Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday -- You Have Gestational Diabetes!

As of Thursday, I'm officially the big 28. As of Thursday, I was also diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, I went to have m 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test I mentioned in my last post. With 3GTT, you have your finger pricked when you first arrive at the doctor's office to have your fasting blood sugar reading taken. Mine was 83 -- less than 90 is good. Then, they make you drink twice as much of the thick, sugary drink as you have to with the 1-hour test. An hour later, they prick your finger again for the 1-hour reading. Mine was 222 -- less than 160 is good. Then another hour passes, another finger prick, and my 2 hour reading was 160 -- less than 140 is good. I didn't even have to stay for the last finger prick b/c I'd already failed...again. I was quite upset at first as I'd done very little research on GD prior to the test b/c I just knew that I wouldn't have it; I didn't fit the profile. Well, apparently half of the women who are diagnosed with this (normally) temporary condition do not fit the profile either. GD is one of the more common conditions associated with pregnancy. Basically, your pancreas can't make enough insulin to break down the sugars in your body thus resulting in high blood sugar. I've learned that by my having this condition, my child has a greater likelihood of being overweight and getting Type 2 (Adult-onset) Diabetes later in life. I too now have a greater (20%) chance of becoming diabetic. However, by maintaining an active lifestyle and eating right -- both of which I''ve always pretty much done -- this permanent condition can be avoided.

I met with the doctor on my birthday (after having a small piece of birthday cake with very little icing), and she gave me the news. Basically, I just have to tweak my diet a little bit, quit my coke habit (I was only having one every few days anyway), take my blood sugar 4 times a day -- first thing in the morning and two hours after every meal, and keep a food diary of everything I eat and drink. I also have to incorporate more snacks into my diet, which I was doing on a sporadic basis, but now I have to be more consistent with it -- fruits, peanut butter and crackers, etc.). I started this yesterday and my blood sugar readings have been very good so far. I should only have to do this until the baby arrives, then this condition should go away on its own. However, until then, I'm considered "high-risk" and starting with week 32 of my pregnancy, I'll get to have weekly ultrasounds to monitor the baby's growth to make sure he doesn't get to herculean porportions as having a big baby is one of the potential side effects of GD. :)

Last weekend was Mom's wedding. The church was filled to capacity with well-wishers, family, and friends. Mama and David both seemed very happy and relaxed throughout the whole thing. Rachel, Brad, and I (and our significant others) met David's two boys the night before the ceremony. The apple didn't fall far with either of them as they both seemed every bit as nice and polite as their father. We were able to visit with everyone -- friends, family, people we didn't know -- throughout the afternoon on Saturday, which was nice b/c we rarely get to see a lot of them. We had family come in from Memphis and Houston as well which was nice. Pregnant-brain Sarah forgot the camera, so I didn't take any pictures. As soon as I get my hands on some, though, I'll post them. Jessie, my bff from childhood was there with her baby Olivia, and she posted some pics if you want to see them. We're very happy for Mom and David as they seem to be a pretty good match. Welcome to the family!

That's all for now. I know my posts are long, but since I'll be going to the doctor more often, I'll have more to write about more frequently. For now, I must go get ready for a Southern Living Party at Home at my friend Racheal's house.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've never liked failing a test...

I can count on one hand the number of times that I've actually failed a test -- any test. So you can imagine my surprise when I went in for my Glucose Tolerance Test this morning and failed. By two points. For those of you who are not familiar with how this works, you go in first thing in the morning after not eating anything for 12 hours or so. They draw your blood and check your blood sugar. My fasting blood sugar was 81 -- pretty good. Then they make you drink this thick, sugary cup of grossness, wait an hour, and test your blood again. As I'm waiting for this second test, I saw my doctor. Everything was fine. Baby appears to be growing appropriately and I'm feeling lots and lots of movement/kicking -- All. The. Time. Even in the middle of the night. The baby's heartbeat was 157. Oh, and I've gained a total of 11 pounds, which is great according to Dr. G. I go back in three weeks and then I'll start going every two weeks. Kind of scary to think that we're in the home stretch. And that in a little over 3 months, I will be shooting a human being out of my hoo-ha. Not literally of course b/c who has that kind of muscle strength. But nothing short of amazing nonetheless. Back to my visit. So I'm done with my doctor when it's time to have my blood sugar tested after drinking the orange goo and waiting an hour. The magic number was 140 or less. My blood sugar was 142. I wanted to ask the lab tech if she could just put me at 139, I was just 2 points over. But I thought better of it and besides, she probably wouldn't do it anyway. So now I have to go back next Tuesday for the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test. Yipee (dripping with sarcasm).

My nurse called me later on in the afternoon to give me the news. No newsflash here. The lab tech spilled the beans earlier. Additionally, I'm anemic. Again, no newsflash here since I was anemic the first time they drew my blood several months ago and have been taking an iron pill every other day ever since. She told me to continue taking my iron supplement like I have been since I can't tolerate the side effects of taking it every day. For those of you who've had to take iron, you know the side effect of which I am speaking. For those of you who don't, let's just say that it's why some people have to drink/take Metamucil...

Now to a more pleasant topic, we're just starting to clean out the office which will become the nursery. I think we've pretty much settled on a crib and already have a couple of "antiques/sentimental pieces" (a dresser and cedar-closet-turnded-bookcase) that will coordinate with the crib, now we just have to make room for it all, so we'll be rearranging some things between the current office/future nursery and the guest room and getting rid of a few dust collectors -- the futon and an armoire that are currently just taking up space. It's amazing to me that I grew up in a house with 4 other people (one of whom I grew up sharing a bedroom with) that was about the size of our current abode, and yet, our little family is quickly outgrowing our 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Times have changed, I guess.

We have Mom's wedding this weekend. I hope I can still fit into my dress. I'm 95% sure that I will. I'll be sure to upload a pic of the Human Tootsie Roll (me in my brown dress) including a bonus belly pic since I haven't done one in a few weeks with the next post.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goodbye Second Trimester...I think

So I'm not sure exactly when the second trimester ends and the third one begins. On Tuesday, I'll be 26 weeks, or just over 6 months along. Logically, it would seem that we're about to begin the home stretch. Anyway, there's not too much going on right now. I had my 10-year high school reunion last weekend. Betsey and I spent most of the day running various errands and shopping for our respective babies. We had a great time together and also at the actual reunion. I was part of the planning "committee," but then I found out we were expecting Baby Rain and got off task a little. Everything ended up being pulled together within about 2 months or so which was what we didn't want to happen, but oh well, we all have other things going on than spending monumental amounts of time planning this thing. We ended up having it at The Warehouse in Monroe (always good!). Anyway, we had about 30 of our classmates attend, which we thought was pretty good. Most of the group went out afterward to a place called "The Hookin Bull." We didn't because there was smoking, booze, and a mechanical bull -- all three of which I didn't need to be around and/or partake in. We went and played putt-putt instead and had a good time with Tyler and his fiance Karla. Scotty won (shocker).

This weekend, we had a co-ed softball tournament for which Scotty's office had a team. He's been the coach all season and everyone was really looking forward to this event due to the success they'd had throughout the regular season (5-1). Unfortunately, more than half the team was suffering from some kind of injury. Scotty was fine...that it, until he made a great hit in the top of the 6th inning. He rounded First, then Second, and on to Third where the Third base coach urged him to go on to Home. He did and ended up trying to make a heroic move to make it safely to Home. One acrobatic move through the air and he landed on his left knee which has always given him trouble. We think he just over-extended it as he landed; he is currently laying up on the couch with an ice pack, and going to take it easy for the rest of the day. Although he'd given it his all, Scotty's team still lost 7-0. His plans are to continue mourning defeat today, but begin planning their strategy and comeback for next year starting tomorrow.

The baby is about a pound and a half or close to two pounds right now, and he's a little over 9 inches from crown to rump. Pretty soon, he should be being measured from head to toe, so that'll be neat to know approximately how big he really is. He is still quite active. Scotty keeps referring to him as a little ninja which I think is an accurate depiction since he seem's pretty agile right now -- still constantly punching, and kicking, and moving around. More and more I'm able to see his punches and kicks on my belly which is cool. I go back to the doctor Wednesday morning to do the glucose test. I'm more worried about making it so long without eating than I am the actual test. Food seems to be constantly on my mind and in fact, that's what I'm about to go do -- pick up lunch for myself and my gimp-kneed hubby.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Funny things...

For the last week or so, in addition to feeling the baby kick more, I've finally started seeing the kicks/movements themselves in my belly. That's pretty cool! Baby Rain's kicks, however, are elusive to Scotty as he always seems to look away right before the baby kicks a big one. Anyway, there's not too much happening right now. Lee has been staying with us for a few days since he returned from his Under Armor internship across the US. We went out for Mexican at Casa Maria last night -- a favorite eating place for Scotty and I as it is located right across the street from our old apt. in BR. Anyway, I ordered a Coke to drink, and when the waiter brought it out, it was in a glass about half the size of a normal glass. Scotty and Lee also noticed it was slightly different in color. Before I had a chance to swig my "coke," Scotty instructed me to let him taste it first. When I gave him the glass, I noticed the color. Scotty took a sip; Lee did too. Yep, the waiter had brought me a rum and coke. #1 -- How many girls do you know that drink rum and coke? #2 -- How many pregnant gals order alcoholic drinks? Now being 23 weeks and a few days into this thing, I realize that I don't look like I'm about to pop. However, I am visibly pregnant -- to the extent that a few strangers have inquired about my status (due date, gender, etc.). The waiter was obviously oblivious to my plight and when Scotty got his attention, he swore I'd asked for it. Uh huh.

A second funny thing happened this morning as I was getting ready for my day. It was time for me to put in a new pair of contacts. For the last month or two I've noticed my vision hadn't been quite as sharp as it should be -- but only by a hair. I mentioned this to my friend Alicia, an optometrist in Shreveport, about a month ago. She confirmed what I already knew, which is that it's not uncommon for your vision to change when you're pregnant. Well, since it wasn't bothering me too much, I didn't take any action in trying to get a stornger pair of contacts. Cut to this morning. I'd put in the first contact and was about to put in the second when I noticed the prescription on the container. Yep, the last time I changed out my contacts I'd put in my old prescription and was about to do it again. What a moron. So I threw out the rest of the pack of old ones, and proceeded to put the correct prescription contacts in my eyes. Again, what a moron -- but imagine my relief that it wasn't my vision that was going bad after all...just my brain. Oh well. I'm sure there's more to follow...