Monday, June 21, 2010

7 Months...

David Scott,
So much changes with you each and every day.  It's hard to believe you're 7 months old.  Your daddy pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago that you're closer to 1 than you are a newborn.  Sadness.  But also excitement!  You are really doing so many new things every few days that it truly is an awesome transformation to watch.  For instance, for the last week or so, you've been acting like you want to crawl.  Finally, last night, you "transitioned" from sitting, to being on all fours, to moving your left leg in a forward-crawling motion, to going back down on your belly.  You're close!!!  You scoot backwards so well. In fact, while Daddy was at work on Saturday, I left you playing on the floor in our bedroom where I could see you through the crack of the bathroom door while I took a shower.  I was almost done when I heard you start crying.  I looked through the crack to see what you were doing, but you were nowhere to be seen.  I quickly got out to see where you were.  You had backed yourself up underneath our dresser!  Not completely, but just enough that only your upper body was visible.  It was quite funny -- not to you, but to me.  And had you not been screaming, and had I had a camera (and a towel), I would've captured it for posterity.  Also, last Tuesday night, instead of saying, "Ma Ma," you busted out with, "Da Da."  You turkey -- you broke my heart!  Not really.  I was so happy that you'd said your first compound word, that I didn't care what it long as I didn't miss it.  So, scooting backwards?  Check.  Saying repetitive sounds?  Check.  What else are you up to?
  • You weigh 19 pounds, 4 oz.
  • You are 26" in length.
  • You are completely on formula and baby food and have been since about a week after you turned 6 months old.  And can I tell you, that it was harder (on me) than I thought it was going to be -- more physical than emotional, but unpleasant nonetheless.  You made the transition like a pro. 
  • You hold the bottle all by yourself everytime you take one.
  • You are still waking up in the middle of the night sometimes.  Some nights you might sleep until 4 or 5, but then you might wake up at 2 the next night.  I'm more than ready for a full night's sleep!
  • Along with a variety of other sounds, you say, "Da da da" all the time.  Da da da is the only one I really recognize besides the occasional, "Ma." 
  • I think you know who Mama, Daddy, and Lola are. 
  • You LOVE Lola.  It's too bad the feeling isn't reciprocated.  I'm still going to give it some more time before I completely say that Lola completely dislikes you.  I think she'll like you more once you start dropping more than just a spoon with baby food on it onto the floor.
  • You can stand up holding onto something for support for a minute or so.  Your feet aren't quite coordinated enough to move much, but you like standing up and then of course..."jumping."
  • You still love to jump.  As I try to take you out of your carseat in the morning when we get to daycare, you are steadily moving those feet...froggy-style.
  • You love being outside and your little pool.  We're making a family trip with Mimi to Destin at the end of July, so I hope the water (or at least the beach) will be doable.  If nothing else, there's always the pool.  Your new thing when you're in the bathtub at night is to drink the water.  I'm not sure why you find this a necesity to do each night, but whatever.
  • Going back to the baby food, you still like everything you've been given so far.  We just started you on baby food "meats."  Delish.
  • You still have the three teeth on bottom and are chewing on EVERYTHING.  I thought that fourth one would be here by now, but it doesn't look like it's coming any time soon.  However, all four of your top, front teeth look like they may try to push through in the next couple of weeks.  For my sake, I hope they all come in while you're in North LA.  That way, Gran or Mimi can have the sleepless nights quality time with you while Daddy and I are getting full nights of sleep in St. Thomas!
My precious boy, Daddy and I are going to miss you terribly while we're on our trip.  However, I KNOW both Mimi and Gran will send us pics FREQUENTLY -- at least one a day.  You are going to have so much fun this next week.  Perhaps this will become an annual trip for you, spending a week in the summer with your grandparents.  Growing up, we never really got to do that but maybe once or twice with Grandmother and Pop in Memphis.  And both Daddy and I were lucky enough to have grandparents who lived nearby that "going" to stay for a week really wasn't an option, although I think your daddy probably did so on more than one occasion with Mamaw and Papaw.  Don't grow and change too much while we're gone.  I don't want to return next week to a son who's solved the federal deficit, created world peace, or who can run like the wind.  Actually, scratch that.  I'd love to return and find that all those things have taken place.  We'll be rich and can move to St. Thomas after you do all those things at the ripe age of 7 months!


A few other items to note:

You can reach your mouth with your feet.

Your favorite song is "Boom Boom Pow!" by The Blackeyed Peas.  This little morsel has nothing to do with this picture other than I liked it and want to be sure it makes it into the book.  :)

Your facial expressions are hilarious!

Other items to note:  This past weekend was Father's Day.  We spent the weekend without DS' father as Scotty went to Vegas on a work trip.  Uh huh...  Anyhoo, we marked the occasion on Saturday before Scotty flew out on Sunday.  Although I'd love for Scotty to do a post on how fatherhood has changed him, he probably won't as he says this is "my" blog.  I'd just like to say that I knew Scotty would make an excellent father someday, even as far back as when we first started dating.  However, until he actually became a dad, I didn't know how great he would be.  Fatherhood has forever changed my husband...for the better.  And to see the way our little boy looks at his just melts my heart. 

DS looking adoringly at Daddy while riding the merry-go-round a few weeks back.

Also, Boo's birthday was this weekend.  For the most part, she chilled out at home, which was great, she said.  We didn't get to celebrate with her due to all of the upcoming travel we have.  But, she's going to get to spend a little time with her favorite nephew in just a few days.  And I know they are both looking forward to it! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Steps...

Well not so much "steps" in the literal sense of the word, but David Scott has made some strides in the movement and language category.  He's been babbling a lot lately and last Sunday, DS said, "Ma."  I capitalized it b/c I like to think he was just shortening "Mama" to just "Ma."  Hey -- I'll take what I can get!  He's said it along with other indistinguishable sounds a few more times since then.  Needless to say, every other word in our household since then has been, "Ma-ma."

Then yesterday as I dropped our little monkey off at daycare, I said, "Bye bye, David Scott," and waved like I do every day.  Well on this day, DS happened to have his hand kind of up-ish and he moved it.  I wouldn't call it a wave per se, but I'm sure that was his way of casually saying, "See ya, Ma!"  We'll continue to work on our waving "bye bye."

And then last night, as Scotty and I were playing with him on the floor after dinner (or was it before?  I don't remember -- irrelevant, anyway), David Scott sort of pulled one leg up into a pre-crawl position.  Almost like he was preparing to take off, but  then said, "Sike!  I got you!  Not ready to crawl yet!"  He pulls up on our hands all the time and has really strong legs.  They're so chunky and delicious!

Yes, these small milestones may not seem like a big deal to some, but we think it's so cool to watch him learn new things and pick up new skills every day.  He's literally changing right before our very eyes.  Scotty and I are going to St. Thomas for a friend's wedding in a few weeks and my biggest fear is that DS is going to say, "Ma-ma," crawl, and wave "bye bye" during the time we're gone and we'll miss these "firsts."  I will be DEVASTATED if we're not there.  I guess we'll just have to do some intense training with the crawling and saying, "Mama" so that he will have mastered both by the time we leave on our trip.  Ha!  I think waving "bye bye" is a little further down the road, but crawling and that all important first word, I feel, are just around the corner.

More and more, David Scott is scooting everywhere and sitting up so well.  I told Scotty we should nickname him "Scooter."  However, he didn't like that.  As a baby, it was apparently his nickname for the same reason.  AND, growing up, we had a dog named Scooter; she was the best. 

This past weekend, we went to Lowe's.  It's become our place to go on the weekends.  This was David Scott's second or third time to ride in the buggy big-boy style and he loved it!

Here are a few things I've caught myself saying to DS over the past week or so:
  • As he sits on the floor and puts the Best Buy ad into his mouth - "David Scott -- you are not a goat.  We do not eat paper."
  • As he's bathing (multiple nights, multiple times each night) - "David Scott -- that is bathwater.  We do not drink bathwater.  It is gross."
I'm certain that we will have many more of these in the near future.  And look out once this kid starts really talking.  I cannot imagine some of the stuff that's gonna come out of his mouth. This was kind of a random post, but since this is really a way for me to "remember" things about DS' childhood and our family, I wanted to be sure it was done for posterity.  :) 

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I sat down last night to post this blog, only to have it somehow delete and then immediately save the just-deleted/empty post version.  Let's try this again...

The last couple of weekends, we've been in North LA; first, celebrating Mom's birthday, and then last weekend for Memorial Day.  For my records, David Scott had to go to the doctor for his 6-month well baby visit on Mom's actual birthday (May 21st).  He was "perfect," and weighed 17 pounds, 2 oz., and was 25.5" long.  During the visit, we discovered a third tooth coming in.  It is also on bottom like the first two.  If you watch the tv show "The Office," then you know the character Kevin.  IF Kevin shows his teeth -- even when smiling -- it's only his bottom teeth.  Scotty and I have an ongoing bet that he doesn't even have any top teeth.  Well, it looks like our little DS is going to look like Kevin for a while...but much, much better looking!

After his visit with Dr. K, David Scott went on to daycare and I went to work.  After work, we left for the 'Boro.  Because Mom and David had a function that night, we ate dinner with Sue Sue and her crew at San Marcos.  The company was great; the food, not so much.  That night, David Scott had his first real bath by himself without his baby bathtub.  It was a success!

Saturday morning, DS and I headed to Monroe to visit with Mimi and Mamaw for a while.  Scotty stayed in BR so he could get some golf, I mean, work done.  After a couple of hours, we headed back to Winnsboro to hang out at Mom's.  Jessie's mom, Gayla, came over for a quick visit since she hadn't seen DS yet.  A little later, we got into the pool for a little while, but DS was less than impressed, so we went in.  We were all a little tired since DS hadn't slept very well on Friday night, I think, due to the shots and the teething.  He didn't sleep good on Saturday night either, so Auntie Boo and I were both up and down all night both nights.  Needless to say, I think it will be a while before David Scott has any cousins to play with.  We came home Sunday afternoon and had a pretty uneventful week.

This past weekend, we headed back up north.  This time Scotty came with us b/c him and Lee were playing in a golf tournament.  They didn't win; we'll leave it at that.  Friday night, DS and I stayed at Mom's again where we went out to eat at Brown's Landing.  I've been going to Brown's my entire life -- since I was younger than David Scott.  He had his second encounter with a pickle and seemed to like it.

On Saturday, once again we headed over to Monroe where we had lunch with Mimi and Mamaw followed by a quick playdate with Betsey and Stella Grace.  SG is exactly 3 months younger than DS, and with him being on the smaller side and her being on the bigger side, when we laid them side-by-side on the floor, they were almost the same size! David Scott is curious about everything these days -- hair, earrings, noses, random stuff in stores, so when he saw Miss Stella Grace's headband and bow, he immediately started grabbing for it. Betsey and I were both laughing so hard, trying to move SG away from DS all the while trying to keep them both upright since he was the Leaning Tower of Pisa and she was just in need of some support, that we failed to capture that moment. And yes, that was the longest run on sentence, but that's okay. It's my blog. I'll make a run on sentence if I want to.

After our playdate (this was the first real one for both), we went to the nursing home to visit Papaw.  He's so funny, that Papaw is.  Only occasionally does he refer to our little boy as "David Scott."  Usually it's "David," "Davey," "Scott," "Scotty," and I think he may have even called him "Peanut" when we were there.  However, as long as he doesn't call him "Junior," I wouldn't dream of correcting him.  :)  After the nursing home, we took Mamaw to eat at the Olive Garden.  That place is consistently good; always a favorite of mine.

On Sunday, we got ready for a small cookout at Deb's house.  When we saw that we'd have a little time to spare, Mimi and I decided to take "the boys" -- Doodle the dog and David Scott to the park by her house.  They both had a good time.

Doodle pooped out and decided that he'd prefer to ride in style in the stroller basket.

That night, we ate outside and DS got to sit in the same high-chair that Scotty sat in as a baby.  It is now considered an antique or vintage.

On Monday, we returned to Mom's house for more food and fun by the pool.  This go round, DS very much enjoyed the water.  I suspect that he will be a water baby given how much he already likes bathtime and now the pool.  Hopefully the oil will be gone from the beach and we can take our little man to Gulf Shores at the end of the summer like we'd planned.

This week was uneventful as well.  As I was making my first attempt at updating last night, I brought David Scott into the extra bedroom with me so I could type and watch him at the same time since Scotty wasn't home from work yet.  After a minute or so, he started grunting.  I looked down to see this:

Yes, David Scott can go in a complete circle (multiple times) on his belly, and now he can go a few inches back, but still not much forward motion.  It'll come, though.  I can tell that the pieces of the puzzle are about to come together.  It's time to batten down the hatches. 

And because I haven't included enough pics, here are a few more:

DS and Gran


1st popcicle -- sugar-free -- loved it!

Mimi and DS

David Scott:  "Hey girl.  Whatchu doin?"
Stella Grace:  "Uh, Mom...he's touching me!!!"