Sunday, April 27, 2014

10 Things...

1.  We are close to getting started on the kitchen renovation...finally. Meeting in the next week or two for final conversation(s).   Yay!  No more teal floor, countertops, and backsplash. And bye-bye stark white everything else!  We won't be sad to see you go. 

2.  We got a swing set a few weeks ago and the kids love it. Love. It. Drew can climb up the ladder all by himself. And although we do try to be right there when he's climbing, he has been super fast and climbed up before we could get to him a few times. David Scott calls the actual playhouse his office. 

3.  Drew can eat as much as his big brother at mealtimes. DS still drinks like a camel throughout the day. 

4.  These boys...they ARE my heart. Between DS spontaneously saying he loves me and Drew's sweet heart could burst every time sweet things happen. Or when they're laughing. Or when they're being sweet and playing with each other. Or when they're wrestling. Or when they're sleeping. Being their mother is the reason I was put on this Earth. My (occasionally) sweet boys...what would I do without them?!?

5.  We got a black Tahoe back in August. Scotty is driving it for now, but I will eventually end up with it once we're ready to trade in the 4-Runner for something else (probably a car). DS calls it "Daddy's Batmobile."  

6.  Drew is saying so many words:  hey, bye, go, out, up, down, Mama, Daddy, David Scott (Da Cott), eat, yes, no, nose,  mouth, head, ball, bubbles, Lola (still living with Gran and Papa!), balloon. The other night, he told me, "Mama!  Get. Down."  He was ready to get out of his high chair. 

7.  David Scott starts "big school" in the Fall. I can't believe it. But I can. He's excited and is looking forward to making new friends. He can't wait to be a St. Luke's Shark!

8.  Drew is still going to sleep around 7-7:30 each night. DS is usually an hour or so later. This has given the hubs and I lots of time tv!  Getting to watch tv on a regular basis again has been glorious!  We've watched almost all of "The Wire" (skipped almost all of the last season b/c we became disinterested in it).  After that we watched the up-to-this-point released seasons of "House of Cards" -- awesome!  And presently, we are on the final season of "Breaking Bad" -- really good!  I have no clue what we'll watch next.

9.  Scotty surprised me with a new phone a couple weeks ago. I'm so excited to have the data capacity to take more pictures!  Maybe I'll now be inspired to write more blog posts more often. :)

10.  I can't really think of a tenth item...we are just not that interesting.  I guess this is the first weekend in almost a month that we've been home in BR the whole time -- trips to North LA, an adults-only weekend in NO, and Easter in Winnsboro. And now Scotty is gone for work which has had him traveling a ton the first part of this year. But I'm going on a business trip for a couple of days in mid-May. I hope being a single parent for a few days is survivable for him, lol. DS already told me he would be very good for Daddy. Of course he will be. And so will Drew...  :)
Bonus:  Scotty just had a birthday...34!  Here's a sweet pic of two young kids approx 17 years ago...

...And today!
Boy do I love this guy!