Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 Months...

David Scott,
While our last few weekends have been spent playing with friends, visiting with family, and being sick (you had Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease/Virus over July 4th, we have more fun coming up. But first, here's the recap of what's going on with you right now. Currently, you are:
• 32 inches tall
• 27.5 pounds
• wearing size 4 diapers
• wearing 12-24 months size clothes
• wearing shoes size 6-7
• you love books, especially those about animals. You know all of your animal sounds.
• you do not love your power wheels...still...breaking Daddy's heart. :)
• you love music and will start screaming if I turn it off for too long to talk on the phone
• you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playing outside or just being outside
• you love Lola and love giving her your food. She, in turn, still doesn't like you but will tolerate you only while it benefits her. I still hold out hope that she'll see what good friends you could be an that she really shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her...
• you've watched parts of two movies while it was raining over the weekend -- Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 -- both were cute and held your attention for about an hour each.

• nap-wise, you're sleeping 1.5-2 hours in a mid-day nap. However, you slept for a whopping 3 hours during your nap Saturday.
• starting to carry on very brief conversations. For instance, I'll ask you after I pick you up from daycare if you had a fun day, and you'll nod "yes." Then I'll ask if you bit anybody and you'll say, "bad." Yes, we've had a few issues with you biting us and I want to confirm that you know biting is not nice in the hopes that you won't bite others.
• you are starting to throw more frequent tantrums. To be exact, you threw 5 fits in Target yesterday. You were that kid; and I was the mom who just let you scream while I grabbed the last of my list.

We are really struggling right now with your strong-willed personality and how to discipline you. You've been swatted, spanked (gasp!), given a stern talking to, and been put in time out. Nothing seems to phase you. At all. Perhaps you're too young to "get it," but I'm praying that light bulb goes off soon. We can't just tell you not to so something as that works only 3% of the time. Typically, we have to remove the temptation and redirect you to something else. But you always end up going back to the undesired behavior at least once before you find something else that piques your interest.

You are a non-stop ball of energy and you like to "go go go" as we say when we leave the house every morning. As big of a personality as you are, I cannot wait to see what funny things you will do and say as you get older. I've truly loved every good/bad/frustrating/rewarding day of your life. And although tantrums are not cute, your occasional sweetness makes up for them. With Daddy and me, you will freely give hugs and the sweetest kisses. Oh! Funny story about you, Mr. Congeniality -- we went for ice cream this weekend. You waved at every single person in there, even high-fiving the old man sitting by us. He and his wife just loved the essence of DS. Waving at everyone is something you love doing. And I swear, for some of these people, having you wave at them, specifically, makes their day. And it makes me proud that you're so congenial. One of your teachers told me last week that you were one of the most well-rounded kids she's had in her room. Proud Mama Moment. Keep them coming, kiddo!


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