Sunday, February 19, 2012


Almost two weeks ago, I was home for several days with a sick David Scott. The apparent culprit? A fever virus. Prior to becoming a mother, I'd never even heard of a fever virus. However, it has hit DS twice so far. And poor thing, just about any time he gets sick, even if it's with the slightest cold, we almost always have to start doing breathing treatments due to the inevitable coughing/wheezing. His pediatrician said this is to be expected of him until about age 3, due to him getting RSV when he was about 2 months old. So here we are, doing multiple breathing treatments each day -- you'd think it's the worst form of torture for David Scott, with him just sitting there and breathing. So tough. We've literally had to hold him down several times just to get through it. Not fun. And especially not fun at 1 a.m., for the record. Luckily, Scotty was able to stay home with our patient one afternoon so I could take care of a few work obligations, and I've been able to keep up with my email so I won't be too behind. Finally, that Friday, we were able to resume our normal day with DS going to daycare for the first time that week.

Not much else is going on. We went to North LA the weekend before. DS and I were able to visit with my friend Alicia who is on bedrest and pregnant with twins that Monday while Scotty had work stuff in Shreveport. Our weekend, though, was spent visiting with Gran, Papa, Mimi, Mamaw, and even a quick lunch with Boo and Anders. David Scott l-o-v-e-s Baby Anders. He kept kissing his bald head and just being adorable with his cousin. I hold such hope that these two boys will grow up and be such good friends. I can see them going fishing, swimming, and having so much fun together at Gran and Papa's house.

Then last weekend, we tooled around the house and didn't do much to continue on the path of recovery. An uneventful week this past week lead up to what was supposed to be a busy weekend for us. We had a birthday celebration/Mardi Gras parade for another friend turning 2 on Friday night. DS thoroughly enjoyed himself, and kept saying, "Beads!" Here's our haul:

We were supposed to go back up to North LA this weekend for Stella Grace's 2nd birthday party. But as luck would have it, DS had a little fever during the night and our weather was atrocious -- much too bad for traveling 3 hours away -- and neither got better for too long. It rained all day long and then DS ended up with a high fever (like 103 -- eeck) that afternoon. We were able to get his fever down to 99 within an hour (via Tylenol and a cool, wet washrag), but we really don't know why he gets fever for just a day here and there. Perhaps it's related to his fever virus from a week and a half ago. He's still coughing too, so after a brief reprieve from having to do breathing treatments, we're back doing them
several times a day. We will be going to the doctor if he runs fever again.

And finally, Scotty's been dealing with blood pressure issues. After feeling a sense of uneasiness for several months and a couple of trips to the ENT (we thought it was sinuses), one of his secretaries (a former nurse) suggested he check his bp. Lo and behold, it was sky high. So following a brief trip to the ER, Scotty was able to see his internist later that morning and we got our official diagnosis: high blood pressure. For the time being, he's on meds and is back in the gym several times a week. So we are pretty relieved and look for him to continue to feel better as he has improved greatly over the last two weeks since being on meds and relieving stress in the gym. Of course this means I've started back to the gym too as I can't have my in-shape hubby with a flabby wife. :)

I would also like to add that today marks the 15th anniversary that Scotty asked me to "go with" him. Happy other anniversary to the most thoughtful, hard-working, kind, loving, high blood pressure experiencing baby daddy I have! I am so glad I said yes to you all those years ago.

Edited to Add:  We went to the doctor this morning (Monday) and DS has a double ear infection.  Yipee.