Thursday, July 28, 2016

David Scott...An Update!

David Scott, our sweet, emotional, firstborn will turn 7 years old in November. So as of today, he's 6 and 3/4, but who's counting?!?).  I have no idea how this child has turned into a big kid overnight, but it has happened so we are rolling with it!  

Last year, this boy was in Kindergarten and he learned so much. He's started to read, can do math problems, loves to problem-solve and play games. But mostly, the kid loves to do art. Drawing, coloring, painting, using crayons, color pencils, markers, or pens, he is happy when he is creating a DS-original masterpiece. And even though he is the firstborn (and typically, we firstborn a aren't that creative), he is the exception to this rule. He is still so polite and kind to everyone and really wants to be helpful which is going to serve him well in life.

DS is athletic and loves playing any sport -- dodgeball, softball/baseball (in the yard), swimming (he is a fish), karate, soccer, loves them all. His most favorite sport to play, though, is golf...specifically, he loves to play golf with Daddy. He made his first legitimate par (and a par 3 at that!) just a few weeks ago. 

David Scott relishes the role of being Drew's big brother and will occasionally take his title a tad too far. I don't know WHERE he gets that from. But this sweetheart still has the kindest heart, still loves to snuggle with us, and is looking forward to seeing what fun First Grade has in store for him. 

Today, David Scott weighs 46.5 pounds and is 3'9" tall. He's lost two teeth on the bottom but has a couple that are a little loose. I am totally not ready for my Lovebug to have big, awkward teeth, but that's just part of it, I guess. He'll still be adorable to us...and to the girls in his class, apparently, as they have always tried to kiss him. :)  When David Scott grows up, he wants to be a paleontologist, live at the beach in college, and live wherever he can ski after that. He fell in love with skiing after we went to Park City, UT earlier in the year.  He was a natural, as he seems to be at so many other things that just seem to be so effortless for him. He rocks and I'm so glad that he is ours!  

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