Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 2014...

The month of May has come and gone. We're still approaching Kitchen Reno (end of June) and have gotten most things on order but are still searching for the right paint color. I went to Phoenix for a work conference and the boys all stayed at home with Scotty. Everyone enjoyed Mama being gone...especially this girl. I don't think anyone enjoyed my coming back as much as the husband did, though!  We're also gearing up for a few trips -- Las Vegas (again) for Scotty's work, the beach at some point, and I'm sure we'll find something else to go do this summer...especially during the kitchen re-do since we won't have full access to it for a while. Good thing it's summertime and we can grill or eat sandwiches as alternatives to eating out for every meal. 

We're also getting ready for DS' preschool graduation ceremony mid-month. It's for all the kids at daycare who are starting big school in the fall. How did we get to this point?!?  

For two weeks in April/May, DS took swimming lessons again. The kid is a fish in the water. We're so proud of the progress he made!  It's certainly come in handy given all the swimming we've done  at home and at Gran and Papa's for Memorial Day. 

Drew is just growing and growing, it seems. He has a mouthful of teeth and is saying and trying to say so many new's just crazy!  And I think, although I'm slightly impartial, that he just gets cuter every day...partially b/c his little personality is starting to really show itself.  His teachers tell me that he is so sweet with his friends and is the best baby, but towards us, he's going through a hitting and biting phase (please just be a phase!). And as long as he gets his way and/or is eating, he IS a sweetheart. I guess this is also known as the Terrible Twos. 

Other things to happen in May include a field trip with DS' class to see Disney on Ice and Mother's Day!  My sweet hubby always spoils me when it's any time for giving gifts. This year I told him I wanted a few sessions with a personal trainer or a gift card for some exercise classes TBD. But because he wanted me to have something to open, he got me some new workout clothes which I loved!  We also had a couple of trips to North La. both of which involved fishing off Mamaw's dock. 

The most exciting thing to happen in May was the birth of my second nephew -- Ridge Wentworth McGehee -- a mouthful of a name for such a tiny baby boy!  He was born on the 9th and was about 6 lbs and 21 inches long.  

Baby Ridge is doing so well and so is Boo. Anders is adjusting well to having his new "brover" around too. Hopefully that love for his brother will continue throughout their lives. My prayer for that set of brothers is the same as it is for my two boys -- to always be friends and love one another. 

I love my boys and am frequently reminded of what a privilege it is that they are mine. To be a mother is the greatest responsibility of my life. But to be THEIR mother is the greatest honor of my life. It's not always easy, and Lord knows we frequently have conversations about how frustrating parenting can be. But I wouldn't change any part of my life right now.