a month since my last post?!?  I certainly didn't mean to deprive everyone of the recent events in our/David Scott's life; however, we've been quite busy.  I've pretty much given up having any time during the week to update the blog.  Between working, commuting, getting DS to and from daycare, taking care of him at home, attempting to cook and avoid having a mountain of clothes to wash, my time during the week is limited.  And that's not to say that Scotty doesn't help out b/c he certainly does.  Scotty's been busting his tail at work, and since I'm still nursing, his role is still somewhat limited by those constraints.

We were in North LA for Easter, back here the following weekend for Scotty to play in a softball tournament with his team from work, and just this past weekend went back to North LA.  Our purpose for going this past weekend was to celebrate the April birthdays in Scotty's family -- Lee, Papaw, Whitney (cousin), and Scotty.  We had a great time visitng family and friends from both sides of our family. 

The above are his Easter pics.
Speaking of our little monkey, each day is better than the one before.  When we were in North LA for Easter, David Scott started this jumping thing and he is absolutely OBSESSED with it.  All he wants to do is jump, jump, jump. All.  Day.  Long.  Needless to say, Scotty and I both have arms which are becoming increasingly muscular as a result of this constant jumping.  We don't mind the jumping at all, but there's only so much one can get done when both of your arms are occupied.  So, our solution to that was David Scott's 5-month birthday present...the jumparoo.  He loves it.  But then again, is there anything this kid doesn't love? 

For the last month, we've been feeding David Scott his rice cereal at night.  Then I had daycare giving him rice cereal in the morning and we switched to oatmeal cereal at night -- variety is the spice of life, you know.  So finally, after nearly a month of eating his cereal so well, we started DS on baby food...carrots, specifically.  He loved them!  His food got all over him, but again, the kid loved his dinner.
DS...loves him some carrots!

My camera's been acting up so I wasn't able to take pics of our most recent trip to North LA.  Hopefully I'll get a few from Mimi and Mamaw to share with you.  Additionally, I should have the official 5-months old post in the next day or two.  Yes -- two posts within just a few days of one another.  Shocking, I know.  Anyhoo, Boo was able to get a few pics with her camera on our last few trips up to North LA, so here they are:

Legal Disclaimer: The picture of a "flying" David Scott is more of an optical illusion -- objects in photo are not as high as they appear.      :)

The flying photo and the one of David Scott in the tree were taken at my mom's house.  The pic of David Scott in the azaelas was taken on an impromptu trip to Squire Creek where we met up with Jessie and Olivia.  Check back in a couple of days for the offical 5-months old pic and recap.