Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More DS-isms...

Wanting to start 2012 off on a positive note, I wanted to remember some of the funny things David Scott has said recently. Some of these were from before Christmas, but they're still worth documenting.

As DS was jumping from the couch to the ottoman and back, Scotty playfully nudged him onto the couch one time. Ever the one to point things out, our son jumped right up and said, "Not nice, Daddy! Don't. Push. People!"

It may have been that same weekend when we were (all three) in the car heading to town. We stopped for smoothies (or soomies, as DS calls them). On this particular day, I was sharing my smoothie with the little man. I went to take it back and he starts yelling, "Not nice, Mama! Mine! David Scott's soomie! Hear me? Hear me, Mama?"

Recently, I made cupcakes. Like Scotty and me, DS is a fan of these little morsels. As soon as I started talking about making cupcakes, David Scott says, "Cupcakes? Happy to you!" Later on, he grouped two cylindrical blocks together, one small and the other smaller; they looked like a mini-double-decker cake. He came up to me and said, "Happy to you!". He obviously affiliates cakes and cupcakes with birthdays. Smart boy!

Finally, the last time Scotty was taking DS to daycare, DS called Scotty "stupid" at some point. Scotty told DS he was going to ignore him since he was not being nice. David Scott's response was, "Hear me, Daddy? David Scott not mean!"

I said finally, but I just remembered another thing that David Scott keeps saying in the morning. He is up every day while Scotty and I are getting ready for work. Usually, though, I have to call after him to come brush his teeth. The last few mornings, as he is watching cartoons in our bed, he responds with, "I sleeping. Ok?!?"