Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4 Years Old...

David Scott Rainwater, Jr.  My boy.  One of my greatest blessings. My Lovebug turned 4 on the 18th; we had his superhero-themed birthday party two days before. A great time was had by all as we celebrated the boy who loves Batman. Superhero costumes/apparel were worn by most of our guests. And the cake. Oh my!  It was amazing. 

Most importantly, though, here's an update on my favorite 4-year old:

David Scott,
You are your father made over.  You are full of life and character. You also seem to have a pretty good sense of right and wrong...and we've figured out your "tell" if you are not telling the avert your eyes. You are strong-willed and won't hesitate to throw a fit if we want you to do something you don't agree with -- like going to bed, or wearing something besides a Batman/superhero shirt. You recently told me that "listening is not my favorite thing."  We know that, because, if you get in trouble at school, it is almost always for not listening -- to your teacher, the soccer coach, or your TumbleTime instructor. But you love to help and will do almost anything if it involves "helping." You have such a big heart. And you love to snuggle with Daddy or me and you do not hesitate to say you love somebody; you love your family. You love, love, love Baby Drew and he unequivocally returns the love and adoration. I can't wait to hear him say your name which you are trying to teach him is "David Scott Rainwater, Jr.," which it of course is, but there's no way your little brother is going to be able to say your whole name any time soon. But it's still cute for you to occasionally request it. You are a great eater and will try just about anything...including sushi -- you recently are a few bites of my crunchy roll...delish. 

You love to watch movies and totally get engrossed in them blocking out everything else (...not listening). Your favorites are -- what else -- anything superhero-related. Daddy took you to see the second "Thor" movie on your birthday. You had a great time and I hope you're able to continue this tradition as you went to another movie on your birthday last year.  To celebrate on your birthday, we also went to eat "bread, french fries, and fruit" (aka Outback) for supper. 

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday -- helped by the fact that I kept a time log of the events. It doesn't seem like you've been mine for just four years. In some ways, it seems like my life began on November 18th four years ago. And in a way, I guess it did. I literally have no clue what I did in my "spare time" before your arrival.  I know I went to a lot more football games and movies than I get to go to these days. But I also know that life wasn't nearly as joyful as it is today. I know I got to sleep later on weekends.  Both you and Drew are early birds like your Daddy. I've never really been the sleep-til-noon type, but sleeping til 7 is a luxury these days. Because even when Daddy takes parental duties to let me sleep later some weekends, I can hear you laughing and having such a good time that I usually don't sleep in past 7:30 or so as I want to join in on the fun/can't sleep due to all the fun happening throughout the house. 

At four years old, here are a few fun facts about you. You are:
• 36 pounds
•  ? inches tall (I need to measure you)
• wearing 3T pants and 4T shirts with size 9.5 or 10 shoes
• capable of dressing/undressing yourself but you prefer to have help
• loving pizza, cereal, and guacamole as your favorite foods
• changing favorite colors -- blue has always been your favorite but you've recently expressed a love for green
• wanting to be a daddy and an "animal doctor" when you grow up. Two excellent choices, in my opinion. 

I am so proud of the boy you've become and will continue to evolve into. I can't believe you're almost big enough for real school. It's so bittersweet to see your child getting older and growing more independent and confident. But mostly, being your Mama makes me proud:  Proud of your concern for others and the love you show to your friends and family. Proud of the good manners you use most of the time...something many kids these days don't exhibit, strangely enough. Proud of the sweet, funny, lively, always-on-the-go, curious, talkative boy that you are. My heart is full...


10 Months...

Gah!  Here we are at the end of another month and I haven't done my monthly update on Baby Drew. But for the one or two people who actually read my blog, here it is:

My Sweet Baby,
You turned 10 months old on November 9th. And boy are you growing!  Currently, you are:
• 21 pounds
• 28 Inches tall
• wearing size 3 diapers (still)
• wearing size 3.5 or 4 shoes
• wearing 12 months-sized clothes -- even some that are 18-months!  I don't think you are that big, but you're bigger than some of the over-12-months old kids who will be in your next class at daycare. 
• still taking 4-5 bottles a day and eating more and more people food and less baby food. So far you've had at least a bite twelve of pretty much everything we eat. You especially like guacamole, ravioli, and anything with rice. Mama's Boy...
• still cruising on the furniture -- but more than you have been...really cruising now, though. 
• cutting your 8th tooth -- the fourth one on the bottom. 

Baby Drew, you can be so sweet, giving me kisses...just before you try to bite me, always wanting to be held...only by me. You really are a Mama's Boy.  I love it!  Really, I do. I know this time is fleeting and one day you and David Scott will be bigger and won't want to be with your mom. So I will continue to purposefully enjoy the chaos, exhaustion, and frustration because it comes along with much joy, excitement, and pride with each new milestone you boys reach.