Friday, December 31, 2010

Little Boy Haircut...

I took David Scott earlier today to get his "Little Boy Haircut." He did great except for a brief whimper right after the stylist got started. We went to a place here in BR that caters to kids. They have airplane, car, and fire truck seats for the kids getting their hair cut. They also have a regular seat for those lucky parents who get to hold their screaming kids who are adamant against getting a trim. Glad DS was able to sit all by himself in his airplane chair. We went to show off our new 'do at Daddy's office afterwards.  Here are a few pics from the event:

Tonight we're gathering with some friends and their kids at the Devillier's house. We'll cook, visit, the kids will play, wear themselves out (hopefully), go to sleep, and then we'll play board games. A few years ago, we were living it up in NO, eating at nice restaurants, watching fireworks on the river or outside the casino, then maybe going out. times have changed. Here's to a fun, prosperous, healthy, love-filled 2011. Looking forward to EVERYTHING it will bring...what we are expecting and surprises that may pop up along the journey.

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Christmas 2010

Once again, we made the trek to North LA for Christmas. Once again, it was bittersweet. I would say there was definitely more sweet than bitter, though.

We got to Mom's house Thursday evening, ate supper, visited. Jessie, Olivia, and Mrs. Gayla came to visit. Scotty ran on to Monroe to help Mamaw with some errands for her and some of his own that evening and then again Friday morning before heading to Gilbert. Christmas Eve lunch was spent at Sue Sue's like we've done for as long as I can remember. We were glad to have viaited with everyone and are especially excited about our quickly-planned, last-minute ski trip with the McLemores and Sue-Sue next month.

That afternoon, the three of us headed to Mamaw's for the traditional Christmas Eve gathering of Scotty's family. We had shrimp e'touffe and grilled steaks. Delish. I made my "famous chocolate pie," and hashbrown casserole which were plowed through rather quickly. Those are two of Scotty's faves and I know if there's nothing else for him to eat, he'd at least have those -- they were also served at Mom's the next day. After everyone visited and DS entertained us with his dance moves, we popped a few fireworks and then it was time to go to bed and wait for Santa to visit us.

Santa was good to David Scott and didn't go overboard which was my special request. I'd hoped Santa would bring DS a toy box to put all his stuff in but apparently when you're an adult you don't get everything you want. :)

We had our traditional pancake breakfast, cooked by Scotty this year since Papaw wasn't with us, except in spirit. Then it was time to open gifts since we had to get on to Winnsboro for a late lunch with my family. Scotty made me work for my gift and I had to solve clues and literally search for it. However, I'd say it was worth it once I opened up my "Mother's ring" with David Scott's November birthstone surrounded by diamonds. Thanks, Love -- you have great taste. For Scotty I had a "Tiger's Eyes" canvas painting done a few years back, but he'd never had it hung b/c it wasn't framed and he hadn't taken it to get framed. So I had it framed and picked up an LSU-inspired memory-board, and put a few of our favorite pics on it. He loved them. They'll both go in Scotty's office at work. DS got so much stuff that I'm sure I'd leave something out if I tried naming it all. His favorite gift was from Scotty's cousin Ben and his fiancé -- a dump truck that moves and shakes with a driver that says, "Move that dirt!" We headed to Winnsboro soon thereafter.

When we got to Mom and David's, the smell of turkey, ham, and various casseroles was hanging in the air. Yummy. I love the food at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anyway, Rachel and Dusty didn't get to eat lunch with the rest of us b/c they apparently missed the memo that we were eating at 2 so they ate with Dusty's family at noon. After we ate and Boo and Dusty got there, we exchanged gifts. DS rec'd more toys and clothes, but he also got a table and chairs set that Boo's had for over a year. She painted it white then added a lion on the table top and monkeys on the two seats. Good job, Boo! I'm excited about putting this in DS' room. I think he is too b/c he kept trying to sit in the seats or stand at the table. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough room so we had to leave it at Gran and Papa D's house til next time.

The remainder of our trip consisted of more quality time with both our families. We also spread Papaw's ashes on the bayou as per his request. I think there was a little more closure for everybody.

It's tough b/c we spend a good bit of time going back and forth b/c neither of us are willing to give up on our respective family traditions. However, we'll get to have a little more face time going forward b/c we got both grandmothers and great-grandmother webcams so we'll be able to skype some now. It'll be fun once we're all connected.

After an extended but good trip up, it's nice being back home and in our routine. We're looking forward to another exciting year and can't wait to see everything 2011 has in store.

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13 Months...

Not the official 13-month pic, but it'll have to do...

David Scott,
You were 13 months old on the 18th of this month. I'm a little more behind than usual in posting about it b/c hubub around Christmas and from being in North LA over Christmas. That's a whole post in itself, though. For now, you need to know that you are currently:
• unknown inches in length -- maybe half an inch taller than last month, but I haven't measured you yet and I don't want to delay this post any longer
• 22.5 pounds
• still in a size 3 diaper although technically you could wear a 4, but I'm just not ready to move up yet.
• eating only adult food. Occasionally I'll slip in some baby food fruit or a veggie, but applesauce is the only "baby"-ish food you regularly eat.
• saying SO many words: hey, bye, Mama, Dada, Lola, s'that (what's that), there, duck, dog, cow, look, book, uh oh, Boo, David Scott (Da Cot), bubbles
• doing lots of things: waving bye-bye, blowing kisses, shaking your head "no" and "yes," pointing at things -- especially when you want it (juice, snack, etc.). You love giving us hugs (oh wee) and sugar and will come at us open-mouth and all. It's so precious and we obligingly give you as much sugar back as you'll let us.
• slightly more dependent on the paci than you used to be (ugh!)
• bringing us books when you want to read. I think you're going to enjoy reading like a lot of our family does.
• a dancing machine. You love holding our phones while you dance to a song on our iPods. If it wasn't completely ridiculous for you to have your own iTouch/mp3 player, we would have gotten you one for Christmas.
• taking your medicine and/or vitamins like a pro. Sometimes I think your tastebuds don't work b/c some of that is nasty. This includes foods since we make you try everything and there's very little that you spit back out at us. In fact you ate both chips and salsa and guacamole a few weekends ago. Like mother, like son.
• sleeping from 7:30-ish at night until 6:30-ish in the morning
• walking everywhere -- I'd almost say you're exclusively walking.
• throwing mini-fits when you don't get your way or when we take something away from you --like a pen...or the dog bowl...or the toilet water.

Despite that last milestone, Daddy and I are loving every minute with you. It's so amazing to watch you trying to say something one day and then actually saying it the next. We love the early mornings -- even on weekends, we love your stuffy nose and loud-breathing (thanks, allergies). You make us laugh with your facial expressions, your fake cry, your poked out lip, your smooth dancing moves, your slightly flipped-up Bud-Bud big toenail, your endless, open-mouth sugar. We look forward to loving so much more about you.


You have also been feeding yourself (somewhat) the last few days...
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Card 2010...

Before it gets to be AFTER Christmas, I wanted to share our Christmas card for 2010:

I tried getting these out in a timely manner, but most of them went out in yesterday's mail and I will be hand-delivering them to family on the 23rd and 24th.  Truth be told, I ran out of envelopes and didn't feel like making another trip to the store -- any store.  So, coincidentally, I had just enough for N. LA family, one for our refrigerator at work, and one for us to keep.  Either way, I'm sure that the fam will be much happier to have this guy hand-delivering their mail rather than their normal postal worker.

Special Delivery...

I'm very proud of the fact that a) I even got Christmas cards out at all this year, and b) that I got them out BEFORE Christmas.  Last year, although I had a 5-week old baby, I got them sent out.  Granted it was on December 23rd, but they went out.  Perhaps, since I'm moving up the mail out an average of 3 days/year, I'll get them out at a decent time a few years from now.  Ha!  A girl can dream...I LOVE getting Christmas cards and seeing everybody's families and children-- especially if we only get to see one another once in a blue moon.  Except now with the Facebook revolution, that distance and time are minimized greatly, which is nice...for the most part. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Not alot has been going on these past few weeks. Mainly, we've been passing various colds/viruses back and forth. We're all good at "sharing," apparently. I've been busting it at work, which is always the case at the end of every year as we try to get all the January renewals completed. Scotty has been busy as well -- conducting depositions, attending mediations, etc... (bo-ring). Not really, most of the stuff he works on is very enthralling, I'm sure. He probably thinks the same about my insurance work. See how non-eventful life has been...I've relegated myself to talking shop on my blog.

We've been trying to get our Christmas shopping wrapped up. It's difficult to do anything when a baby's in tow, so I try to get as much done during my lunch breaks as I can every day. However, I finally had to just break down and take DS with me one day after work and then Scotty picked him up after work Thursday and they went home so I could get more accomplished. Needless to say, I can understand why my mom was always so Grinch-like during the holidays. Running here, there, and everywhere every day. I come home exhausted from work and trying to run odds and ends errands and still have domestic stuff to do. I have mountains of laundry that needs my attention, but all I want to do is play and spend time with David Scott. Oh well, the laundry will still be there. The dishes to be unloaded in the diahwaher will still be there. But, DS will never be this age again and we're trying to be more present and in-the-moment when we're with him. He's so much fun and mischevious. AND, today he is 13 months old! I haven't decided if I'll continue to do an official post each month to mark his milestones, but I probably will. Our desktop seems to have some kind of virus so I'm only able to use my phone to post anything which slows me down further and prohibits me from using pics from my camera.

His newest trick: sticking out his tongue.

Anyway, yesterday was DS' Christmas party at daycare. Santa came and brought little toys for each child. He was one of the few who a) would sit on Santa's lap, and b) wouldn't cry and scream. In fact, he seemed to be kind of "into" Santa's beard. I got no pics with my phone, only a few with my camera. David Scott can say, "Ho, ho, ho!" It's so cute. And last night when I was telling Mimi and Mamaw about Santa's visit to daycare, DS just piped up with his, "Ho, ho, ho!" Good timing, little man. Ms. Debbie and Mamaw came in for a quick visit this weekend. They'll be heading back to Monroe this evening, but we're glad we get to spend some quality time with them.

See...not a lot going on. We're looking forward to next week when we get to spend more time with everyone. I'll try to do an official 13-month post for DS later.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st Birthday Party

We celebrated David Scott's first birthday on Saturday, November 13th.  Numerous family and friends drove in from North LA (and a few locals) to celebrate with us.  Boo came in on Friday evening to help me get everything ready.  Her real motive for coming in was to get DS to walk more than the one and two steps at a time that he'd been doing.  Scotty and I really hadn't been forcing the issue with him as we knew that he'd eventually put one foot in front of the other and take off -- kind of like he did with crawling -- started off slow, but really progressed when he was ready to. 

Friday night, we did very little other than go eat at Outback (shocker).  So on Saturday morning, there was lots to do.  However, Auntie Boo decided the most important thing was for DS to walk more.  The 4 of us sat down and let the birthday boy walk in between us.  Before she (and Brad) left on Sunday, David Scott was taking up to 7 steps at a time...when he didn't realize it, of course.  Anyway, besides helping DS with walking, we prepped food, jazzed up the cake toppers, (she) decorated the goody bags), and other little errands.  Our guests started arriving around 12:30 when Gran and Papa D (and Brad, who'd met up with a friend but arrived shortly thereafter) got to the house.  Mimi and Mamaw got there next, followed by Sue Sue and her crew (Alicia, Dale, Leslie, Riley, Angel, Lane, and Anna Kaye).  Then I think Lee and our friend Keith (AKA Uncle Salty) arrived.  Pre-party, DS was going to get his first haircut, courtesy of Angel.  Like a pro, he handled it well.  I don't think he was too squirmy and Angel was able to trim his bangs-area and some on the top -- his real first hair.  We kept a little for sentimental purposes. 

DS and his buddha belly getting a trim...

So happy to not have hair in his eyes anymore...

After the haircut, everyone else started arriving and the party officially kicked off.  There were babies/toddlers all over the place -- except for Baby John Devillier who slept quietly in his carseat in DS' room the whole time.  Olivia and her mom (Jessie) came from Ruston; Stella Grace and her mom (Betsey) came from Rayville -- the 4 of them actually rode together with it being the longest distance the moms had taken the babies/kids in their whole lives.  :)  And then Janice, a friend from high school, came with her little boy.  Also, CJ one of my friends from work and her husband Brett who are having a boy in January came as did Racheal (Evans/Bellemin).  I think that was it; hopefully I didn't leave anybody out.  And if I did, hopefully, they don't read my blog and would not be offended by my forgetfulness.  Anyway, after visiting for a while, it was time to open presents.  We are blessed with great friends and family who gave many age-appropriate gifts to DS -- grandparents and great-grandparents especially as Gran and Papa D gave DS a red wagon (with a canopy and cup holders to boot!); Mimi gave DS a rocking horse; and Mamaw and Papaw gave DS a cute, little, red rocker with the name "Rainwater" on it (David Scott had too many letters).  He plays with these and most of his other toys daily (except for the wagon since it's been too cold; but on warmer days, he's been taken out in his wagon and played in his little cozy coupe that we got him).  The spring will be a fun time with all of his outside toys that it'll be warm enough to play with.  By then, David Scott will be able to full on jog since his walking ability has just exploded since borthday party weekend. But I digress...

Riding in his wagon pre-party with Riley

After presents, it was cake time -- always my most favorite time at any party/gathering.  DS got to have his own "smash" cake while the rest of us enjoyed this (I don't think I got a full-on smash-cake pic):

What is this?

The big cake.  Boo and I fixed up the animals. 

One of my coworkers recommended this lady to make the cakes and they turned out awesome!  Not to mention the fact that I only paid $40 for both.  BOTH CAKES = $40!!!  DS seemed to enjoy his cake and got it everywhere.  I was worried the icing stains might not come out of his shirt, but they did.  To wash down his cake, DS also got to have his first taste of real cow's milk.  He took to it okay, but wasn't too impressed.  After cake time, everybody noshed on the finger foods and snacks and visited some more.  Most people didn't leave until 5 or so and a few (Lee, Keith, Melissa, Carroll, Baby John, and of course Rachel and Brad) stayed for the LSU game.  I don't recall the outcome.  Oh wait, yes I do, we played ULM and won.  Anyway, it was a nice weekend and it was funny to see DS around these other kids that he's never spent a lengthy amount of time with playing together.  I was so happy that he wasn't overwhelmed with all the people and he just dug into that cake -- wouldn't we all like to do that sometime...I know I might not pass up an opportunity if I was given it to have my own cake and completely pig out.  My only salvation would be if there was other food there and if I had to save room for something like spinach dip or chips and salsa, I could probably make a sacrifice and not eat a ton of cake.

It really is so hard to believe how fast this last year has flown by.  As has been the case the last few years, so much has changed over the previous 12 months...people...situations.  I continue to look forward to what the future brings even though I know it means that we'll never get back this precious time that we're having with our son.  I'm trying to enjoy every moment with him, especially on the weekends when we're not as rushed to get home, fix dinner, eat, bathtime, bedtime, and fall out with exhaustion.  As a consequence, I'm really behind on laundry, but who cares.  Not me...and Scotty has been known to wash a load or two (of his laundry) before, so we're good on that front.  We celebrated David Scott's actual birthday with cupcakes and cheesy chicken spaghetti -- is there any food that could've made this meal any better?  One word:  No.

Monday, November 29, 2010


During this time of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family and friends -- blood relatives and those who've taken us in as their own without any blood connection. Those people who have been there for us through thick and thin. Like wedding vows: In good times and in bad. For better and for worse. In sickness and in health. Til death do us part. That last part is what's weighing on my heart heavily right now as we lost Scotty's grandfather, Papaw as he was known to all of us, Wednesday afternoon. I am thankful to have had Papaw in my life for the past 13+ years. He and Mamaw (all of Scotty's family, really) have always treated me like one of their own and I've always thought of them in the same regard as my own. I was especially close to my Mamaw and recognized the same strong bond between Scotty and his grandparents when we first started dating.

I haven't talked about Papaw's situation much b/c I try to keep this blog/life record of sorts on a positive slope more than a negative. However, I can't let big things like this happen without documenting them. Papaw had a stroke on January 1st. He was in the hospital for over three months before being transferred to the nursing home. We were all astonished at the progress he made since we really didn't expect him to make it a week following the stroke. But he did, and the spirit of perseverance that he'd always had prevailed once again. He was even able to come home for nearly 4 months before having to go back to the hospital for what turned out to be a UTI at the end of October. Things were more severe than we thought and Pap had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks before he was disharged to the nursing home. Things continued to go downhill from there until Papaw passed away peacefully surrounded by loving family on Wednesday. Scotty wasn't called until after, which is good b/c he wouldn't have made it up there in time anyway. And while his passing wasn't unexpected and really a blessing given the circumstances, that doesn't make losing a loved one easy -- but in some ways it does soften the blow.

For Scotty, his Papaw was larger than life and an example of an exemplary human being. He looked up to Papaw as we all did. Papaw was a huge family man and was liked by all. He could fix anything and we'd even called him several times over the years for an over-the-phone diagnosis of a problem. There was no issue that he didn't have a solution for and a story to go along with it. Papaw was a great man, and he will be missed by all who knew him -- especially by those of us who were fortunate enough to be a part of his family.

We had the service on Saturday and it was a beautiful celebration of Papaw's life. Scotty's cousin Shelby sang a song ("Temporary Life" by Carrie Underwood -- a tearjerker given the circumstances), and both Scotty and Lee spoke of Papaw's influence on them and then shared some funny Papaw stories. Then Uncle Davey spoke of both serious and funny things. All three speakers were excellent and it's obvious that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. :)

Here's a pic of a 6-week-old David Scott and Papaw last Christmas:

I love this picture as being a grandfather and now a great grandfather was something Papaw took great pride in. We will continue to pass along his legacy of a love for family and good friends. Although DS didn't have that much time with Papaw, he will know him, just like he'll know his Bud Bud, and our family friend Henry who both still cross my mind and heart regularly.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

12 Months...

David Scott,
As of the 18th, you are officially a year old. No longer are you a "baby" by definition, but rather, you are a toddler. In 29 years, you will be the age that Daddy is now...and will still be my 30 years old. :)

I say it every month, but you are learning and changing more and more each day. Currently, you are:
  • 29.5 inches tall
  • 23 pounds
  • wearing size 12 month clothes, with some 18 month items thrown in for good measure.
  • wearing size 3 diapers. Still waiting til you're a little heavier before going to the size 4s.
  • wearing size 3 and 4 shoes. We need to get you more shoes -- preferably ones with rubber toes b/c you've nearly worn out the shoes you have with your crawling everywhere, but I'm hoping that is about to change b/c you are...
  • taking up to 10 steps at a time. Auntie Boo took it on as her personal mission to have you walking before she left last weekend. Sometimes we have to coax them out of you and sometimes you'll walk unprovoked. I'm not sure at which point we say "you're walking."
  • still on formula, but that's about to change as we will be making the switch to cow's milk over the next week or so. You actually had your first taste of real milk with your birthday cake last weekend. You were indifferent towards it.
  • you are expanding your vocabulary rapidly. Last weekend you started saying ball and Boo. Of course you're still saying Mama, Dada, Lola, bottle (ba ba), who's/what's that (s'at), hey, bye, and thank you (da chu).
  • you love opening and closing cabinets, doors, and drawers, and turning the light switch on and off.
  • you still love Lola. The feeling is still not mutual, but I'm hopeful that will change.
On the night of your birthday, Daddy and I told you your birth story...during dinner. You were more impressed with your cheesy chicken spaghetti than the events surrounding your birth. Later that night, as we were all playing in your room, you bonked your mouth on a toy and it started bleeding. It stopped within a minute or two but it was still scary.

I would have posted this earlier but I got side-tracked last night as I was typing it on my iPhone.  You were bathing and decided to take a nice poop in the bathtub.  That involved quickly rinsing you off, and running with you to the other bathroom to re-rinse and finish your bath in the absence of feces.
Fun times.  Pooping in the bathtub or not (which I prefer), I love you anyway!


P.S.  For my records, I caught  you eating Lola's dog food earlier today.  Somehow you've figured out how to open the plastic container we keep it in and you were chowing down.  :)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

365 days...

We had David Scott's birthday party this past weekend, but I wanted to wait and post about his birthday before posting about his party.

It is literally mind-boggling how quickly the last 365 days have passed. We just thought the summers flew by when we were younger, still in school, and living for the summer break. We knew nothing....on many fronts.

Before becoming a mother, I didn't understand how scatter-brained someone could be. Little did I know how hard it would be to juggle work projects and home responsibilities while my heart wasn't with me. He was at daycare. Being taken care of by someone who wasn't me. By someone he wasn't even related to in the farthest stretch of the word. But that person or persons who were taking care of my heart were doing an excellent job of it. Not better than me, not worse than me, but complementary of what we were doing with our baby boy. It is evident that he is learning so much with his teachers at daycare that I don't even have to think about what he's learning. He shows me everyday. From his smooth dancing skills, to clapping his hands when we say "Patty Cake" ("Pat a Cake?"), to new words, I know DS is being stimulated every day. And that's one less thing his scatter-brained Mama has to worry about, which is good.

Before becoming a mother, I didn't understand other people's obsession with their kids. Now, David Scott is brought up in nearly every conversation. You mean there were no weapons of mass destruction? Obviously you didn't look hard enough. I bet David Scott would've found them. Or, yeah, this battery on my iPhone does suck. I wonder what kind of iPhones will be available when DS is old enough to have one? And if their battery life will be better? It all goes back to my pride and joy and how whatever topic relates or could relate to him. Yep, total obsession with that kid.

Before becoming a mother, I didn't understand what totally exhausted was. Now I know. Thanks for showing me the light on that one, DS.

Before becoming a mother, I didn't understand why my coworkers ran errands at lunch. Why couldn't they go meet a friend or just run to Hobby Lobby and browse for a bit? Now I know-- if you don't run your errands at lunch, they're not going to get done b/c it is so much more difficult to jump in and out of the car four different times when you have to strap and unstrap, strap and unstrap every single time. Not to mention the time constraints of a nap or meal or the dreaded diaper change while being out and about. Ugh.

Before becoming a mother, I didn't understand why everything wasn't done "today". See points on Exhaustion and Errands above. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. Enough said.

Thank you, David Scott or enlightening me on these and so many other finer points in life. We've learned so many things in the past year -- parenting tidbits and life lessons. The first few months were tough -- sleep-deprived and slightly overwhelming at times. But once you morphed from a blob to a real, interacting baby who could do things, life just continues to get better and better. I hope it stays on that path for a long time with us all continuing to grow together individually and as a family.

I can't believe my sweet little monkey will be a year old tomorrow. Just this evening, I got to rock him to sleep which I never do. Normally we can put him in his bes and he'll go down pretty easily. Tonight, he wanted his Mama. And I happily obliged. Official 12-Month post tomorrow...or maybe Friday. Scotty is picking DS up early from daycare to go on a surprise adventure and I'll get to join in after work when we go see Mike the Tiger. We have a busy birthday evening planned. :)

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Monday, November 8, 2010

1st Halloween...and more...

October 2010 was David Scott's first experience with Halloween.  About 2 months ago, I decided that DS was going to be a kangaroo.  It made perfect sense b/c of his love for all things jumpy.  I ordered the size 6-12 months -- at 11 1/2 months old, and by my guesstimate would be wearing size 12 month clothes by Halloween, I thought we were in the clear for the size I ordered, with my only other alternatives being 3-6 months and 2T.  It arrives a week or so after I ordered it, I couldn't wait to try it on David Scott to see how super cute he was going to be.  And it was too big.  And not just He' was big enough for a 2  year old.  No problem, I'll return it and get my money back or exchange it for something else.  Note to self:  Read the return policy of stuff before buying it just in case it's non-returnable as was the case with the kangaroo costume.  So we're saving the costume for next year; hopefully it fits.  Plan B?  At the time, I had no Plan B.  After much deliberation, I decided that DS was going to be a crawfish for Halloween.  Found the costume at a local store and tried it on DS before buying it since once again, no return on Halloween costumes.  What is the deal, people?!?  Anyhoo, I was concerned that DS might be walking by the time he would be wearing his costume and it didn't have leg holes.  I decided I'd cross that bridge if I came to it.  Luckily, I didn't have to go to Plan C (undetermined) since no walking, but the crawfish fits kids up to 28".  Guess who measured 28.5"?  Yep, David Scott.  So he barely was able to squeeze into his costume.  It was hot, too tight for the length of his body, AND he couldn't crawl in it.  3 strikes and I was out -- he hated his costume and as a result, wore his skeleton pj's all day long.  Even to Lowe's.  Yep, we were that family today with our child wearing only socks and his pajamas in public.  Oh well -- I told myself, "He's a baby.  Everybody thinks babies are cute no matter what."  I was right.  No one even gave us a second look.  Well, a few did, except they did so to tell us how cute the skeleton was. 
As far as events for this "holiday" went, there really weren't any.  The daycare had a Halloween parade/trick-or-treating at nearby businesses on Thursday.  Not only did I have to take DS to get his second part of the flu shot, but I too had a (regular) doctor's appt. that afternoon, and after all the recent sickness and having to stay home with a sick baby, I decided I really couldn't take off to do trick-or-treating with daycare.  Well, I will definitely do it next year.  My friend Allison went with her son James and she took a few pics of DS for me.  Although a parent wasn't present for DS to go, there were enough teachers available that his teacher, Ms. Nora, was able to take him.  He did wear his costume, and was somewhat perturbed at having to do so, but got over it really quickly once he realized he'd be outside.  Ms. Nora told me that several people saw the big red-ness coming their way and said, "Elmo!"  Funny - last time I checked, Elmo did not have antennae or claws.

That Saturday night, we decided to carve our pumpkin.  DS was more interested in playing with a spoon than in anything having to do with the big orange thing he points to every day.  Scotty decided he would be the carver, and instead of listening to my gentle suggestions of how to do the mouth, he did it  his own way.  We're now the proud owners of Jack, the friendly pumpkin.  Not scary at all.  Even David Scott laughed at his Daddy's craftmanship.  Although Scotty and I have been together many Halloweens, this was the first one that we'd carved a pumpkin together.  It was nice to have a true family "first" for all three of us.

On the 31st, we didn't do too much, tried finishing up a few more things around the house and ran a few more errands in preparation for the 1st birthday party.  DS didn't have much of a nap at all during the day, so he and I both went down for one late afternoon.  When we woke up from our nap, DS still wasn't in any mood to wear his costume, so we let him continue to wear his skeleton pj's and we/I decided trick-or-treating was not in our plans for the evening.  We had chili for supper and greeted the few trick-or-treaters who knocked on our door.  I think my skeleton enjoyed seeing all the different kids and costumes who came by.  That was it for us.  Hopefully next year will be a little more exciting and perhaps DS will be a little more open to wearing a costume that hopefully fits.  NOTE:  My pics got jumbled and I don't have time to put them in the correct order...

 Not tears of joy on the face of that sweet crawfish...I mean tough crawfish...

 In his Halloween best with his accessory du jour -- a spoon.

Lola on Halloween...Scouting for food in DS' old carseat...

Scotty and Friendly Jack-O-Lantern

This last weekend was spent doing more last-minute things to get ready for DS' party mainly. However, on Friday night, we went to our friends' house -- Brad and Laura. They're a house divided with Laura pulling for LSU and Brad pulling for Alabama. They hosted friends and family at their house for a little get together. Laura wanted us to bring David Scott so we did. He was a hit...especially with Brad's mom who just loved him. Begrudgingly I told her that he was a fan of the color red and was probably drawn to her red sweater. She really took that to heart and was trying to convert him all night. DS and I only lasted a couple hours before it was time for him to go to be so we came back home and hit the sack. Over Saturday and Sunday, we got in our share of football but it was balanced out with our many errands and yard work. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I cannot wait until DS and future Rainwater kids are old enough to help with yard work. Although I'd mowed our yard and my Mamaw's yard growing up -- starting in jr. high -- neither Rachel nor Brad ever had to mow. Not fair. At our house, we will be an equal opportunity mowing family with everybody pitching in.

This week is crazy with a bunch of little, last-minute things that have cropped up at work and around the house.  For a while, we've been trying to get somebody out to the house to replace some of the hardwood that was damaged when we left an ice chest out during Hurricane Gustav a few years back,  The floor had started to look somewhat warped in a few spots so we decided that replacing a whole section of it was what needed to be done.  Finally, FINALLY, we got somebody who could come take a look at it and they're getting it done this week.  Additionally, we decided that the front doors needed to be re-stained and varnished.  We've been in our house for 4 years and haven't done anything to the door since we bought the house.  Apparently, with stained doors, you're supposed to reapply varnish at least annually.  Thanks, Homeowner's Manual and Builder for telling us of these important things.  Anyway, there's no time like the present to get all this crap done that we've been putting off.  So needless to say, I think this is the most expensive birthday in the history of Anders/Rainwater celebrations.  I think the only way we could've  incurred more expense would be if we'd hired The Black-Eyed Peas to come fete David Scott with his favorite song which is still "Boom, Boom, Pow."  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

11 Months...

Well actually, the more appropriate title would be 11 months and 13 days, but I digress...

David Scott,
Daddy and I are in the middle of planning (really it's just preparing now) for your 1st birthday party. Exactly a year ago, we were preparing for your birth which would happen 19 days later. And now here you are nearly walking, babbling and talking, and growing each and every day. I swear, your Daddy and I love you more with each day that passes, although every day, I think it's not possible to love you more. But we do. I love seeing you first thing in the morning, when you're still sleepy and you want to be held. I love when you wave bye bye to me and even sometimes blow me a kiss when i drop you off at daycare in the morning. I love seeing your face light up when I arrive to pick you up from daycare. I love playing with you...even when you're in a crabby mood in the evenings. I love watching you sleep in your bed at night. I even love getting up with you at 2:48 a.m. Which I did night before last b/c you were crying and I wanted to console you --haven't had to do that in several weeks. But even when you were regularly waking up in the middle of the night, and I had to go to work the next day, I didn't mind that either. And do you know why I love all these things? Because I'm your mother. And that's what I do. The same goes for Daddy, although he doesn't write it down, but he tells you just like I do how much you mean to us both.

For record-keeping purposes, David Scott, you are currently:
• 29.5 inches in length
• 23.5 Pounds
• Wearing a size 3 diaper...still
• Wearing a size 3 or 4 shoe
• Wearing mostly size 12 month clothes, although you can wear a few of your 6, 9, and 18-month things...kinda strange the variation of sizes
• Eating more and more regular food. Spaghetti and beef tips with rice and gravy seem to be some of your favorite foods. What a pleasant coincidence!
• Still taking 4 bottles a day although certain containers of your formula were recalled so we've been having to buy your formula in liquid form. I'm wishing you were already on cow's milk b/c the liquid formula is not cheap.
• Going to bed by 8 and sleeping through the night except every once in a while you'll wake up and can't get yourself back to sleep. Enter Mama to assist.
• Saying Mama (which I think is your favorite word), Dada, Lola, that, thank you (still working on it), hey, bye, and dog (I think).
• Loving life in your new carseat. No longer in a backward-facing baby seat.
• Destined for a career in politics-- you smile and wave at people everywhere we go. It so charming.
• Attempting to walk. As of today, you've taken 5 steps and I STILL haven't witnessed a single one. I'm beginning to think your Daddy is lying about it. And I would totally believe that if you hadn't taken one at daycare a few weeks back.
• Are always on the move. You cannot sit down and watch a movie. Oh no, you want to play with everything all the time. Apparently your Daddy was the same way. Which is not a bad thing...except when Mama really just wants to sit down and relax. But I don't see that happening any time soon.

Little Monkey, I can't believe it's been nearly a year since you officially became a very large part of our family. I love watching you learn new things and progressing each and every day. Just this mornig you were on the floor "reading" a book -- literally turning the pages and just babbling non-stop. Amazing.


This is your new thing -- giving a hug, but we call it an ohwee...
Cute bathtime pic...

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Weekend and This One...

Last weekend (not this most recent one -- but the one before), David Scott and I headed north after work on Friday. I had a meeting up there on Monday morning, so we were able to make it a long weekend. Scotty stayed in BR as he had a huge trial to finish prepping for; he and Lola got some quality one-on-one time with one another.

On Saturday, DS and I ran all over the state. Not really, but we were gone from about 8:30 that morning until about 5:30 that evening. First stop was Betsey's house. She'd picked up something for me for DS' birthday cake, and I had a coupon for her, and of course, the babies played together. Although we only got to stay for about an hour or so, the kiddos had a good time and B and I got to visit a little...when we weren't trying to corral Stella Grace and David Scott.

 DS, SG, and Minnie's tail

Next stop was the pumpkin patch at The Townshend House in Ruston.  Boo met us there so we could take pics of DS surrounded by a bunch of pumpkins.  Last year, when DS was about a month or so old, I'd bought a cute john-john off Etsy (size 12 mo.) and I wanted to ensure that we got pics of him in his outfit before it got too small.  It fit him to perfection and is probably too small for him this week.  Literally.  Here are a few pics from our photo session:


After that, we stopped by Brad's office to see him for a few minutes before we headed to Tech to tailgate for a while.  DS sneaked in a few little naps on our way to Rayville, and then Rayville to Ruston, so he would be good to go for a little while longer so I felt pretty good about staying there an hour or so.  Tech is actually a pretty good place to tailgate with small children.  We were able to park super-close to Boo and Dusty's tailgate spot; it wasn't swelteringly hot (although we certainly could've used a few degrees of relief); AND there weren't tens of thousands of people milling around.  With LSU games, you're lucky if you can park 3.5 miles away from your destination; and there are always throngs of people everywhere.  DS got an up close and personal view of the band, the football players, and a bulldog named Ruston.  I think the dog was his favorite.  Brad and his girlfriend stopped by just before DS and I headed to Monroe for a visit with Mimi, Mamaw, and Papaw.

Auntie Boo and DS

Ruston the Bulldog, Ruston's tongue, and DS

We got to M&P's about 2:30. David Scott played peek-a-boo with Papaw; and Mamaw found some "vintage" toys for him to play with as well. We kept waiting for him to take a step on his own...we're still waiting. Sidenote: DS has now taken 3 (THREE) single steps -- two in front of Scotty while I was cleaning up (Scotty, if you're reading this, don't laugh; I count unloading the dishwasher as cleaning up.) and taking a shower, and he took the third one at daycare one day about two weeks ago. I am still in denial about the steps' alleged existence until I see him do it. Anyhoo, we had a nice visit at Mamap & Papaw's, and headed back to the 'Boro after a couple of hours. Gran and Papa D were happy to see us -- or at least they were happy to see David Scott. Since having DS, Scotty and I have pretty much accepted the fact that our families only see us as breeders of their grandhildren/great-grandchildren and we're pretty much second-class citizens. I'm just kidding. Maybe.

 Playing peek-a-boo with his great-grandparents

 Playing with toys that Daddy used to play with

 Sunday we didn't do much. Just hung around Mama and David's house, watched football, played outside, etc. Boo came home b/c she loves spending her every waking moment when we're in town with him, and I don't mind one bit. She's his only aunt and I get a little repreive from being on Mama-duty 24/7/365. When she's around, it's more like 24/7/364.75. Ha! On Monday, Sue-Sue and Angel came to Mom's so I could go do my meeting that morning; we'd met Sue-Sue, Alicia, Dale, Leslie, and Riley for supper on Sunday night which was fun too. DS had a good time Monday morning, but I think we were both ready to come back home on Monday.

Besides DS catching some kind of diarrhea virus, this past week was uneventful. We didn't see too much of Scotty all week as he had the big trial Tuesday through Friday. His efforts paid off tremendously and they won their case. It was a HUGE victory for his law firm and I'm proud of my lead-attorney husband. Going back to DS' little problem, I had to go pick him up from daycare early on Thursday due to the issue -- mainly b/c if he had another diaper like that, he'd HAVE to miss Friday. Naturally, I'm going to send him to daycare if I'm able and he's well enough. On Friday, he still wasn't totally better, but it wasn't bad enough that he had to stay home from daycare. Looking back, perhaps he should have though since today, Monday, he still has it and I was called around lunchtime to come get him as he'd had 2 blowouts of the liquid variety. So sorry if this is TMI. After consulting with his pediatrician, he's been on the BRATs diet since Friday. The BRATs Diet consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, trying to stick with whole grains, so I added Cheerios and noodles to that list. He's also been eating crackers. We didn't do too much this past weekend -- ran a few errands and watched football, mainly.

So thinking DS was all better this morning, I sent him on to daycare without a care in the world. About 9:15 this morning, I rec'd call #1 notifying me of blowout #1. At 12:30, I rec'd call #2 regarding blowout #2. Due to the nature of the blowouts, he had to go home. At work, I'm in the middle of a big project which has a deadline of noon tomorrow which is when I have to leave for the airport; I'm going to Atlanta for a 1-day seminar on healthcare reform and will be back Wednesday evening. So, given the fact that I have this deadline, I had to work from home this afternoon, while Sir Poos a Lot crawled all around and generally whined to be held; Lola was just a zoo All. Afternoon. Long. Thank goodness for The Lion King. He'd never seen that movie before -- truth be told, DS doesn't watch too much tv period. However, my favorite Disney movie was able to capture his attention for a little while so I could get some work done. And since we had to go home with the Big D today, he has to be Big D free for 24 hours before he can go back to daycare. So guess who's going to be a stay-at-home-dad tomorrow? Yep, my lead-attorney husband and DS are having a father-son day. Scotty's quote from earlier this evening, "I hope we survive. Seriously."

I hope they survive, too. Hey -- Happy 11-month birthday to my little David Scott. I will write up the official 11-month post after I return from my trip. I still have clothes to deal with, a bag to pack, work to finish. Ugh. Wish us all luck. And pray that DS gets over this virus real quick -- like he doesn't have any on Tuesday as he may have to stay at home Wednesday as well. I know Scotty has a busy Wednesday planned, so we may have to make alternate arrangements for a baby-sitter since I won't be back til that evening.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This week...

As I mentioned in my last post, Scotty and I celebrated our anniversary -- 4 years -- on September 23rd.  We are so lucky that we have good friends around us who kept David Scott so we could celebrate.  Friday night, our baby-sitter Katelyn came over to watch DS for the evening while we went out to eat.  Ruth's Chris...yummy!  Then on Saturday, after running a bunch of errands, Racheal and Brandon Bellemin came over to watch DS for the afternoon and evening so we could tailgate and go to the LSU game.  It was a very late night due to the timing of the game (8 p.m. -- ugh).  We didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. and were exhausted when David Scott, my early bird, decided it was wake-up time just 4 hours later.  Luckily, I was able to get him back to sleep a little longer after taking a bottle, so Scotty got up with him about 8.  We'd planned to go to the Saints game, but on such little sleep decided that wasn't the best of ideas.  My co-worker Lauri, who'd volunteered to keep DS anytime we needed her, convinced us to go and let them keep DS as we'd originally planned.  Game on.  So we went.  We had fun...most of the game...until we got behind...and then we lost.  Basically, our whole weekend was spent away from DS (sad face).  I know that will probably not happen again, but I hated not spending the whole weekend with him since that's the only time we really get to spend time with him -- unless you count the time in the car on the way to/from daycare every day (about 2 hours), and then there's the 2 hours or so in the evening spent feeding, playing, bathing, getting ready for bed, and then it's bedtime.  It saddens me to think about all the time we're missing out on while he's at daycare -- but, he's getting way more socialization there than I would be able to provide him at home.  But then again, perhaps he wouldn't have caught Thrush like he apparently did this week.

On Wednesday, tough-guy DS fell face first into the grass/ground and bloodied his nose a little bit.  Then on Thursday, I get a call about 9:15.  It went something like this:
     Daycare:  Sarah, this is Ms. Hope (the director).  Look, David Scott has some white spots in his mouth.  Did you happen to notice anything this morning?
     Me:  (Wearing a heat that reads "Bad Parent") No, ma'am.  Does he need to go to the doctor?  (All the while I'm thinking to myself, "Stupid question...they wouldn't be calling you if this wasn't a big deal.")
     Daycare:  Well, given his cold and the fact that his voice is still cracking, I'd say yes.  But he's not running any fever.
     Me:  OK.  What do you think it is?  (Just so I know what to expect)
     Daycare:  Probably Thrush or maybe Hand, Foot, Mouth.
     Me:  (Sighs to myself...yuck...wonderful)  I'll come get him as soon as I can get an appointment scheduled.
     Daycare:  OK, darlin'.  Take your time.  (All the while I know she's thinking, "Hurry up and come get your infectious kid before we all catch whatever he has...")

So we went to the doctor.  Diagnosis:  Thrush.  A common ailment of small children which nonetheless requires prescription meds for about 2 weeks as well as either boiling and possibly replacing all bottle nipples and pacis.  I sterilized it all and we've decided now just may be the time that we try and get rid of the paci.  So Thursday night we put DS to bed without his paci.  No screams.  No tears.  Just glorious sleep...until 5:30.  Scotty got up and brought my crying little man to snuggle in bed with me while he got ready and left for work.  We slept for about 45 minutes longer before we were required to get up and get ready for daycare and work.  I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Nothing planned other than the never-ending running errands (and of course football non-stop) and spending some QT with a certain Ladies Man...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Months...

So I guess I'll save the other Christening pics for another day.  On Saturday, David Scott turned 10 months old.  Wow!  Last night, as Scotty and I were watching the Saints beat the 49'ers, the first few weeks after DS' birth came flooding back to both of us after one little smell:  anti-bacterial hand liquid.  Scotty found it and had squirted some on his hands.  Like a weird-o, I smelled his hands on and off for several minutes thinking about our life for the past 10 months, but more specifically, those first few weeks when we were OCD about using that anti-bacterial stuff.  Time passes by so quickly.  I'm sad and happy at the same time.  I love seeing what each new stage of DS' life brings, but at the same time, I know that we'll never get back a day that's passed..  For instance, I very much looked forward to DS becoming mobile.  Now that we're constantly chasing after him saying stuff like, "David Scott, don't put that in your mouth!" or, "David Scott, we do not tear up magazines!" or my personal favorite, "David Scott, we sit still when Mama (or Daddy...occasionally) is trying to change your diaper!" I sometimes long for the days when I could get our little monkey to sit still to do anything.  DS is on the move 24/7, which is no surprise b/c he was so active most of the time when I was pregnant that I just knew he'd be a ball of energy...the kid has not let me down.  He literally won't sit still long enough to finish his bottle most mornings and at night, too.  The only time we can keep him in one place is at bathtime, when he's confined to the parameters of the bathtub.  But even then, it's like a water explosion around the tub from DS dropping toys filled with water from the tub to the floor.  Scotty has been on bath patrol lately and seems to be nearly as wet as David Scott once it's over.  :)Now on to David Scott's 10-month stats.

David Scott, you are currently:
  • 28.5" in length
  • 22.5 pounds
  • still wearing a size 3 diaper
  • wearing 9 and 12-month sized clothes
  • wearing a size 3 or 4 shoe (if you're wearing shoes at all!)
  • eating less and less baby food and trying more adult food.  You will try anything, which I personally love!
  • still loving Lola.  Your favorite thing when you're eating is to share with her.  Daddy and I don't like that so much; but Lola Bean doesn't mind one bit.  Go figure.
  • cruising on all furniture.  Daddy saw you take a small step as you were reaching for your lion walking toy this weekend.  I missed it since I was slaving away, unloading the dishwasher.  however, we haven't been able to replicate that action, so I'll believe it when I see it.  I'm pretending like it didn't really happen, anyway.
  • saying several words, including:  MaMa, DaDa, Lola (sounds like yoyo), ba (haven't figured out if this is ball or bottle as you've said it with both), Touchdown (tuh duh)
  • doing the signal for "Touchdown" and have been for a couple of weeks.  I think this was Daddy's proudest moment so far by having you do this on command.  You're like our little show dog.  :)
  • still not watching much tv -- not a bad thing.  You did, however, watch the first few minutes of the game last night with us.  You were so tired that you wouldn't even do the Touchdown move when we scored.
  • growing 8 teeth -- the same teeth you've had for a couple of months now.  I think you may be getting ready to sprout a few new ones since you currently have a little cold and didn't sleep well at all Sunday night.  For the record, no one else slept Sunday night either -- including Mimi who stayed with us on her way to NO for work.

I can't believe you're on the cusp of walking.  I was just talking about your birth day today with one of my friends from work, CJ, who is expecting her own little boy in January -- we hope you'll be good friends.  Speaking of January,  I just found out last week that you'll be moving to the Toddler class at the beginning of the year.  Although you'll be the youngest one in your class, Ms. Hope thinks you're "advanced" and can handle it (proud mother moment).  Several of your current classmates will also be in there with you.   You have the best little personality and I think you'll thrive in a new environment, with new friends, new people, new experiences.  I look forward to picking you up every day and hearing (from your "teachers" Ms. Nora, Ms. Sandy, or Ms. Katie, of course) how your day went -- and oh yeah, I also love the look on your face when you see me (another swelling of motherly pride).  I hope you continue to have good days and love school as much as I always did.  Your daddy and I look forward to many, many years of learning new tricks, and perfecting old ones with you.  You are and will continue to be the light of our lives.

Love, Mama

P.S.  We're going to the doctor in the morning as I think DS has a sinus infection. 

P.P.S.  Happy Anniversary to my sweet, hard-working, awesome, loving, caring, providing, grilling, diaper-changing, baby-bathing, dog-washing, nose-suctioning, clothes-washing, carpet-cleaning, touchdown-move-perfecting, manner-teaching, baby-daddy husband of mine.  You are my best friend and I'm so glad to be raising a family and going through life with you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Christening...

Christening...Baptism...whatever you want to call it.  Either way, David Scott is now "official" as far as the church is concerned.  Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to be able to have the ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Winnsboro.  This place holds a special spot in our hearts as it was the church Scotty and I both grew up in AND it is the church we were married in almost 4 years ago.  One of my great-great-great (?) relatives was one of the initial founders of FUMC-Winnsboro, as well.  So yeah, we go way back.

Anyway, we'd chosen that specific weekend b/c it was a holiday weekend and I knew we wouldn't have to rush home to BR after scarfing down our lunch.  Nearly everyone got to attend the service -- of course, there was Scotty and me, Gran and Papa D, Mimi and Chuck, Mamaw (no Papaw as he wasn't feeling up to it -- we missed him, though), Auntie Boo and Uncle Dusty, Uncle Lee, Uncle B and his girlfriend Courtney, (Scotty's) Uncle Davey and Aunt Paula, and cousins Ben, Shelby, and Whitney (and Paula's niece whose name I don't recall).  After we arrived at the church, I noticed one familiar head, in particular -- my Aunt Millie and part of her family had come from Houston (well, Toledo Bend, really) to celebrate with us.  I was so overcome, I started tearing up when I saw her and Christina (and of course Rex, Emily, Dylan, and Jake).  I was so happy to have some of my dad's side of the family with us.  Bud Bud, of course, was there in spirit with us; and in a special twist, Brad was wearing an actual pair of his socks.  So, kinda funny!  Speaking of Brad's attire, he was also wearing a bowtie.  Thank you Bill Nye, Science Guy for coming.  Actually, I want to see if he even reads my blog, so we'll see if he comments on anything.  :)

DS was very good throughout the ceremony -- even deciding at one point that two socks was too cumbersome so he took one off.  That's how he rolls.  As OCD as I am, I couldn't handle his feet not being even, so I removed the other sock right before he was presented to the congregation.  I wasn't expecting to be as proud of the events as I was, but I think with the surprise of my Aunt Millie and my cousin Christina and her family being in attendance, I was a little emotional. 

Two socks...

One sock...

No socks...

Afterwards we had lunch at Gran and Papa D's.  They'd prepared quite a spread for all 26 (!!!) of us.  We spent the rest of the day visiting with everybody (including two late-comers -- Jessie and Olivia), swimming, and visiting even more when Sue Sue, Alicia, and their crew came over for pizza that evening.  We had a great, long-weekend.  There really aren't enough of those.  I think we should have long weekends at least once a month, or more often would be fantastic.

We did a few other things last weekend, but I'll post about that later.  Here are some pics from after the ceremony.

My two babies and me...

The Rainwater Tribe...

Auntie Boo, DS, and Uncle Dusty --
Rach was my faithful photographer AND I think this is a great pic so I had to add it .

Good boy...

Eating grass...

Just a swingin'...