Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer 2014...

It seems that summer just started and now we're just a day away from school starting. Real school!  Big School! David Scott is so excited and his excitement about it is contagious. So rather than being sad about my baby boy going to school, I am excited at the new adventures he's going to have, the new friends he's going to make, and the new things he's going to learn. But before we get caught up in school, let's take a look at the Summer of 2014. 

We stayed home. A lot. Despite being without a kitchen for most of the summer, we haven't done as much traveling as we usually do. Typically, we make several trips to North LA for Scotty to play in various golf tournaments. But since his most-frequent golf partner now lives 1,000+ miles away, playing golf together is kind of difficult. Except when he comes to visit!  Lee came for a week-long visit towards the end of June. There were several rounds of golf played and even an uncle-and-nephew golf outing. DS had so much fun and is still talking about how Uncle Lee let him drive the golf cart. Although the timing wasn't planned this way, Scotty and I got to go back to Las Vegas for his work conference towards the end of Lee's week "home."  So MiMi and Mamaw came down to spend time with Lee and keep the boys while we went out of town. Side note:  Las Vegas was fun (again) but there are very few places I'd like to go to multiple times a year...and I don't know that LV is one of those. However, the beach is for sure!!!

We met up for a quick visit with our Law Vacay group in July. Due to Scotty having a trial and the ongoing kitchen reno, we decided not to go to the beach with our friends this year. But then Scotty got a midnight call from one of the guys suggesting we come over for the day Saturday which turned into an impromptu 3-day mini-vacation. And just last week, we returned from our annual trip to Orange Beach. MiMi and Mamaw met us there and everybody had a wonderful time. No sunburns. Gorgeous weather. Couldn't ask for more than that!

The kitchen renovation is almost complete and will probably have its own post once it is totally finished. Will it ever be finished?!?  We are totally over eating out for every meal. Over it. I can't wait to get back in there and start cooking again. And with school starting, we need to get back in a good routine in the evening as well as in the morning.