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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Maggie's Birth Day

12:14 am - I can't sleep.  

1:06 am - Neither can the baby. She is apparently anxiously awaiting her arrival as well. Constantly moving

4:55 am - Checked in at the hospital

5:45 am - Getting the IV...yay for rolling veins...

6:07 am - Starting Pitocin

8:33 am -- Closer to 3 cm and Dr. G just broke water. Contractions have been picking up. 

9:00 am - Got my epidural; requested a popcicle.

9:15 am - Gran arrives!

9:30 am - Where is my popcicle?!?

9:40 am - One popcicle is delivered followed by two more!

9:45 am - MiMi is here!

9:55 am - Why am I feeling weird?!?  Oh, probably b/c my bp is 80/45. I nearly passed out. The nurse adjusts my meds to bring me back to reality. Apparently this sometimes happens following epidurals. This was a new one for me...

10:15 am - Did not pass out or die...thankfully. Feeling better. 

10:30 am - About 6 cm

11:25 am - Mamaw, Lee, and Kasie come in

11:32 am - Everyone but Gran goes out for lunch

11:35 am - Eek!  I am 9.5 cm dilated. Called Scotty to come back in; Gran heads out

11:48 am - Dr. Gautreau arrives

11:53 am - Getting prepped to push

12:01 pm - She's here!!!



6 pounds, 15 oz

20 1/4" long