Saturday, February 26, 2011

15 Months...

David Scott,
For once, I'm not three weeks late in posting about your monthly milestones. Go me! At 15 months old, you are:
• wearing 12-18-month clothes
• wearing size 5 and 6 shoes, although the 6 is a little bit of a stretch. :)
• wearing a size 4 diaper
• 30" in length
• 24 pounds
• saying pretty much the same words as last month, but enunciating better -- "Lola" actually sounds like her name
• becoming more independent...slightly. Right now, for instance, you are playing with blocks in your room.
• eating all adult foods. Applesauce and bananas seem to be your favorite foods. If you don't want to eat something, you will either shake your head "No" or play with it. Obviously, we'd prefer the former.
• spending your last week in your infant class this next week. You're adjusting phenomenally well to your new class unlike the other 6 kids -- this is according to the director and your current teachers. Proud Mama Moment.
• SO inquisitive and curious about everything
• constantly wanting to go outside. And when you do, you spend a lot if time walking around calling for Lola. It is so adorable!

Playing outside earlier today. Why use a door when you can propel yourself through the window opening...

• still not into tv...but I am NOT complaining that you'd rather be outside than in front of the boob tube.
• walking 100%...and running some, too
• getting more and more mischievous. For instance, you will grab an item, smile innocently at your daddy or me, then take off running.

Today, I took you to lunch all by myself -- or I should say that was the first time without you being in your old baby seat and with you eating big boy food. We ate at McAlister's and you had a ham and cheese sandwich. I was actually able to eat most of my soup/sandwich combo b/c you were not acting wild and completely out of control. We'll definitely do that more often but it will have to be at a place that we can eat outside b/c there was so much going on for you to watch that apparently kept you in your seat. Pretty soon you'll be too busy playing golf with dear old dad that you won't want to go to lunch with me, so in going to take advantage of it while I can.

Oh, and I had to take a blogging break to fix dinner. You're now taking a bath under my watchful eye. Thanks for just pouring out an enormous cup of water on the floor outside the bathtub.


Even though I originally posted this a couple of hours ago, I have since thought of two more things. 1. Today was my Mamaw's birthday. She would've been 100. She would have LOVED my Daddy's first grandchild. 2. DS has at least two of his molars that are coming in. I haven't checked them in a couple of days b/c my sweet, angelic child will bite down on anything that goes into his mouth. That makes 10 teeth at 15 months old.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Things...

1. Life seems to be extra-crazy lately.
2. As a consequence, I haven't taken any pictures except with my cell phone. Or blogged.
3. We put our house on the market a little over a week ago. Therefore, we have to keep the house in "showable" condition. Ugh. But if you're in the market, or know someone who is looking for a cute, new (2006) house in Gonzales, drop me an email.

4. I am watching American Idol at this very moment even though I swore I wasn't watching this season. Surprisingly, I like it. And there seems to be a large number of LA contestants. Represent.
5. DS just started crying after being in his bed quietly for about 10 minutes.
6. I think he is cutting his eye teeth (Canines? Incisors?). Earlier at dinner tonight:

7. Thank goodness for the Blackeyed Peas. They've saved me from losing my mind during both our morning and afternoon commutes this week. DS would throw his paci out of reach and start crying. So rather than climbing in the backseat once traffic stopped to retrieve the thrown paci, I decided we would just turn on "Boom, Boom, Pow." This is still David Scott's favorite song.
8. I am liking "Boom, Boom, Pow" less and less. Not really. I am however, an awesome rapper and would be willing to fill in for Fergie if they need me.
9. I finally resumed my relationship with the gym after taking a 2-year hiatus. I literally felt a burden lift off my shoulders when I signed back up. It is awesome.
10. I guess this should've been #4, but whatev. Our plan is to move back into BR. Being in the car 2.5 - 3 hours a day is starting to take it's toll on me. Living closer to town will be such an improvement in our quality of life and we'll be able to do more things like kindermusic, gymboree, and just running errands after work without as much worry for getting home so late.

PS - David Scott will be 15 months old on Friday. Wow.

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