Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013...

Christmas 2013 was memorable but alas, is over. For one, it was Baby Drew's first Christmas. Two, it was the second one we spent at our house. And three, we got to find out what Baby McGehee is...(a boy!  Sorry, Boo, you should update your blog more often. My almost-1-year old boy is older than your 2-year old in blog posts...).

Both David Scott and Drew seemed to love Christmas. DS is starting to understand the reason for the season...even if he gets a little (or a lot) sidetracked by all the presents. And Baby Drew spent most of his time this season crawling over to the tree to mess with ornaments, or pull down lights, or just try to get under the tree. I know plenty of people who don't put up a tree or who put up a really small one when the kids are little, but we are not some of those people. We went with a ceiling-grazing 10-ft tall tree this year...Note to Self:  9.5' would be sufficient for future years. 

Spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our house was really nice. Traveling with one child had gotten more difficult with all the "logistics" involved. And last year, I was so close to delivery, that we had Christmas at our house and everyone pretty much catered to me (really nice!). So this year, with two kiddos, we asked out families ever so nicely about making some adjustments to our typical holiday festivities. Having been there and done that with us when we were kids, everyone was more than accommodating. So MiMi, Mamaw, and Lee came to our house Christmas Eve and stayed through Christmas Day. Then we left te day after to go to Winnsboror for Christmas with Gran, Papa, Boo, Dusty, and Big-brother-to-be, Anders. Both gatherings were nice, not stressful, and semi-relaxing. And although we were able to continue most of our respective family traditions, we did have to miss out on some. So who knows what we'll be doing in the future for Christmas, but I feel like we may have more holidays at home than we've had in the past.
My LoveBug...

Pre-Christmas excitement!

Really, Mom...more pics???
It's a Christmas Gift Explosion...
"Now can we eat banana bread???"

Baby's First Christmas...

Finally, Boo is having a baby in May!  She and Dusty found out a little before Christmas what the baby's gender was. But they were waiting until Christmas to share it with the families. She had a pacifier ornament wrapped up and when DS opened it (Anders was too involved in playing), it was revealed to be a BLUE pacifier!  Another boy!  A sweet baby brother for Anders!  Another nephew for "Aunkie Sayah" (Aunt/Uncle Sarah :/ )!  Another cousin for my boys!  And a FOURTH (!) grandson for Gran and Papa (and Bud Bud, too!). 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

11 Months...

You turned 11 months old on December 9th!  I can't believe you're almost a year old. Time has certainly flown by. You're starting to say little words here and there and it's so cute. Like when David Scott was a baby, we LOVE watching you reach each milestone, learn new words, and become your own little person. People are always commenting on how happy you are -- and you are a happy baby...especially if I am holding you or are nearby. My little Mama's Boy...I love it!  You have the sweetest smile and gorgeous green eyes; and your strawberry blonde hair is the cherry on top of all your gorgeousness!

Drew, currently you are:
• 28 1/2 inches tall
• 22.5 pounds
• wearing 12-18 month clothes
• wearing size 3.5 shoes but you're growing out of them
• wearing size 3 diapers but I'm about to put you in size 4s to sleep
• still on formula and taking about 4-5 bottles a day; we'll be moving to whole milk soon!
• eating a bunch of table foods but I still give you baby food too 
• saying words:  Mama, Dada, this, hey, bye-bye, Dav-s (David Scott). You've also said Papa and thank you a couple of times. 
• so close to walking!  You've taken two steps in succession a few times but that's all. You use everything as a prop to help you stand and cruise all over the place. It won't be long!  For now, you just go Mach-10 crawling everywhere. 

We can't wait to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of four -- and your very first Christmas!  

Love, Mama