Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching Up...

Since I haven't made a timely post in a while, this will serve as a catch-up post for what's been going on this first part of 2014. In one word:  Sick. And not in a good way like "2014 has been awesome!" kind of way. But in a "we have caught every cold virus possible and been on numerous antibiotics while missing work and school" kind of way. Although Scotty and I did go to Las Vegas with the Duhes in mid-January, so I can't complain too much since we did have a great time. Our families kept the boys which helped out a lot so we were able to not worry about them while in Sin City. But other than that, due to the various ear infections, coughs, colds, fever, sore throats, etc., I think I was in the pediatrician's office every week for a month with one kid or another. Scotty ended up at Urgent Care just once with what we were sure was the flu but apparently was just an awful upper resp infection.  and for this Mama Bear, I've just soldiered through my sickness and am hopefully over the cold/sore throat combo I've had for over a month. 

What else?  We had Drew's birthday party in January. "Snow Days" were called for at the end of that month, which was...interesting since there wasn't much snow...enough to make a snowball, though!

In February, we had Valentine's Day and more sickness so not much fun stuff happened that month. 

And now we are in March.  The boys and I (and Katelyn, one of our baby-sitters) went to Memphis for my cousin Meredith's wedding. Katelyn had a job interview so she rode along and helped me with the kids on the 6-hour drive (Scotty had to work so he stayed home). The boys slept for a lot of the drive up there and back which was nice. And while we were up there, they were pretty well-behaved, which was even better. We got to visit with B&A and got to go to the Children's Museum where we met up with Gran and Papa and Anders. I think everybody enjoyed that visit. We also ate at our regular eating spots (Nagasaki and Coletta's...yum!). And of course, got to visit with our "Memphis" family as well. All-in-all, it was a great trip!  I wouldn't attempt it by myself with the two kiddos, but it was a nice, but quick getaway. 

And then of course, on my dad's birthday, we took the boys for ice cream. His favorite snack. I like this little tradition we have of celebrating Bud Bud's birthday. And I'd say the boys do too...

From a "fun" perspective, 2014 is off to a good start. Lets hope we've turned the corner on the sickness part. We ate our black-eyed peas on New Year's Day, but maybe we need to incorporate them into meals on a weekly basis!