Thursday, October 31, 2013

9 Months...

Baby Drew,
You are growing and learning so fast!  My baby is turning into a big boy. My littlest love, you are such a are such a little Mama's boy. You do fine at daycare, but at home, you want me and me only. But I'll give you a pass because I know this stage is fleeting and one day you'll just roll your eyes at me. So I'll continue to enjoy it. :) My little Drewsky, you are currently:

• 20 pounds
• 28 inches tall
• wearing size 3 diapers
• wearing size 3.5 shoes
• wearing 9-12 month sized clothes
• eating baby food and some adult food -- rice, mashed potatoes, little pieces of meat, noodles, etc.  I haven't given you much that you didn't like. You're snacking on puffs, crackers, and Cheerios. 
• you're crawling at turbo speed all over the place. You're pulling up on everything and cruising on some furniture. You're also standing unassisted for a couple of seconds at a time. You'll be walking before too long. 
• you can say Mama, Dada, bye, and hey. 
• you WORSHIP David Scott. You want to be wherever he is and doing whatever he's doing. You like to wrestle with him and don't seem to be the least but bothered when he plays a little rough with you. 
• you have a total of 6 teeth but I think another will be here imminently. 

Love always,