Sunday, November 18, 2012

David Scott turns 3...

How is it possible that my tiny 21.5-inch, 6 pound, 6.5 oz baby boy is now a 34-inches tall, 32-pound 3-year old boy?!? This kid knows his ABCs, can even identify several of the letters (funny enough, he knows "DSR" is "his" name), can count almost to 20, knows all of his colors, can identify so many animals, and can talk up a storm. He asks situation-appropriate questions and makes applicable comments. But we've also had a few cringe-worthy comments/situations such as the time Scotty took him to the bathroom while we were at a restaurant and he commented to the guy in a nearby urinal, "I've got a penis!" Whoops...oh well, he spoke the truth.

We celebrated his birthday with friends and family last weekend at a local jumping place. We figured with all the house renovations, moving, my being 7-months pregnant, etc., that we were going to take the easy route this year. He didn't seem to mind as he had a great time. The birthday celebration continued this week with cupcakes at school on Friday.

Birthday party with friends and family

Birthday Breakfast of Champions (all while wearing his fashionable helmet)
And today, on his actual birthday, we went to NO to eat beignets and go to the aquarium. DS also requested a salad with tomatoes so we ate a late lunch before heading back home. We had a much-needed family day and showered our little boy with fun, food (who cares that we had cupcakes for breakfast, then ate beignets for a snack later -- your birthday only comes once a year and we like to celebrate), and family time. And he also got a little scooter with Spiderman helmet which I'm sure he'll want to play with more once he wakes up from his big day-induced birthday nap.
The aftermath of beignets...

Our sweet boy was so excited to see the sharks!
David Scott,
We are so excited to celebrate your 3rd birthday! I can't believe you are already 3-years old. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with you and in less than two months, you're going to be a big brother. Time has flown by and I would really like for it to slow down, if that's possible. With each stage/year that passes, we have embraced what the future brings. We can't wait to see the continued development of your sweet, spunky, precocious personality. We know you will accomplish great things in life and are so honored to call you our son. Daddy and I love you so very much, my sweet boy.


Monday, November 5, 2012

We're In...Sort Of...

The week before last and corresponding weekend were a whirlwind...for me anyways as I had two big things on the agenda: Moving and Anders' first birthday party. And keep in mind, these two events were taking place about 4 hours apart, driving-wise. And while, I didn't get any pics of Moving Day 2012 2.0, I did get a couple of cute shots of my favorite nephew on his big day. Luckily for us, DS stayed in North LA all weekend with Gran and Papa first then with Mimi so he was able to have a good time and not be in the way during the moving process.

Scotty was so good to let me skip out on the major part of Saturday (it's not like I could do much anyway besides "supervise" or tell people what to do (both of which I excel in). But he also knew that I would be back on Sunday to start unpacking what we could. for the last week (and the better part of this one), we have been/will be living in only part of the new house as they are still finishing up the living room and our master bedroom/bathroom. Good times. We have stuff everywhere and there are a ton of boxes that still need to be unpacked but can't be due to the fact that those rooms can't be set up yet. For instance, our "bed" (box springs and mattress on the floor) are set up in what will be Drew's room. And our guest room is currently set up to be the "living room" with a leather chair, tv, and the recently added beanbag for added seating. Our old couch went home with Lee and once they finish the living room, we can have the new sectional delivered (we've had to reschedule it twice already...not happy). But what choice do we have-- so we're trying to make the best of it. Or at least we were until this weekend when David Scott caught a nasty stomach virus that we're still dealing with. We'll just leave it described as him having fever, reverting back to diapers, multiple loads of laundry, and not eating much (but drinking liquids pretty good). Fun times. After a particularly explosive incident, DS proclaimed, "There's poopoo everywhere!" And he wasn't lying. Dr. K said it was going around and to continue doing what we've been doing. But it looks like we'll be staying home tomorrow too due to his fever not having gone away. I'm hoping we are on the mend and that Scotty (and especially myself) manage to avoid contracting this virus. It is not fun.

                                                      Here's Anders at his first birthday: