Tuesday, August 24, 2010

9 Months...

Whew!  David Scott, at 9 months old you are:
  • 21 lbs
  • 27 inches in length
  • crawling...everywhere
  • pulling up on anything you can
  • getting into all cabinets and drawers
  • still wearing a few clothes in size 6 months, but mainly you are wearing 9-12 months
  • sleeping  (8p - 6a) through the night (FINALLY!), although some nights you still wake up, but we let you cry it out and hope that it doesn't scar you for life
  • still taking 4 bottles a day, but you'll hardly sit still long enough to drink all 6 ounces in the morning
  • eating baby food at breakfast (fruit with cereal), lunch (usually a veggie or two and a fruit), and dinner (usually a meat and a veggie)
  • trying some soft adult foods.  So far you've had mac and cheese, spaghetti, a few bites of breatstick, green beans, and a bite or two of hamburger meat.  Dr. K said you could try anything except nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, and strawberries. 
  • feeding yourself cheerios and graham crackers -- you love them both
  • wearing a size 3 diaper
  • saying Ma Ma, Da Da, Lola (it sounds like you're saying yo yo), Bottle (ba ba), Hot (ttt), and I think you were trying to say Thank You last night (da do) -- of course you're mimicing it when I say it, although I think it will be swell when you say it without being prompted :)
  • standing for a few seconds at a time
My little munchkin, you are so fun and fun-loving.  You love everything (except sitting still), and I LOVE that you will eat any food that you've tried (except puffs, which I don't blame you...they are gross).  You constantly go, go, go and we are always chasing after you, trying to stop you from getting into whatever you're after.  Since you're now mobile, I know you'll get many bumps, bruises, and skinned knees along the way.  You are currently sporting a little bruise on your forehead from bonking your noggin on the armoire in the living room.  You only whimpered for a sec.  OH, and when we went for your 9-month well baby visit last Friday, they had to draw a little blood from your finger (to test for anemia).  You didn't even flinch when they stuck you or squeezed the blood from your little finger.  You were not anemic, but you are taking vitamins now (for fluoride).  Speaking of teeth, you love "brushing" your teeth; hopefully this good habit will continue throughout your life.  You know exactly where the bubbles are  in the pantry and you frequently crawl in that direction to go get the bubbles.  You are and will always be, the light of our lives.  We love you so much!

Mama and Daddy

Due to the constant desires of David Scott to not be still, getting a picture of him was next to  impossible.  Here are the things he wanted to do instead of taking the official 9 month picture:

Play in the dirty clothes...

Play with his Lion...

Go to bookcase and pick up giraffe... (and there is no denying who this child belongs to...his daddy!)

Still at the bookcase, reading a book...

Playing with the lion again and Daddy getting a little sugar and playtime in...

Finally!  A still shot -- featuring DS, the tiger, and the sock monkey -- it was the only way he'd sit still...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Just in case you didn't know, DS is a huge Saints fan!

I couldn't really think of a title for this mostly random post.  We've been busy the last two weekends.  Weekend before last, we were in North LA to celebrate Mamaw's birthday (which we celebrated in spirit -- from the beach -- on her actual birthday...good thing she's kind and understanding!).  We had a great visit with nearly everybody -- sorry, Jessie, we just can't seem to get it together can we?  When I'm in Ruston, you go to Winnsboro; by the time you get back to Ruston, I'm already in Monroe.  Maybe next time!  We stayed with Boo and Dusty on Friday night. On Saturday, Betsey and I wrangled Stella Grace and David Scott at Olive Garden for lunch.  What were we thinking?  We totally needed a third adult to help with these two very mobile babies.  Lesson learned.  After that, we finally made it to Mamaw and Papaw's house where DS got in some very good quality time with his great-grandparents.  When Scotty finished playing golf and Mrs. Debbie got through with her errands, we celebrated Mamaw getting to her "middle earlies."  This is a term my own Mamaw used to use when we asked her how old she was.  Her reply was always, "I'm in my middle earlies."  I never quite figured out what the earlies were and where the middle was; but I guess that's just one of those questions that will forever go unanswered like the chicken and the egg debate.  I digress.  We ate steak, baked potatoes, salad, and my personal favorite -- birthday cake.  Yummy!  We even let David Scott have a bite of cake, but he made a funny face so I don't think he's a fan of cake...yet.  He'll be having his very own cake in about 3 months, so I thought it was ok for him to have a morsel.  Afterwards, we headed on to the 'Boro where Mom, David, Brad, and his gf Courtney were waiting on our arrival.  On Sunday, Boo and Dusty came down and the three boys went to play golf at Twin Jokes, I mean Twin Oaks, while the rest of us enjoyed the pool.

Scotty throwing David Scott in the air at Mam and Pap's

While we were in North LA, our friends Carroll and Melissa were experiencing the birth of their little boy, John.  We finally got to go visit them on Wednesday, and baby John is so cute!  David Scott thought his future BFF was cool, too.  He kept trying to reach out and touch him.  But since DS doesn't have the concept of gently touching anything, we didn't let him love on John at all really.  We're so excited for Carroll and Melissa as well as our other friends who are in the family way.  4 of us law school couples (in some grouping or another) have been going to Destin for a few days the last three or four summers.  Last summer I was 5 or 6 months pregnant, another couple (Charlie and Elsa Jeanne aka EJ) had just found out they were expecting, and the other two couples (Carroll and Melissa and Kevin and Kara) were still just families of two.  Now, however, we have David Scott, Charlie and EJ had Emma in February, Carroll and Melissa now have baby John, and Kevin and Kara's little girl will be here in October.  We skipped Law Vacay 2010, but when we resume next summer, we will all have a child and from the oldest to the youngest, there'll be about 11 months difference!  It's gonna be interesteing, that's for sure.

This past weekend, Scotty went to Destin for a weekend of golf with the boys and Mom and David (aka Gran and Papa D) came down for a visit.  Their actual intent was to attend a wedding Saturday night, but to stay with us so they could visit with us as well (really David Scott).  Too bad they didn't realize until Saturday afternoon that the wedding had actually taken place Friday night.  Way to go, Gran!  Letting those senior moments shine right through!  Looking back, we were actually at Outback at the time of the ceremony.

DS in Gran's lap at Outback -- what an expression!

On Saturday, I ran some errands while DS stayed at the house with Gran and Papa D.  We had his 9-month pictures on Sunday and he's getting Christened/baptized the Sunday before Labor Day, so I was on the lookout for the perfect outfit so we could include that outfit during the photo shoot.  Luckily for me, I didn't find one that I cared too much for b/c randomly on Sunday morning, I was glancing through his closet when an outfit jumped out at me.  It's not a christening gown, but I didn't want that -- he's no longer an infant, so I wanted a light blue or white john-john.  I found a blue and white seersucker shortall/john john that he hadn't worn before...perfect!  Anyway, since there was no longer a wedding to attend Saturday night, I cooked enchiladas and Mexican rice, and David made guacamole.  We even had enough left over for lunch on Sunday.  And I must admit, I wasn't heartbroken over the fact that they missed the wedding.  DS and I enjoyed our visit with Gran and Papa D.  His pictures were great.  Hopefully I won't spend as much on these as I did last time...but, I probably will...this kid doesn't take too many bad pictures!

Sitting on our back patio in his best farmwear...including matching farmer's tan...

Sunday night, after Scotty made it back from his "Boys' Trip," Lee came over for a visit.  Unfortunately, Sunday night, like the two previous nights, DS did not sleep too well, and I think we were ALL up for most of the night on and off.  However, last night, we started his routine a little earlier than usual, and I don't know what it was, but we did something right b/c DS slept ALL NIGHT LONG!  I am so ready for this to become a regular occurrance.  Perhaps it's his ever-increasing maturity b/c last, but certainly not least, David Scott is 9 months old today!!!  I'll have an official 9-month old post following his doctor's visit on Friday. 

DS:  No, Mama, I don't want to take a picture.  Can't you see I'm trying to read?!?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


As I've done with the last few trips we've taken, I kept notes during our time in Destin.  Unfortunately, my camera decided to stop working on Day 2 and I can't retrieve my pics from it at this time.  If anybody wants to get me something REALLY GOOD for my birthday (hint, hint), a cool camera would be right up my alley...one that allows me to take lots of pics quickly and that is reliable.  Just saying...Here's our Destin recap:

Thursday, July 29
DS is all smiles as we leave for his first beach vacation.

7:32 a.m. - Left house heading for the beach. We are wearing our swimsuits and cover-ups (me) so we can go straight to the beach when we get to Destin.

7:50. I just realized I did not pack my bra. Wonderful.

8:26 - List of things I realized Ive forgotten...so far:
     1. Bra
     2. Sippy cup for DS
     3. Extra blanket for DS
     4. Ready to serve bottles of formula just in case...also for DS (obviously)

11:00 - I just woke up from a quick nap in the car. DS has been asleep for a couple of hours, so he should be waking shortly.

11:45 - Just gave DS a bottle. Normally, he takes his mid-morning bottle at 10:30!

12:15 p.m. - Drove through Arby's for lunch

1:00 - We're here! Even though check-in isn't until 4, we're hoping that by some vacation miracle, we can check in early.

1:10 - We cannot. Plan B: Go meet Mimi and Crew at their spot on the beach.

1:35 - After a hike of approx. half a mile -- in the sand --we get to where Deb, Chuck, et al have set up. We quickly spread out a large beach towel in the shade and David Scott became acqainted with sand. He didn't eat any (yet), but can't quite figure out what it is.

1:40 - We took DS to play in the seaweedy water. He liked it. Then a wave hit him in the face. He didn't seem to like the saltwater taste of the water, but he didn't scream bloody murder either. So far today, DS gets a gold star for traveling etiquite, not eating the sand, and not hating the water.

3:15 - It's been raining for about 15 minutes or so. This sucks. After a brief break in the clouds, we are packing our stuff up and heading in to our room...hopefully.

3:35 - Since we still couldn't get in the room, Scotty, Lee, DS, and I are heading on a grocery run.

4:15 - Get back to condo and are finally able to get in our condo. It's nice. They've made a very efficient use of space. The bedroom is exactly that: a small room that barely has enough room for the bed and a nightstand/drawer combo.

6:25 - After short naps for DS, Lee (who has a migraine), and me, we are heading, sans Lee, to Fudpucker's for dinner.  Scotty fed Ds in the condo before we left.

This is why DS doesn't wear clothes when Daddy feeds him...

9:30 - We returned to the condo for the evening, all three of us exhausted. Lee is feeling better. DS is getting his bottle then we're going to bed. Please sleep all night, my Lovebug.

Friday, July 30

7:54 a.m. - DS had a good night, only waking up (for real) once about 1:30. I'm about to head to the pool to see what Scotty and David Scott are doing. They've been down there since 7:30. :)

My little guppy...OR...Scotty and his Mini-Me...

9:26 - Heading down to the beach!

11:19 - DS and I return to the condo for lunch (me) and hopefully a nap (him). The big boys, Scotty and lee, are getting ready to go play golf. One of these days, perhaps David Scott will get to go play too.

1:47 p.m.- List of things to bring next time:
     1. A LARGE, sand-repelling beach cover-- the size of several large beach towels combined but in a single piece to avoid sand getting all over it.
     2. If we have a child who takes a bottle, bring meal-size, ready-made formula bottles so you don't have to mix a bottle on the beach -- repeat from previous list.

2:13 - After a good nap for DS, we are heading back down to the beach. Mimi is coming back down to join in on the fun.

3:29 - Mimi and Chuck just returned from taking DS to the pool. I think the salty air is clearing out little David Scott's sinuses. The poor baby's eyes have been watering on and off; same for his runny nose. AND he sounds like his chest is phlegmy as well. We may be doing a breathing treatment later. And that, Scotty, is why I wanted to bring it with us...just in case.

Hot, sweaty, old-man-looking DS...covered in graham crackers...

3:54 - After a brief detour back to the pool, the little mister and I are back at the condo. He's a little tired and I've had enough baby wrangling in the sand for the day.

Hey, Mama!  Look what I found!

I think I'll use this unsturdy table tray to help me stand up later...

4:27 - Sitting on the balcony with my sleeping baby in my arms, while John Mayer plays in the distant background. Does life get any better?!? Oh, and my camera's stopped working. So yes, life could be better if my camera was working. Luckily, the camera on my phone works great, so we're back to loving life. :)

7:30 - Eating at Seagars restaurant (steak and seafood) with Deb, Chuck, and crew.

10:15 - Returned to condo for the evening. Food was great, company was good, Lee was most entertaining as always. DS was completely worn out.

Saturday, July 31

7:00 a.m. - DS had a good night, only waking at about 3 am for a snack and then for the day just now.

8:05 - Scotty took DS to the pool while I look for the bottoms of my black swimsuit. Still haven't found them, so I'm going to the pool with all the boys, wearing my other swimsuit.

10:00 - Called Mamaw to wish her a happy birthday. Left to go to the cell phone store for lee. He broke his phone last night and it is not working.

Baby you can drive my car...waiting for Lee at Verizon.

11:07 - Returned to condo, new phone for lee and a book about Myrtle the Seaturtle for DS (we went to a nearby B&N while Lee took care of his phone business). Eating lunch then going down to the beach.

12:15 p.m. - Finally reached Mimi and Chuck (crew was in various places). Worst plan ever. I lugged DS and two full beach bags (and Scotty's lemonade). Lee and Scotty carried 5 big beach towels, the ice chest, and the tent. Again, this was approx half a mile down the beach. We're exhausted.

12:45 - DS is taking his 4th nap of the day -- the previous three have all been between 15 and 30 minutes, so he's due for his "big" nap. I'm about to get started on my book.


1:37 - Stupid decision fo the day #2: Thinking we could take DS out into the ocean effortlessly. We were fine at first, but it got deep fast and we were treading water with Scotty holding our little munchkin. Luckily Mimi and Chuck saw that we would need rafts beore we realized we would and were shortly behind us. We rafted over to a sandbar with DS riding on one of the rafts, laid back semi-napping, but seemingly enjoying the ride. We stayed on the sandbar for 10 minutes or so before making the much easier trip back to shore. Talk about physically exhausting.

4:00 - We arrived back at the condo after spending several more hours on the beach and in their condo's pool. DS is a BIG fan of the pool. He's gonna be a little fish, we can already tell.

5:23 - I am laying out by our pool while Scotty, DS, and Lee rest in the room. We're going out to eat again tonight with possibly bowling or putt-putt golf afterwards. Bringing a small baby on vacation, especially the beach, is tiring. But, David Scott seems to be having a good time, so that makes my tiredness worthwhile.

8:00 - We arrive to the restaurant and DS has seemed a little warm for a few hours-- so much so that I gave him some Tylenol earlier. He's still quite warm and it's been 4 hours, so he's getting another dose.

9:27 - On our way to the pharmacy to buy a thermometer. I held a sleeping DS throughout the meal and he was burning up the whole time. I was super hot as well.

9:45 - Heading back to condo. Temp was 100.6, so we're not looking at an ER visit, fortunately. Tested it again a few minutes later. Temp seems to be dropping since his hot body is no longr pressed up against mine.

10:15 - Mimi offered to come stay with DS whose temp is now at 99 degrees. Scotty, Lee, and I are heading to play putt-putt golf.

11:58 - Now on our way back to the condo. Scotty won (shocker), Lee came in 2nd (shocker), and I was in 3rd place. What truly was surprising was that I was only two strokes behind Lee; a personal best for me score-wise.

Sunday, August 1

9:00 a.m. - Packed up 4-Runner and leaving condo.  Destination:  Waffle House followed by a quick trip through the Silver Sands Outlet Mall.

11:00 - On the road again.  Found DS a few outfits at Carter's and Scotty a few shirts.  Nothing for me.  I'm so burned out on clothes right now although I desperately need some new ones.  I'm so over the ugly patterns and unflattering styles.

3:45 p.m. - DS has been napping on and off most of the trip home.  I've been trying to keep him happy by giving him a few graham crackers in between bottles.  However, I think he's on to my strategy and is just plain tired of being in his carseat. 

DS, do you want some cheese with that whine?  How about a graham cracker instead?!?

4:05 - DS is screaming.  We're playing the song "Boom Boom Pow" for the third time.  This child LOVES that song and it instantly quiets him and calms him down.  Bless you Blackeyed Peas.

4:35 - We're HOME!  Yay!  Unfortunately, our a/c crapped out on us at some point and it is literally 95 degrees in our house.  It's cooler outside than inside.

6:00 - A/C guy came and was able to fix the problem...$125 later...Apparently, either the fan or the compressor (or both) got overworked and needed some jostling and/or cooling off...this South LA heat is affecting everything.

By the time we left for work on Monday morning, the temperature inside the  house had reached a cool 73 degrees.  Here's hoping our 3.5 year old air conditioner doesn't crap out again...on us anyway.