Friday, May 31, 2013

4 Months...

At 4 months old, you are:
• 15.5 pounds
• 23 3/4 inches long
• wearing size 2 diapers
• wearing size 3-6 months clothes
• STILL eating every 3-4 hours.
• STILL taking catnaps during the day. But...STILL sleeping good at night. You wake up between. 2 and 4 am if you wake up at all. I know I certainly appreciate that!
• eating baby cereal once or twice a day; you take it pretty good!
• you can roll over both ways. But you like to be held most of the time so you really don't spend that much time on the floor at home. Besides the fact that I miss your face during the day, I know you get enough of that at daycare. :)
• you are keeping your hands in your mouth. A lot! But no sign of any teeth just yet.
• you babble, making incoherent sounds to us and smile SO big. I love your dimple.
• you've got cradle cap or some kind of rash on your head. Dr. K suggested we put some hydrocortisone on it which helps a ton. I think laying on your mat also irritates it which is another reason why we don't really lay you down in the evenings.

Big Guy, you are getting too big too fast. But I love the fun stages you're about to get into -- sitting up, trying to crawl, ahhh! Goodbye, baby blob! Hello, interactive baby! You ADORE your big brother. It doesn't matter if he's singing his ABC's or harassing you, you always have a huge grin on your face every time you see him. I hope you always look up to him and that he continues to love having a little brother. Siblings are your oldest and lifelong friends and I hope you and David Scott are as close as Daddy and I are to ours.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

This was my first Mother's Day as the mama of TWO kiddos. Two is definitely different from one -- and not in a bad way other than there not being enough hours in the day to devote a whole lot of one-on-one time with my D-Sco right now. But he doesn't seem to mind too much. And when he does, I try to stop whatever it is I'm doing so I can focus on his needs. A lot of the time, I'm in the middle of folding clothes or unloading the dishwasher -- both of which I will happily abandon in favor of more time with my big boy.

As I've said before, I'm convinced my purpose on this Earth is to be a mother. And although I couldn't be a SAHM to my kiddos at this age, I'm grateful to have the option of working while sending them to a daycare where they are both loved and are taught new things daily. I have truly enjoyed these last 3.5 years of being a mother and I love getting to know my boys better and better with each passing day. Being a Mama is so bittersweet, but as long as the sweet outweighs the bitter, I am ok with that.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's Going On...

Whew! We have been busy taking care of two little boys. We've had a few fun things in between parenting duties and work, but not much.

David Scott has been playing soccer at daycare since last fall (or was it summer? I don't remember). We decided to let him play in the spring league. His games were at 8:30 every Saturday (except for the one before Easter) for about 8 weeks. I think most of the family got to come see him play for one game or another. It experience. And I'm sure DS would tell you he loved it, but it was brutal for Scotty and me. There was joy, frustration, numerous tears, numerous goals made, complaints, pouting, excitement, and pride. And that held true for every single game. Like I said, brutal. Needless to say, we will continue the weekly soccer lesson at school, but are not going to participate in the summer soccer league.


Showing off his "participation medal..."

DS had his first field trip to the strawberry farm. He loves "strawbabies" as he used to call them, and he told me as much throughout the morning. We could never have a strawberry farm; David Scott would eat all our profits. He was literally eating them as quickly as I could put them in the bucket. They were delicious, though.

Lots of messy strawberry juice on that cute face...
We have some other fun things coming up -- a field trip to see Disney on Ice, which DS thinks is us going skiing, no matter how many times I tell him it's a story, like a movie, and that we won't actually be on the ice. He's going to be sorely disappointed tomorrow when he can't throw snowballs at his friends. Then next week, DS starts his 2-week session of swimming lessons. And then at some point, we've talked about him playing t-ball if somebody (ahem, Scotty) would register him for summer. He seems to be much more adept at t-ball than soccer. Hopefully it will be a much more pleasant experience for us all.

Twins!  (Can't get pic to rotate)
And Baby Drew is just growing like a weed. He's still a carbon copy of his big brother except for his cute dimple. He turned. 4-months old today so I'll do a post on that in the next few days (I hope).

Scotty and I have both had a lot going on at work, with him doing a fair amount of traveling during the week. I think we're both tired of his travel schedule so hopefully that will ease up soon.

Today we had Muffins with Mom at daycare. DS and I had a nice breakfast together. And I got a nice card, some artwork and a pot of flowers, and my sweet boy loved it which was enough for me. Nothing brings me more happiness than my sweet boys.