Saturday, February 25, 2017

Maggie's Birth Day

Wednesday, January 25, 2017...

12:14 am - I can't sleep.  
1:06 am - Neither can the baby. She is apparently anxiously awaiting her arrival as well. Constantly moving
4:55 am - Checked in at the hospital
5:45 am - Getting the IV...yay for rolling veins...
6:07 am - Starting Pitocin
8:33 am -- Closer to 3 cm and Dr. G just broke water. Contractions have been picking up. 
9:00 am - Got my epidural; requested a popcicle.
9:15 am - Gran arrives!
9:30 am - Where is my popcicle?!?
9:40 am - One popcicle is delivered followed by two more!
9:45 am - MiMi is here!
9:55 am - Why am I feeling weird?!?  Oh, probably b/c my bp is 80/45. I nearly passed out. The nurse adjusts my meds to bring me back to reality. Apparently this sometimes happens following epidurals. This was a new one for me...
10:15 am - Did not pass out or die...thankfully. Feeling better. 
10:30 am - About 6 cm
11:25 am - Mamaw, Lee, and Kasie come in
11:32 am - Everyone but Gran goes out for lunch
11:35 am - Eek!  I am 9.5 cm dilated. Called Scotty to come back in; Gran heads out
11:48 am - Dr. Gautreau arrives
11:53 am - Getting prepped to push
12:01 pm - She's here!!!

6 pounds, 15 oz
20 1/4" long



1 Month

My sweet Baby Maggie!  I can't believe you are already a month old!  I would say you are such a joy to be around all the time, but that would not be completely true.  This first month with you has been hard, I'm not gonna lie.  And it's not the lack of sleep, or frequent nursing that has me down, you've cried...a lot.  More than the boys cried.  But!  I think we've figured out the issue and you will hopefully be less fussy going forward.

You see, about a week ago, I took you to the doctor for what I thought was a cough.  I knew there was nothing you could take for a cough, but I also knew I'd never had a 3-week old baby with a cough either.  So off to the doctor we went.  After describing your symptoms, Dr. K diagnosed you with acid reflux but as long as you didn't seem to be bothered by the frequent spitting up after meals, we weren't going to have to put you on medication to help with the effects of it.  However, a week later, after three nights of no sleep for me (literally it was about 3 hours each night), I could no longer handle it, so we went back to the doctor.  She agreed that we were at the point that you needed meds b/c you were clearly hurting from the frequent spitting up.  Zantac changed our life!  I took it the last couple of months of my pregnancy with you and you started taking it on the day you turned 4 weeks old.  It immediately started working and that evening was the first pleasant evening we'd had with you where you were not fussing for two hours straight.

Here are your stats for the first month of your life:

  • Weight:  7 lbs, 15 oz
  • Length:  20"
Not really too much more to report.  You're still wearing Newborn diapers and Newborn clothes.  You are waking up a couple of times each night.  You love being held by me and I love holding you as I know you won't be this little for long!  Your brothers adore you and they're such big helpers for me, although we don't let them hold you too much...they really enjoy doing so on the occasion that we let them, though.

Maggie Moo, despite having a rough first month, I am so thankful that you are my little baby.  I look forward to many adventures with you and our family and lots of girl time with just the two of us...even if Daddy keeps talking about Daddy/Daughter Mani/Pedis. :)