Friday, June 24, 2011

19 Months...

David Scott,
You turned 19 months old a week ago. Please stop. Seriously. I never understood why people talked about their kids growing up so quickly. I mean, the kids were getting older at the same rate the parents were, so what was the big deal?

The big deal is #1, there's a difference between growing up and getting older. And #2, you really do grow up too fast! Sometimes I think my heart could just burst with love when I'm watching you sleep or when you come and give me a kiss. And yet there are others when you are trying my patience like never before and I still love you. Part of it is my job, I guess, as your mother, but it's so awesome to think that you were created specifically for your daddy and me. Just us. And that makes my heart want to burst too.

It's hard to believe you will be 2 in less than 6 months. Currently, you are:

• 32 inches tall
• 26.5 pounds
• going at a speed of Mach 3...everywhere...except on your Power Wheels...which you still seem to be scared of/hate
• cutting the first of your four 2-year molars
• eating everything including crayons, but not (collard) greens -- which I don't cook, but they serve them at Brown's Landing where we frequently eat at on trips to North LA.
• identifying animals and saying the sounds they make. When I picked you up at daycare one day this week, I found out you know more animals than we thought you did -- iguana, yak (which I don't think I could even ID), fox -- as Ms. Vanessa illustrated with the flash cards. So smart!
• starting to say compound words -- Rainwater (ra wa wa), outside (but you pronounce it with an "s" at the beginning), lawnmower (mawnmow), and too many "easier" words to list
• you wave at strangers and flirt with females when we go places. Mr. Personality.
• you can name all the members of our family as well as your teachers and classmates at "school"

A couple of recent funny daycare stories about you:
A few weeks ago, Ms. Vanessa was fixing snacks for the class when she noticed you were not visible. A minute or so later, she found you. Under the table. Eating her lunch. And just today, Daddy picked you up from daycare. Ms. Vanessa was relieved to see him as she said you were "lost" again today. Do you know where they found you? In your classroom's bathroom. Standing in the toilet, splashing around. Yes, son, you are That Kid. And we love you!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pow-pow Power Wheels...

David Scott is officially off the paci. Yay! We started the process a week ago, poking holes in the tip the first two days. Then we began cutting up the tip and then cutting off the tip. On Friday, when DS threw his paci at us over dinner, I could see the end in sight. He didn't ask for it or seek it out at all.

Sunday was a very rough day for David Scott. He whined, only wanted to be held, and whined some more. And despite the bad mood that wouldn't go away, we made it through the day without giving in. No more pa-pa.
Scotty and I wanted to do something to reward our sweet boy. So after picking him up from daycare yesterday, Scotty took DS to Toys 'R' Us to get something. They came home with a variety of balls (football, soccer, and basketball), an inflatable pool, a Power Wheels, and a balloon. Spoiled? Maybe. But we're ok with that. DS has thoroughly enjoyed playing with most of his new toys. I'll post a video tomorrow, but for now, here's a pic of him asleep with his balls tonight:

Baby boy is growing up so fast.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Animal Sounds...

David Scott has become quite knowledgeable with his animal sounds. Nightly (and many times before bathtime, too), we'll ask him, "What does the _____say?" He usually responds correctly, although you'll see that the lion, tiger, and bear (oh my!) all sound the same. Enjoy!

And...this is my 100th post!  Woohoo!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My pa-pa...

So, David Scott appears to have an his paci, which he has affectionately started calling "my pa-pa." His dependency -- to this degree, anyway -- just happened, like in the last few days. Just so I won't forget (how could I, really?!?), a few funny musings involving the pa-pa:
Scotty and I will frequently pull the paci from DS' mouth, randomly, with no reaction whatsoever. He typically continues on his course, paci-less. Not this weekend. One day, Scotty plucked the paci from David Scott who promptly cried out, "Took my pa-pa!". We nearly died laughing so hard at the reaction we got from the addict.
Last night, like we do every night, we put DS to bed while he was still awake. Normally he might cry out for a few minutes, but most nights he'll go right to sleep. Last night, though, maybe b/c we had been in North LA for an extended weekend, The little man cried. And cried. And cried. And screamed. And finally, after more than 30 minutes of listening to this on and off and the cries getting progressively worse, we heard what he was calling out, "My pa-pa! My pa-pa!" His favorite paci -- the one with the monkey on the end -- had fallen out of his bed and was lying on the floor. The tragedy! We went in there, rescued the pa-pa, and all was well.

You know it's bad when your child gets hysterical when the paci/pa-pa is nowhere to be found. When there's a specific paci and it, and only it, will do, there is a problem. We tried taking away the paci about a month ago. And we were doing well-- went about 3 days without the paci. Then DS got sick. And we caved and gave it back. I've already consulted the Farmer's Almanac for the best day to wean and June 14th is circled as pa-pa day at out house. That is the day we'll begin taking away the paci...for good. Over the following week, we will gradually cut away the tip of DS' bff, pa-pa, and eliminate any lingering need for it. I know I'm making light of it, but we all have dependencies we'd like to get rid of or good habits we'd like to get into. This will be just one of those "changes."

The paci will not be included in future pictures. So for posterity, see pics below

The one that started it all -- tiger/cat paci - Christmas 2009 - 5 weeks old...

About 3 months old...snoozing...

Halloween 2010...11 mos old...

Happy with paci nearby...14-ish months...

Early morning paci...

At 17 mos...taking a break for a drink...and sitting in a cabinet...

Bye, bye paci.

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