Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6 Months...

Here we are. Another month has passed. And I have got to get more timely with my posts. Granted, I'm not as behind as Boo who still hasn't posted about my nephew's first birthday...last October...but still...

You are such a mess. You can be high maintenance at times (i.e. if you are hungry, tired, or just want your Mama), otherwise, you're pretty content -- especially in the morning. I certainly can't complain. Or not that much anyway as you do your fair share of spitting up all over me and you pull my hair every day even when it's pulled up, you find a way. But when you are happy, you are one happy boy -- cooing and laughing, especially if your big brother is nearby. You two were playing with one another so sweetly just a little earlier this evening. Without further ado, my boy, you are currently:

- 17.5 pounds
- 24.5 inches
- wearing size 6-9 month clothes
- wearing size 3 diapers
- sitting up, and you do pretty good but can be unsteady at times so we keep the area around you pretty padded to avoid any issues with you tumping over (side note: is "tumping over" a real phrase?)
- cutting your two bottom teeth; they've broken the surface
- eating baby food in addition to now being totally on formula. And BTW, you haven't met a baby food flavor you haven't liked. I hope you are a good eater like David Scott.
- trying to crawl. And making progress. You'll be crawling before we know it!

You are such a joy to us (even when you're screaming/crying), and I always try to remember that you're only a baby this one time. Even if I have to get up with you in the middle of the night, I try and cherish that time. I love you, my little Lovebug.


Father's Day 2013

This year, Scotty and David Scott went to  see "Superman" at the movies on Father's Day. Drew and I met them for lunch afterward and then we went home afterward to play and relax. Or at least, that was the plan. We ended up working in the yard before it was time for any relaxation.

Scotty works so hard to provide for our family. And then on the one day of the year when he'd have a free pass for relaxation at home, he wanted to take his big boy to the movies and work in the yard. He is the best. One of the gifts Scotty got for Father's Day was a framed Q&A with David Scott. His answers were hilarious and Scotty loved it. Best gift ever, he said.  I am so fortunate to have such an amazing person as my husband an the father of our boys.