Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The first week...

Today is David Scott's 1-week birthday.  For your viewing pleasure, here's a pic of him expressing his joy at being 7 days old:

Due to the aforementioned jaundice, we've been having to go to the lab every other day since Saturday to get his bilirubin level checked.  Last Saturday, he was a total angel and didn't seem to be bothered one bit by the prick and multiple squeezes to extract blood from his heel.  So I assumed that Monday would be the same thing -- why not -- he's a pretty easygoing baby.  WRONG!  First of all, the waiting room was full of people -- one big germ exposure.  Lovely.  It was past feeding time for David Scott when they finally called us back.  Once we got to the room, I was going to hurry up and feed him, but then we realized that the baby's diaper was dirty.  We were about to change it when the technician came in, so we held off just in case he got upset enough to make another deposit.  So dirty baby + hungry baby = fussy/crying baby --> leaky Mama (sorry if that's TMI -- you should know by now that I'm an over-sharer of information).  Needless to say, he was not happy with having his heel pricked and blood collected.  Once the tech was done, we continued to change his diaper -- he's still unfed at this point and about an hour past his normal eating time.  As we were changing the dirty diaper, DS went #1 on himself and the changing table.  Great.  Now we have to change his clothes on top of everything else.  Wonderful.  But finally (!) we get the diaper changed, a clean outfit, and we're off to the car to feed the baby in the privacy of my tinted windows in the darkened parking garage.  Shortly thereafter, we get the call from the doctor's office and we're told we have to go back for another test on Wednesday, which was today.  We had to be there early b/c David Scott's first pediatrician's appointment was mid-morning and we had to be sure she rec'd the results in time for his appointment.

So this morning, off we go to the lab for another heel stick/blood collection -- DS, Grandmother (who's now decided she wants to be called Grandma), and myself.  Once again, he was a total angel and didn't even whimper.  We get to the doctor's office and she tells us that his bili-levels are good and we no longer have to have the lab work.  Evidently things are now A-OK.  Yay!  Additionally, we found out that DS has gained a few ounces and shrunk an inch from his birth and is perfect (but we knew that already, but it was nice to have a professional back that up).  From what I understand, most babies lose weight after birth.  Not DS; he gained weight.  And the "shrinkage" (Scotty will love that terminology!) was due to his head returning to a normal, non-cone-shaped size shortly after he was born.  Dr. Kelleher, his pediatrician, told us in the hospital that he would be a little shorter at his first visit so we were expecting that.  We have to go back next week for his 2-week check-up; Mimi will be here to go with us for that one.

Oh, BTW, I've had several people ask me how Lola's adjusting to David Scott.  As many of you who know Lola, know that she's not the most friendly chihuahua ever (that is an understatement).  However, she's adjusting better than we really expected her to.  She was kind of wary of  "the intruder" the first day or two.  However, she's warming up to him to the extent we caught her licking on his feet on Monday night; it was quite funny.  She normally doesn't lick anything except Scotty's hand ("It soothes her."), which makes me want to gag as I hate dog-lick, but because it was the baby's foot, we thought it was extra cute.  We got it on video camera but I don't know how to upload the video on the blog, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Although we haven't been home for a week just yet, I think things have gone pretty well.  We're adjusting to life with an infant -- you know, the late-night/early-morning feedings, numerous-clothing changes, and the endless diaper changes.  Tomorrow, we're looking forward to spending our very first holiday as an official family along with my sister, mom, and step-father.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and this year we have something, or someone rather, to be especially thankful for.   Until next time...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


So I lied.  Scotty is not doing the first post after David Scott's arrival.  However, his is coming, so be on the lookout for it.  David Scott Rainwater, Jr. was born on November 18, 2009.  He was 6 lbs 6.5 oz and 21 inches long at birth.  Let me walk you through our day from my POV:

3:15 a.m. - Wake up after a decent night's sleep.  I thought I would not sleep at all but I guess that my body knew I'd better rest up for the events of the day.
4:10 a.m. - We leave our house.  Scotty and I discussed how excited we both were to meet our little guy and how calm (not nervous) we both felt about everything.  I guess going to the hospital under happy/good circumstances tends to calm the nerves a little.  Scotty would probably say that his ice water veins have finally rubbed off on me after 12.5 years of togetherness.
4:30 a.m. - Arrive at hospital to check in for the Big Day.
5:30 a.m. - Getting set up in my Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Suite/Room.  Nurse blows out 2 veins trying to get the IV started.  She finally gets it on the 4th try.  Despite being a human pin cushion, I remained calm.  I was checked and was still at 3 cm.  Harnesses and such are put on to minitor contractions and baby's heartbeat.  Nurse:  "Wow!  That was a big one. Did you feel it?"  Me:  "Feel what?"  IV gets started and Scotty finally gets to come into the room after sitting in the waiting room for about 45 minutes or so.

8:30a.m. - Dr. G comes in and checks me.  I'm now at 4 cm.  As she's checking me, my water breaks.  Yuck!  But not the first "yuck" thing to happen as I'm sure you can imagine!  Mama was in the room as this happens -- David waited patiently in the waiting area.  Sue Sue and Rachel get there shortly after these events.
9:45 a.m. -  Hear a girl screaming, yelling, DYING...I start thinking about getting that epidural sooner rather than later.  Contractions aren't too bad at this point; but there's no need to be a hero.
10:45 a.m. - Scotty's family arrives -- Debbie, Lee, Mamaw, and Papaw come in for a visit. 
11:15 a.m. - Nurse comes in to check me -- 6 cm.
11:45 a.m. - Anesthesia!  Time for the epidural.  Not too painful to actually get, but I had to get in an uncomfortable position in order for the anesthesiologist to administer it.  I'm slightly concerned about squishing my baby who at the time was kicking me in my ribs.  Not the most pleasant thing to be still for.  Especially since the anesthesiologist is explaining his every move to an intern.  Yes!  I'm a learning opporunity for someone.  Afterwards, I get a popcicle.  It was red and delicious!
12:45 p.m. - I am checked and am at 9 cm.  Dr. G came in to do the honors.  She expects me to start pushing in about an hour and have the baby shortly thereafter.
1:45 p.m. - I am ready to start pushing my baby out into the real world. 
2:05 p.m. - We realize DS has his head facing towards the side rather than up or down which is why my pushes aren't getting the progress they should.  I have dead legs so that was fun having to maneuver so that he would turn properly.  Things progress.
2:42 p.m.  - Our son, David Scott Rainwater, Jr. enters the world.  His cries are the sweetest sounds I've ever heard.  Scotty, who was a trooper during this process, cuts the umbilical cord. 

2:50 p.m.  Scotty continues to get more than an eyeful of the events.  He does not puke or pass out.  I love him so much!
At this point, I kind of lost track of the time.  But to summarize it, I've got a room full of people, technicians, nurses, etc. who are all doing their part in this miracle -- taking care of Mom, taking care of baby.  Taking our first family pics:

Afterwards, our entire family is able to come in and meet David Scott for the first time.  We're all in aggreement:  He's the most beautiful baby that ever lived!  We are smitten from then on.   DS is very alert and is just adorable.  He looks just like his Daddy.  Finally, about 5:00, I get moved to the room where we'll stay until we are released on Friday sometime.  Scotty stayed with me Wednesday night.  Sleep in a hospital is somewhat elusive and my husband didn't have the luxury of meds or a decent mattress to help him out.  After having many visitors both Wednesday night, and throughout the day and evening on Thursday, I sent Scotty home Thursday night for a shower and a good night's rest.  My mom stayed with me in the hospital that night.  Right before we went to bed, I'm informed that DS is slightly jaundiced and they need to do further testing/labwork.  Fortunately, his jaundice is at the lower end of the scale; nevertheless, I'm concerned.  Although we were released on Friday around lunchtime, we were given orders to follow up with more lab work this morning and to supplement his feedings with formula each time to help with the jaundice. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, my mom is staying with us for a week and then she'll trade off with Scotty's mom who'll stay for several more days.  Since we've been home, things have been going pretty well.  We had to go in for the additional lab work this morning.  He's still got jaundice but is still in the lower end of the scale.  The pediatrician wants us to continue supplementing with formula til my milk comes in and to come back in on Monday morning for another heel stick blood test.  BTW, this test does not look painless -- however, David Scott did not cry at all while they were doing it.  He is such an awesome baby.  Since we've been home, both my husband and my mom have been excellent.  I knew that Mama had experience with kids -- obviously -- so I knew that she would be a big help.  However, I think -- no, I know -- I lucked out in the husband department as taking care of the baby seems to come very naturally for Scotty. 

I've been asked if we'll continue the blog since the baby is now here.  My response to that is:  Of course!  We want you to continue on in our journey with us as we watch our son grow and as our family grows as well.  We are so blessed...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

David Scott's Birth Day Eve!

Update from my visit yesterday:  I am dilated to nearly 3 cm and still 80% effaced.  Dr. Gautreau was "shocked...shocked" that I haven't gone into labor yet.  I made the comment that only I would get through the first phase of labor without my water breaking...Oh well, it'll happen tomorrow morning if it doesn't happen sooner on its own.  Also, for the past few days, I'd been not checking my BS like I've so dilligently done these last few months.  I figured, "We're at the end, what difference does it make?"  So when my doctor asked me how they'd been the last couple of days since I submitted my last week's readings, I hesitated.  She picked up on that real quick and totally busted me for not testing.  Although I'd not been sticking 100% to the GD diet since my 2-3 day hiatus from testing, Dr. G told me that yesterday and today were still important and to continue on with my diet and testing.  So I'm doing that.  Moving on...

Yesterday I was nervous; today, I'm excited!  Although everyone is telling me to be sure I get a good night's rest tonight, I feel like sleep is going to elude me tonight.  I think it's going to be a mixture of the nights before the first day of school, Christmas, and vacation.  Dr. G told me I could take a Tylenol PM to help me sleep, but I'm concerned that I'll be groggy in the morning.  I'm already feeling kind of sleepy, so I think I'll avoid taking a nap and just try and go to bed early tonight.  OH!  Big news!  Scotty just walked in with a camcorder!  It's super cool and he is currently trying to take a crash course in "things he needs to know" about it.  I am currently sitting on the couch contempleating what my next move is going to be...

Scotty may be making the next blog update, especially if I am unable to blog as things happen.  We've both been looking forward to his one post that will be dedicated to his hopes and dreams for our son.  I can't wait to meet this little guy who's been growing inside me for the last 39 weeks and who was destined to be ours long before we knew about him.  Happy Birth Day Eve, David Scott!  Mama and Daddy can't wait to hold you in our arms and spend the rest of our lives with you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

T - 48 hours and counting...

As I'm sure you've surmised, David Scott did not arrive this past weekend.  I'm scheduled to go meet with my doctor this afternoon to finalize the details of the inducement on Wednesday.  Yep, the time is here!  In 48 hours (give or take a few more, probably), we'll get to meet our first child.  Scotty and I are both so excited and can't wait for him to be here.  I'm taking off work today and tomorrow to get a few last-minute errands run, clothes washed, etc; as far as work goes, I won't go back until the first of the year.  Hopefully, we'll know in a few weeks about the daycare situation.  That is adding to my anxiety as you're probably well aware of my need to have things planned out -- Impulsive is NOT my middle name, although sometimes I wish it were.  Not that I don't like Beth, I just wish I didn't have this need to have all the details worked out beforehand.  Case in Point:  I have multiple lists to carry with us to the hospital.  One contains a list of contacts/family/friends to keep informed  (BTW, I hope to be able to blog during the day on Wednesday, so be on the lookout just in case...).  Another contains a list of "Things to do/get when 'It's Time'" -- obviously anticipating an unscheduled labor.  The third, which I will finalize after my doctor's visit today, will contain instructions such as:  No pacifier, No sugar-water, NO BOTTLES, etc. (Note:  I plan on breastfeeding, if that wasn't obvious).  Yes, I realize that in having a child, so many things will be unplanned and I will have to suck it up and learn to adjust.  I can do that.  I've always known that and am prepared to take on this new chapter in life without my typical gameplan other than to continue loving my fantastic husband and raising our child to be a happy, productive, successful gentleman.  Unplanned events will (frequently) happen.  Planned events will (frequently)get turned around and/or cancelled/rescheduled.  But on the flip side, there will be so many unplanned great moments that we'll get to share with our new baby and each other.  And isn't that's what life is all about...the moments...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miserable? Party of One.

I just got in from my weekly doctor's progress.  I'm still at 2 cm and 80% effaced.  However, the big news is that David Scott is weighing in at 6 lbs, 3 oz!  We were very excited to see that he'd gained an appropriate amount of weight since his last measurements two weeks ago.  Dr. G said that if we wanted to, we could start thinking about inducing labor one day next week.  That of course, assumes he doesn't come this weekend.  I've been telling Scotty for several weeks that I think the baby will come around the middle of the month -- like the 14th or 15th.  PLUS, my doctor is on call this weekend and I really want her to deliver my child.  I love my doctor -- she's great and I've been seeing her for a couple of years, and I really don't want one of the other doctors in the practice to deliver him since I don't know them.  I'm sure they do a wonderful job and their patients love them as much as we love Dr. G, but still.  So, if we don't have a baby this weekend, she said we can call on Monday and schedule inducement like for next Wednesday if we want.  Coincidentally, next Wednesday is the b-day of my best friend from childhood (Jessie -- and her twin sister Jenny), so that would be kind of cool.  The alternative is to keep waiting and worst case scenario, end up inducing on my actual due date if nothing happens before then.

Dr. G said she'd expected me to have gone into labor by now and that I could really go any time.  I would really, really like to have this baby without inducing (preferably this weekend), but there are some advantages to planning the birth of our child:  1)  We will both be ready and have things taken care of at our respective jobs.  2) We can ensure that our family will be here in time for the big event since it would be pre-planned as to what time I get admitted to the hospital.  3)  It would be practically guaranteed for Dr. G to deliver David Scott.  The cons:  1)  It's almost too formal -- picking my child's birth day, checking into the hospital at a specified time to have him.  2)  Inducements can take a while to happen, and I really don't want to be in a position where having a c-section is required due to things not moving fast enough.  I mean, I understand that even letting nature take its course, I could still have to have a c-section, but at least then it wouldn't have been b/c of a conscious decision we made to have our child on a certain day to "make things easier" on ourselves.  I don't know.  I hope and pray that he'll come on his own this weekend, and we don't have to make that decision.  Perhaps I'll go walk a few miles at the track for the next few evenings, or try some other remedy to speed things up.  :)

My stats:  BS was great; BP was great.  My weight was back up to 147 -- their scale was back to normal...I knew I hadn't lost any weight (see previous post).  But, since the baby's gained nearly a pound, my stomach feels stretched to the max.  For the most part, I can't feel my ribs and when I can it's b/c I'm in pain from the baby punching or kicking against them.  I hope he doesn't crack a rib.  Seriously.  It happens.  I'm still having Braxton-Hicks contractions; mainly in the evening, but frequently throughout the day.  My feet are starting to swell more if I don't keep them elevated -- one of my coworkers pointed it out this morning.  That's about it.  Perhaps I can talk Scotty into running errands (related to the baby, of course) Friday night.  I need to get a few more things picked up and taken care of before David Scott makes his appearance.  Then, maybe all that running around will get things stirring around on the inside...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The time is coming...

Although I promised to update after my appointment Wednesday, I have not.  Well, I guess it's still after Wednesday, but you know what I mean.  My appointment went well.  I had dilated to 2 cm and was 80% effaced.  So -- a little progress since my visit last week.  It's getting closer, though, for sure.  Dr. G said that Scotty should be okay to go on his biz trip.  So, unless I'm feeling things going on tomorrow, he'll fly out tomorrow evening and will return Monday night.  Lee is staying with me just in case, though.  Had I experienced an increase in Braxton-Hicks contractions or regular contractions, I could've gone in to be re-checked yesterday, but I haven't been feeling much of those in the last few days, so I decided I was probably safe.  Here's a pic we just took earlier today.  I'm currently 37 weeks and several days...

BS was good at visit as was BP.  The scale said that I'd lost 3 lbs., but I don't believe that's the case as you can see from my "Grandmother butt" as my sister calls it.  I tried to angle myself in the pic so that you don't get a full-on shot of my backside.  Yes, thoughtful, I know.

Other developments this week:  Lola dressed up as a Bumble Bee for Halloween.  Or, as I like to call her, a Bumble Bean, since we affectionately call her Lola Bean about half the time.  Here's a pic of our 4-legged child all dolled up:

Isn't she cute?!?  Her antennae wouldn't stay up, so I had to hold them up to capture the moment.  Also, you can see the very end of her tail which she'd tucked under her.  Oh yeah, she hates dressing up.

Also, my girls from the office threw me a baby shower on Thursday after work.  Two of my friends, Kara and Melissa also joined us.  We had a great time, but I don't have any pics to share from the get-together.  I've got to get better about taking my camera with me, but it's currently in my bag-to-go-to-the-hospital and will not be removed until it's "geaux-time."  :)

Finally, since it's all but guaranteed that David Scott will be here for Turkey Day, I decided to order him an outfit off Etsy to celebrate his first holiday:

It's a size NB (5-8 lbs) -- BTW, they didn't measure the baby at my last visit, so we don't know how much weight he's gained; we will at my next visit..."If" I make it -- Dr. G's words.  Anyway, This cute thing is a size NB and Scotty said it would be too small for the baby.  So...

...naturally, I had to show him that yes, it would fit the baby perfectly.  I'm continuing to take it easy, at least until Monday night.  Then I may decide to go run a few miles to speed things up a bit..."If" I make it.  That's about it for now.  We're getting ready for the LSU/BAMA game.  Here's hoping the Tigers pull off a W.