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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Tomorrow we meet Maggie. As I sit here tonight, on the eve of my daughter's birth, I can't help but think how life has changed for us in the last year. And wonder what the future holds for us. 

We all seem to have our hopes and dreams for what this little addition will become. But just like my hope for the boys, I want her to be happy in whatever path she chooses.  I hope she's successful. I hope she's a great speller (like her Mama!). I hope she has the drive and ambition like her Daddy. I hope she's kind and compassionate. I hope she loves Mexican food...and Italian too, for that matter. I hope she's strong...both physically and mentally.  I hope she has my blonde hair and Scotty's eyes. But I also hope she knows that she is loved even if she's not any of these things. More to come...