Saturday, December 31, 2016


Well, I didn't really get back to blogging in 2016 like I'd hoped. Perhaps 2017 will be a better year. I guess it will have to be since there won't be any other method for me to document sweet little Maggie's first year as well as what is going on with the boys and our family in general. 


2016 was an exciting year for us. We went skiing in February. The boys loved it and they continue to ask us on a regular basis when can we go back. 

DS finished up Kindergarten in May. Mother's Day is in May. And Gran's birthday is in May. But May 2016, in and of itself was an exciting (somewhat surprising) month, as that is when we found out we were having a third child!  About 2 1/2 months later was when we found out that child would be a GIRL!   

During the summer, we went to the beach as we usually do. This year we had Law School Vacay and Another half week with just the 4 of us. Then we went back in September for MiMi's birthday. 



Of course, we had other birthdays that we celebrated during the year, including the arrival of Mae Roberts McGehee in August!  And a number of holidays as well. Drew turned 3 at the beginning of the year and DS turned 7 just before Thanksgiving. Holidays and time with family were celebrated. But I think most of the year was spent anxiously and impatiently awaiting the arrival of Baby Sister, Maggie. 


Here's to an amazing 2017 for the Rainwater Tribe...

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