Monday, March 25, 2013

David Scott Says...

Our hilarious, almost three-and-a-half year old boy says the funniest things. The way his little mind works is amazing. David Scott is pretty smart and has fairly appropriate conversation with us and others. But sometimes, what comes out of his mouth really makes us scratch our heads and say, "Huh?" And other times, we'll laugh so hard at the hilarity of whatever has come out of his mouth.

In describing Drew, who David Scott says loves him...his "feetheart". We would call that a sweetheart, but "feetheart" will do.

He invents new words -- words like "heyved" (verb): saying hey and waving simultaneously. Used in a sentence: I just heyved at Daddy!

He takes responsibility for things. An excerpt from a conversation a few weeks ago: "It's all my fault, Mama," he said.
"What's all you fault?" I asked him. "Ummm... Trees?" Ok. Trees are all his fault. Blame him for the over-abundance of them.

"The tv is ruined!" he proclaimed one day after his movie ended. I guess he'd forgotten about all the other times he'd been watching a movie when it ended. Speaking of movies, DS rec'd the classic Disney movie "Dumbo" for Christmas. Except he wasn't calling it "Dumbo," he was calling it "Gumbo". I kept having to correct him by saying it was "Dumbo -- with a 'D'." So then he started calling it "Gumbo with a D."

Just recently, DS introduced me to a new game, "Hide and Sneak." He even asked Gran to play "Hide and Sneak" with him when she and Papa were down this past weekend. After each of them took a turn to "hide" and subsequently..."sneak," Gran was ready for bed. DS was not. He wanted to play "ma more time" as he signaled the number "one". He wanted to play "Hide and Sneak ma more time." We laughed at his interpretation of the game and playing once more for several minutes. Needless to say, he got to play again -- but with Papa.

This morning, David Scott told me he wanted to go back to the "popcorn place." Confused, I asked him where that was. He said, "You know -- the popcorn place. And we watch movies." Ding! He wanted to go back to the movie theater.

Ahhh...what a fun age he's at right now. Don't get me wrong, some of what comes out of our darling boy's mouth isn't so sweet. For instance, I've been told that he "doesn't like" me anymore. And Scotty was told that he "was not" David Scott's friend. And sometimes if we ask him to do something like get dressed in the morning, his response is, "Never" as he starts to run through the house declaring that he is Batman (or Spider-Man) and he has to save people and not get dressed. But his bursts of attitude are (practically) forgotten when I tell him that I love him, and his response is, "I love you more." heart...swells and breaks into a million pieces simultaneously when I think of this sweet boy and his little brother. Life would be so boring and empty without them.

2 Months...

Time must stop because this boy is growing way too fast. And while I know both boys are growing up too quickly, the first year or so is filled with constant change that it's easier to see just how quickly changes happen in a newborn vs a preschooler. Speaking of the term newborn, I guess my baby boy will soon no longer be considered a newborn. Sadness. But as we were with DS, we do look forward to each milestone and to the next stage as every one truly is better than the one before. There's that bittersweet part of being a parent that seems to be an ongoing theme.

Drew, you are presently:
• approx 13 lbs
• 23 inches long
• wearing size 2 diapers
• wearing size 3 month clothes and some that are even 3-6 months. Porkchop.
• eating about every 3-4 hours...closer to 3 when you're at daycare and closer to 4 at home.
• sleeping great. You've even slept through the night a few times which is amazing. You still aren't really sleeping much during the day -- catnaps mostly -- but the pediatrician assures me this is fine for you.
• you are holding your head up good and rolled over from your belly to your back a few more times and can really push yourself up well for your age. You must have strengthened your core muscles in utero.
• you smile at us spontaneously and almost always when we're talking or smiling at you. You've even started to make a few baby coos or sounds of your own.

Probably the biggest milestone for this month, though, was that you began daycare and I returned to work. You were about 7.5 weeks old when you had your first full day. Because you are in the same class as your brother was, and I knew they would take such good care of you, I didn't even cry (well, maybe a few tears), but nothing major that would ruin my makeup for my first day back at work. The first week was kind of rough and you really didn't nap at all during the day. But by the second week, you were much better and seemed to have adjusted somewhat to the chaos of multiple children being around you. I think this is partially b/c your brother has so much energy that he sometimes seems like more than one kid himself.

Overall, this was a big month for you. I know there are many more "big" moments and days ahead and throughout your lifetime. We are so blessed to be your parents and walk with you and guide you and experience life with you. You are my sunshine.

Love, Mama

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Post: David Scott...

What's up loyal followers?!? Mama left the laptop open so I'm going to do a guest post and surprise everyone with my typing/grammar skills and wit.

Well, I'm a big brother now. Baby Drew is real. He's no longer in Mama's belly. I asked where he came from and Mama and Daddy just laughed uncomfortably. I figured it out though, and I told them so they'll know -- he came out of the top. As in he was in Mama's belly one day and then he came out of her mouth -- cuz thats how stuff comes outta your belly. Either that or he came out the poopoo. I'm really not sure, now. But I schooled the parents on the logistics of how Baby Drew came to be and it was followed by more nervous laughter from Mama and Daddy-o.

Mama and her boys...
I love my baby brother. And btw, he is MY baby. Not Daddy's. I told him to get his own baby. He said something about me and Drew being his babies. But, whatever, Dad. Case in point: Who helps change Baby Drew's diapers? Me! Who helps give him a bath? Me! Who is always telling Baby Drew that I love him and that he's my best friend? Me! Who burps him all the time? Me! Or rather Daddy does, but I would totally do it if the baby nazis would let me.

And while I'm sending messages to the 'rents, Mom, you need to let me hold him more. Why can't I walk around carrying him like you and Daddy do? Also, I want to feed my brother sometime. Like you do. I have nipples, too. And so does Daddy. Why are you so special?!? And why won't you let me bathe him the way I want to?  I get a cup of water repeatedly dumped on me during bathtime, why can't I dump a cup of water on his head? And finally, I think you and Daddy should let me eat more snacks -- specifically starbursts, fruit-fruit (fruit chews), cupcakes, rice cakes, and rolls. My name is David Scott Rainwater, Jr., and I love rolls/bread/rice. I don't love chocolate. I also love icees and rainbow (sherbet) ice cream. Also, my mom is a "good cooker." So is Johnny's Pizza. And Daddy is too; he cooks the best steak -- I can eat a lot of steak! Baby Drew can't have big people food yet; he's a baby and can only have the milk from Mama.

Me, Daddy, and Baby Drew...the Three Amigos

Back to being a big brother. It's fun, I guess. Mama and Daddy tell me about when I was a baby. I like hearing about that. I've had a few bathroom-related accidents. And Mama and Daddy say I need to listen better. Hint, people: I'm listening...I just choose to ignore what you're telling me to do or not do. I'm open to bribes so if you want to wheel and deal, give me your terms and I'll consider "listening" better. I work well with the afore-mentioned snacks and promises of playing outside.

I love you, Baby Drew! You're my best friend! You're my little brother and I'm your big brother and I will love you forever. You are my favorite and I love you the most. I know we will be best friends forever and I know we're gonna have lots of fun growing up together if you ever get big like me.

Til next time,
David Scott (or D-Sco as I told Mama to call me for my nickname -- who wants to be called "Baby Doll"? Crazy lady...)

Mama says she could get better pictures of us together if I'd sit still.  As if!