Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby...

David Scott wowed us with his dancing skills again the other night by rocking out to the classic Vanilla Ice hit "Ice, Ice Baby."  We are perplexed as to where he gets his moves from, as these moves are not frequently "busted out" in the Rainwater household.  Regardless, this kid appears to have the skills to pay the bills.  So if you know of any talent agents looking to bring on a fresh, new act...Holla! 

P.S.  If I could figure out how to upload the entire video (as this one is only about 40 seconds long) without it taking 47 minutes (!), I will do so.  Word to your mother...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beach Boogie...

Enjoy the dancing moves of David Scott at The Hangout, Orange Beach, Easter 2011...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

17 Months...

David Scott,
You turned 17 months old on Monday. Holy cow! You're almost 2! You are on the cusp of a vocabulary explosion -- trying to string words together to form phrases and jabbering in incoherent baby language like you're holding a conversation with us. It's so cute...and awesome to watch this stage of your development. You can name all of your body parts -- even fingers and toes which are separate from hands and feet. You like saying, "Lola. Bad."

You are currently:
• 26 pounds
• 31.5 inches tall
• in a size 4 diaper, wearing size 5 and 6 shoes, wearing 12-18 and 18-month clothes
• saying so, so much, and at the appropriate time. In just a month you've added several words to your vocabulary: car, truck, kitty, roar, cold, not nice, up, go (Go!), juice (and knowing the difference b/t juice and milk, too). You also like to say, "Bye!" when you're ready for someone to get off the phone. It's too cute.
• eating anything and everything except chocolate, nuts/peanut anything, and strawberries which are all still prohibited by the pediatrician. Although, I think you will totally dig all of those foods once you can have them (hopefully once you turn 2).
• have all of your teeth (yay!). I haven't checked yet, but I'm hoping no new teeth come in for a while.
• climbing up/on everything. Last week, you climbed up and into your highchair. We had no idea until we heard a crash when you knocked the tray off. Hello!
• running most of the time. I guess you're so pressed for time in fitting in everything you want to do each day that running everywhere is the only way to get it all done.
• LOVING music --any kind as long as it has a beat to it. You love to dance and are such a little ham. Your teacher says that you love storytime and music at daycare. Also, you like animals and have been to the zoo several times in your short life.

I can't really think of anything else "new" other than your vocabulary continuing to get more and more complex and pronounced. I love hearing you say, "Mama...."

I typed this as I lay on the beach Saturday afternoon while you were up in the condo (napping) with everyone else (Daddy, Gran, Papa, Boo, Uncle Dusty, and of course your Uncle B). We are here for a family vacation over Easter before Brad graduates and goes to work in North Carolina for a year before he starts optometry school. Anyway, you are loving the beach...everything but the ocean. You play in the sand well and LOVE the pool. The last few weekends have been spent with friends and family here and there and it's been nice --especially this relaxing weekend. Daddy and I look forward to spending a lot more beach time and creating lasting, loving memories with you.


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend at...Gran's

Well, David Scott's cut above his lip is almost totally healed and you can't even see that there was ever any cut. Yay for both Neosporin and Mederma. This weekend was a relatively quiet one except for our friend Carroll's family-oriented birthday party which was Saturday afternoon. It was lots of fun especially considering a beach trip we have this summer with some of our friends and their kids most of whom were at the birthday gathering. Background: Several summers ago, we began our Law Vacay tradition of beaching it up for a long weekend with several of Scotty's bffs from law school and their wives. We took a hiatus last year b/c we were all in some stage of new parenting or gestation. So now all 4 couples and all 4 babies are going to Orange Beach. The kids will range in age from 8-20 months old. It will be...interesting...I'm certain.

But going back, b/c last weekend was a fun-filled one in which DS and I spent up in North LA. Scotty went on a boys' golfing trip to Gulf Shores so he missed out on our weekend fun. We arrived at Mom's Friday evening. Saturday morning, DS woke up bright and early about 6:30. We went to the kitchen to pour his milk, and I turn around to give it to my sweet, angelic child and nearly lost it when I saw his face in the light. It was covered in blood. On his face, on his hands, on his jammies, and a few minutes later, I even saw it in several spots on me. Not knowing what was going on or where the blood was coming from, we ran to the bathroom where Gran quickly joined us in the clean-up. We deduced that DS had a nosebleed which continued to bleed ever-so-slightly for a little while after everybody got cleaned. It was either a nosebleed or he'd bashed his nose up against my face/head at some point just before waking up. Scary, regardless of the reason for the blood. Had I not been so freaked out, I would've taken pics to send to Scotty and then had them for the blog. But since I had no idea where all that blood had come from, taking a pic was the last thing on the brain at 6:34 on Saturday morning. After the rough start, the rest of the day was a vast improvement.

Gran, DS, and I met Auntie Boo, Mimi, and Mamaw at the Monroe zoo. The train? Not in service. The boat? Not working. The elephant? What elephant? The giraffe? Huh? Ostriches mating? Check. Yes, we had the pleasure, or maybe bad timing would be a better phrase, of seeing the successful dance/call of the mating male ostrich and his partner. He had moves you've never seen. We didn't think the females -- which we correctly guessed by the fact that they were totally ignoring the advances of the male -- were remotely interested in the male until...Bam! happened. Relations. I think Mamaw said it best when she said that she'd gone 76 years without seeing that. We all agreed that we could've gone the rest of our lives without seeing that. Anyway, despite the fact that the zoo was missing several key animals, there was one little monkey who was personality plus. DS was in need of a snack, so I broke out one-- the banana. We were by a monkey's cage and he just stood there looking at us, pleading with his eyes...and eventually he stuck his hand through the cage waiting for a handout. I knew we couldn't give him anything, but he was so cute begging. After the "zoo," we all went to eat at Olive Garden. As per usual, OG did not disappoint and DS acted pretty good too, which was a bonus. After lunch, Mimi and Mamaw went home while Boo, Mama, DS, and me went on a few errands. 1st stop netted me the St. Joseph's figure which I have yet to bury. 2nd stop netted me nothing except a quick look at Paul Michael's loot...nothing I couldn't live without. Then, Boo headed home while the three of us went back to Mom's.

Brad (aka Uncle B/BB) was waiting on us when we arrived. I mowed the yard for Mom and David (b/c I needed to work on my tan), while DS played inside. I find out later that Brad has recorded David Scott doing the Bernie. Brad asks, "Sarah, have you heard of the Bernie?" My response, "Weekend at Bernie's? Bernie Mac? Bernie Madoff?". No, no, and no. It's just some dance that apparently DS has perfected where you bounce with your head thrown back. And considering that's practically David Scott's signature move, he aced throwing his head back and doing it. You can see him shaking it via my fb page.

On Sunday, we came home relatively early b/c we had to meet Scotty's group in BR to pick him up and take him home with us. However, on our way home, we stopped for lunch at Sonic. Thinking it would be easier to let DS sit up front while we were stopped for lunch, I ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich. Wrong. Not to mention the frenzy Lola went into having semi-access to real food. She actually lunged at DS and ate part of this bite eight after this pic was taken:

Eventually we made it home where Mr. Grilled Cheese wanted to go "out!" One funny conversation to note: David Scott climbed up on the patio table. I said to him, "You better get down. Do you want a spanking?". DS replied, "No." I nearly died. Then, he still wouldn't get down, so I started counting, "One..." David Scott continued with, "Two..." How can I punish that?!? I just lifted him off the table at that point, laughing silently the whole time. That kid...

Sunday David Scott ate dirt. Captured for posterity:

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