Saturday, April 27, 2013

3 Months...

Baby Drew turned 3 months old on April 9th. And yes, most of the time we call him "Baby Drew" instead of just "Drew" -- who knows how long that will continue. I can't imagine him being 14 years old and us still calling him Baby Drew, though. Anyway, he is such a sweetheart ( or feetheart as DS would say). Drew is a frequent smiler and loves to be held, specifically by me. I oblige him most of the time b/c again, he's not going to be 14 years old still wanting to be cuddled by the old Momster. Meals for the rest of the family have suffered and leftovers, sandwiches, or cereal are go-to options for us since it's kind of difficult to cook when your arms are full of sweet baby boy.

Baby Drew, at this point in your short life, you are:
• 15 pounds
• inches tall
• wearing a size 2 diaper
• wearing size 3-6 months clothes
• eating every 3-4 hours (still)
• cat-napping during the day and sleeping well at night. You go to sleep about 8:30 each night and wake up about 4 or 5 am most of the time.
• you're pushing up well when you're on your stomach and have even improved with your head/neck control. I don't think I've seen you roll over any more in the last month. Probably if I put you down more you would. :)
• you're starting to lose your hair and what hair is left has gotten lighter. I can't wait to see how your hair turns out.
• last but not least, you said your first word on April 9th -- Hey. David Scott said, "Hey, Baby Drew!" and you said, "Hey". It was so clear and DS even commented, "Mama! He said 'Hey' to me!" It was amazing and kind of crazy all at the same time. I wonder what your real first word will be...

My sweet boy, life has most definitely changed since you arrived just 3 short months ago. It's much busier, and crazy with two little boys in our house. But you bring us so much joy and I just love seeing your one-dimpled smile -- it just melts my heart. And when I see DS loving on you, I can't wait (but really I can) to the day when you boys are good friends. You love your big brother so much and your face just lights up when you see him. I hope one day you'll both appreciate everything that having a sibling brings -- both the fights and the fierce loyalty.