Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not Much Here...

We're still working on potty training David Scott. In fact, he's gone several days without accidents at school. He's actually wearing underwear during the day but a diaper at night. This is our second real try at wearing underwear. The first was a few weeks back and it was a less than stellar experience. But his teacher wanted us to try again this week and he's done great. Let's just see how good the next few days go before we claim any kind of victory.

We are still house-hunting. And I never thought I'd say this, but I am so tired of looking at houses. I guess you could say also that we are quickly growing weary of apartment life with one exception -- the pool. We go to the little pool just around the corner from our apartment several times each week. It's nice to have that at our disposal when it's triple digits outside. Yuck.

For Father's Day a couple weeks back, we were able to stay at home. It was nice. We gave Scotty a nice framed pick of DS and an Edwin Watt's gift card and some assorted golf accessories. It was a quiet day spent at home for the most part. Then this past weekend, we were in North LA for Scotty to play in a golf tournament. He and his partner won it (yay!) and we got to visit with everybody as well. Anders is getting so big and even has two teeth coming in. He is such a cutie pie and growing like a weed...just like the rest of us. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Now that David Scott is talking in complete sentences, and has been for a couple of months, we have some interesting conversations about things....

On our way to "school" one day this week, DS spots a bird on a red light. "Mama! A bird! Two birds!" he said as another one landed near the first. "I want a bird." I asked him why he wanted a bird. His reply: "So it can sit on my head!"

We usually let DS watch PBS cartoons in the morning as we're getting ready. Usually, he gets to watch "Clifford," "Curious George," and maybe a few minutes of "Cat In the Hat." On weekends, he also gets to watch "Super Why" and "Dinosaur Train" b/c they come on later. Not relevant, but giving a little background for posterity. At any rate, one morning this week, DS yells out, "To the rescue! To the rescue!" I asked him who was coming to the rescue. His response? "Me!"

Once a week or so, we'll go out to eat after going to look at a house. Last night was no exception and we went to a nearby De'Angelo's. We've been having conversations with DS about the differences between babies and big boys with the biggest difference being that babies wear diapers and big boys wear underwear and use the bathroom in the potty all the time. DS got pretty incensed when Scotty said that he wasn't a big boy since he still wore diapers. So David Scott told us, "I a big boy! I get my own pizza!"

Lately, DS has developed an affinity for informing is when he "poots." So one morning on our way to school, he asked me, "You hear me poot, Mama?" I could barely contain my laughter trying not to encourage him. This kid...he's too funny...all boy...and all ours.

Last week, we were heading to Winnsboro for the day for a speaking engagement I had. I hadn't planned on bringing DS but he'd started running fever and I knew he couldn't go to daycare. So off to Sue Sue's he went. As we were driving, corn fields were on both sides of us so I pointed them out to my sweet boy reminding him that he liked corn. He proceeds to tell me, "Squirrels eat corn. Frogs eat bugs." He is too smart for his own good sometimes.

On another note, I can't wait til this guy is having conversations with us:
Isn't Anders just adorable?  He's got the biggest blue eyes and big grin.  My cutie pie nephew!
And for the record, we had our first voluntary, unprompted Code Brown in the potty earlier. I guess the boy just wants a little privacy. Don't we all...