Sunday, August 26, 2012


Are we the only ones crazy enough to be heading to the beach today (for a week) despite the approaching tropical storm/hurricane?

Yes? Ok, just checking.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Few DS-isms...

While eating at Brown's Landing a couple weeks ago, our precocious boy points to my salad (lettuce, ranch, and bacon bits) and says, "I want some of that dog food." What? "These bacon bits?" I say. "No, that dog food on your salad."

Ahhh -- I love my child. He wanted to talk to the baby, so he did for a minute. Then he acted like he was going to say or do something so sweet and poignant...then he proceeded to blow (zerberts) on my belly. This went on for a for a couple of minutes. Then he said, "Bye, baby. You be good."

And just now as he and Scotty were wrestling, David Scott told Scotty, "You hurt my feelings!" Again, what? "Where are your feelings?" Scotty asked. "They right here," DS replied to his daddy as he pointed to his head.

David Scott has a habit of roaring when he's trying to either express frustration as in "Stop attacking my dinosaur with your dinosaur!" and sometimes he'll do it randomly as we're going through the grocery store. One of his favorite movies is African Cats (he calls this movie King Lions); Kali is one of the main characters and king of the lion pride. Scotty randomly decided one day to roar at David Scott. He must not have liked this too much as he told his dad, "Be nice to me!"

Needless to say, life with our boy is pretty funny most of the time. He definitely keeps us laughing all the time. On another note, David Scott is officially potty trained. The only reason I still put him in a pull-up at night is b/c I still have a supply we're trying to use up. He was trying to go #2 earlier today and we kept checking on him. He tells us both, "Leave me alone. I'm trying to poopoo!"

And on a second note, we did not find out what Baby Rain is last week. Scotty had to go out of town unexpectedly (a whole other post) and we didn't want to find out without him being there. Trying to reschedule seems like a waste of money as the next available appointment was a week and a half away from our next dr's visit, so we will just wait. The suspense continues...

P.S. For my own records, I'm editing my post to add that Scotty was able to feel this baby kick a few minutes ago. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

16 Weeks...

I am 16 weeks (17 weeks this Wednesday!) pregnant with Baby Rain. I went to the doctor last week for a regularly-scheduled appointment. I only gained a pound the whole first trimester (woohoo!). We got to hear Baby Rain's heartbeat -- 166! When I was pregnant with David Scott, at this point, his heartbeat was 165. I've already started to feel the baby move some over the last week and that, combined with the heart rate leads me to believe that we've got another rambunctious one on our hands! We'll go this Wednesday to find out if we're having a prince or a princess! We are SO excited to find out!! At first, I thought this one might be a girl for two reasons -- the hormones/hormonal acne and the month of constant hunger; neither of which was experienced the first go-round. Both symptoms have subsided for the most part and I feel pretty much like I did with DS...but more tired (!), so now I'm starting to waver. All of our family thinks it's a boy -- and DS will say he's either having a brother or it's a boy when you ask him, although most of the time if he's referring to it, David Scott says "my baby." Cutest thing ever.

If only finding a house was as easy as my early pregnancies have been...

And that is my shirt pulled up to expose my tank top with "bump."  :)